The 5 Most Powerful Benefits of Jipang for Hypertension

Jipang is another name that comes from Central Java, namely chayote. However, not everyone knows the Japanese name. Because the name that is better known in the community in general is chayote. Regarding this plant has a green color on the skin. Chayote has a Latin name, namely Sechium edule Sw. This plant was first discovered in 1756 in Jamaica. And thanks to ancient trade, chayote turned out to be suitable for tropical areas and can be cultivated here. So if you want to find these Japanese vegetables, you don’t have to bother importing them first.

Chayote is a type of vegetable that can be processed according to taste. But basically this chayote vegetable is mostly made as curry. This is because the taste of this vegetable is very delicious. When made as a vegetable, this chayote plant has soft flesh when chewed and is suitable for the Indonesian tongue. So many people are looking for this chayote to be a vegetable. Apart from that, it turns out that chayote is also rich in benefits. (Also read: The benefits of chayote for health)

Contents of Siamese pumpkin

This jipang vegetable has a lot of nutrients that the body needs. The following are the contents available on jipang, among others:

  • The first content of vitamin c that is owned by jipang is vitamin c, vitamin c is useful for overcoming the problem of canker sores on the lips. (Also read: Benefits of Vitamin C)
  • Calories are also useful for increasing energy in carrying out daily activities. (Also read: Benefits of calories for the human body)
  • The next fiber serves to launch the digestive system. By consuming jipang as a vegetable, it will launch the detoxification process in the body. (Also read: Benefits of fiber)
  • Folic acid is a good source for pregnant women to prevent birth defects in babies. (Also read: Benefits of folic acid)

Those are some of the ingredients found in jipang to nourish the body and maintain health.

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Japanese Benefits for Hypertension

Hypertension is one of the disorders associated with high blood pressure, where during testing it is known that the blood pressure is above normal. It is said to have high blood pressure if it is already at 140/90 mHG. The following are some of the factors that can increase the likelihood of developing hypertension, including:

1.Genetic factor

Genetics is still ranked first in the history of health. Maybe it doesn’t always happen, but the percentage rate is higher compared to families with no history of hypertension at all. Genetic factors can be overcome by adopting a healthy lifestyle, and it can be started at an early age. The sooner you realize that health is more valuable than money, the better. (Also read: Benefits of genetic engineering)

2. Smoke

Smoking is an activity that is mostly done by men. For some reason smoking has become a tradition that never dies, although many already know that smoking is not at all good for health. Smoking will actually cause various kinds of health problems that can result in death. (Also read: Benefits of not smoking)

3. High salt intake

High blood pressure is also associated with food intake that is consumed daily. Salty foods can increase blood pressure twice. That’s why people with hypertension are advised not to eat foods with a high salt intake.

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4. Stress

Another trigger that causes hypertension is stress. Stress is a pattern that many workers suffer from. Workers with high workloads are more likely to experience stress than workers with normal workloads. Stress can be overcome by taking a break from the daily routine.

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Some of the factors that trigger hypertension should be avoided for a healthy life and a longer life. And the relationship between Japanese and hypertension is as an antidote to lower blood pressure. So that the blood pressure in the body becomes balanced and normal. The ways to use this jipang as a blood pressure lowering include:

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Material :

  • Jipang is the size of one piece.
  • Cucumber as much as two pieces.

How to make it is as follows:

  • Peel the jipang and cucumber first. After that, clean these two ingredients until completely clean.
  • Grate until smooth both of these ingredients.
  • After that, only then squeezed to take the water.
  • The water from the two graters is what is drunk to normalize the blood pressure in the body.

Drinking this herbal medicine can be done twice a day in the morning and evening.

Other Health Benefits of Japan

Besides being able to normalize the jeep’s blood pressure, it also has health benefits. The following are the other health benefits of jipang:


Cancer is a health problem caused by the abnormal growth of cells in the body. As a result, the functions of organs in the body experience abnormalities and cannot work properly. Cancer is the number two killer in Indonesia. Almost all cancer patients are difficult to cure if they have entered the fourth stage. In contrast to cancer, which is detected more quickly, it can be treated with the help of natural ingredients such as jipang. Jipang can overcome newly discovered cancer and prevent the spread of cancer at once in the body.

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2. Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a clear liquid in the body that is useful for protecting the heart in normal amounts. If there is an excess amount of cholesterol in the body, it will make the heart unhealthy. Cholesterol is basically the same as food for the heart. Preventing high cholesterol and lowering cholesterol levels in the body can be done by eating Japanese vegetables. It’s a good idea to process it into juice that can be drunk twice a day.

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3. Gout

Gout is a health problem associated with pain in the joints in the body. Gout attacks a lot of old age. Pain due to gout can also make it difficult for sufferers to carry out daily activities. To deal with gout you can choose to overcome it with herbal ingredients. Examples of herbal ingredients are Japanese. Jipang can be peeled first and then washed with clean water. Next in a blender until smooth and pour into a container that is wide enough. Add water and squeeze – squeeze for a while and then filtered to separate the dregs and water. If you have poured it in a new glass then drink it.

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4. Kidney

There are a pair of kidneys in the body and are located on the right and left sides. The function of the kidneys in the body is to filter toxins and excrete them along with urine. Kidney health can be disrupted if the kidneys work too much in the body. Then small habits can also damage the kidneys, such as holding back urination. Jipang is believed to be able to treat kidney disease naturally. You can take advantage of the juice from this jipang to treat kidney pain.

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5. Diabetes

Diabetes is a high level of sugar in the blood. The characteristics of diabetes begin with frequent urination at night, often feel hungry and thirsty and if there is a wound it is difficult to heal. For diabetics, it is forbidden to eat foods rich in sugar. This is because it can increase blood sugar levels. To normalize blood sugar levels, you can try to drink this herb from jipang every day.

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Those are some of the benefits of jipang to overcome health problems. If you regularly drink juice from Japan, I hope you get well soon.

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