7 Benefits of Korean Kimchi for Health

Are you a fan of Korean dramas? Or are you a fan of Korean boyband/girlband? Or do you like anything related to Korea? You certainly know kimchi. Yes, this one food is a must for Korean people or Korean fans. Kimchi is a traditional Korean food that is usually used as a complement at meal times. Kimchi is made from fermented vegetables, usually radish, chicory, cabbage, cucumber and so on. Kimchi has a salty, sour, spicy taste so that in Indonesia it is equated with pickles. According to Health Magazine, kimchi is one of the healthiest foods in the world. Even the experts agree.

There is one case where kimchi is evidence of the health secret of Koreans, namely in a case in 2003. That year the SARS outbreak hit Asia, but Korea became a country that was safe from this deadly disease. Even if there are Korean citizens who are stricken with this epidemic, then he will recover faster. This is thought to be due to the Korean people’s habit of eating kimchi. Of course this is proof that kimchi has many good properties for the body. What are the benefits of kimchi for the body? Here will be reviewed about the benefits of kimchi for the body.

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1. Kimchi can stimulate appetite

For Koreans, kimchi is an appetizer to whet the appetite. In other words, kimchi is like a salad if we compare it to western food.

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2. Kimchi helps maintain digestive health

In addition to containing low calories, kimchi also contains high fiber. This will certainly help the digestive organs to absorb food so that it is easier and faster. Kimchi can also cure some common ailments and is very good for maintaining a healthy body.

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3. Source of probiotics

Because kimchi is processed through fermentation, kimchi has a high probiotic content. The content of these probiotics helps keep the body healthy and helps fight all infections. In addition, kimchi also contains vitamins and minerals that help to improve blood flow and improve the body’s immune system and also increase muscle growth.

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4. Lowering blood pressure

Consuming kimchi regularly every day can help lower blood pressure. Because the ingredients used in making kimchi are cabbage and garlic. Both of these foods contain allicin and selenium. Both of these substances function as a controller of cholesterol levels in your body to keep it low and function to prevent blockage of fat in the walls of arteries or blood vessels.

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5. Helps gain ideal weight

You wonder why Korean women’s bodies look slim and not too fat? It’s because they’re used to eating kimchi. In kimchi there are good bacteria called Lactobacillus which serves to suppress appetite and help lower blood sugar levels. So kimchi keeps the body in shape to stay slim. In addition, kimchi has high fiber which makes us full longer.

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6. Rich in antioxidants

The antioxidants in kimchi protect our bodies from the effects of free radicals that can damage our health. Ingredients such as ginger, pepper and garlic help the immune system in the body to prevent the entry of disease. In addition, it helps the body to be warm and prevents colds from entering and attacking the body.

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7. Fight cancer

Kimchi is a food that is believed to be able to fight cancer. That’s because kimchi contains antioxidants and flavonoids that help in fighting cancer. So kimchi has a role in fighting cancer in the body.

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Those are the benefits that we can get when we eat kimchi. There are so many benefits that can be achieved just by consuming kimchi. But behind all these benefits we need to know what are the ingredients in kimchi so that it makes kimchi one of the healthiest foods in the world. Alright, let’s see what the ingredients are in kimchi.

  • In kimchi there is high fiber and low calories.
  • In addition, there are good bacteria, namely lactobacillus bacteria which are useful for the digestive organs.
  • Also contains vitamin A, thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), vitamin C, calcium, and iron.
  • In kimchi, allicin and selenium are also found which function to control blood sugar levels high cholesterol in the blood.

With so many ingredients contained in kimchi, it is only natural that kimchi is a healthy food to eat and provides benefits for a healthy body. In addition, the delicious taste of kimchi makes the tongue happy to eat kimchi every day. However, although kimchi is proven to be healthy, it is not recommended to consume too much kimchi. Eat kimchi in moderation because all things in excess are not good for the body. Thus the article about the benefits of kimchi, hopefully useful and thank you.