15 benefits of grated ginger to overcome various health problems

15 Benefits of Grated Ginger to Overcome Various Health Problems

Ginger is one of the most popular spice plants in Indonesia, both as a spice in cooking and in traditional medicine. One of the well-known preparations of ginger is wedang ginger, which is a drink made from steeped ginger that is chopped, pointed or grated. Then what are the benefits of grated ginger only to make ginger wedang?

Benefits of Grated Ginger

The benefits of ginger for health are no longer in doubt. But specifically, it turns out that there are many benefits of grated ginger for health because grated ginger can not only be consumed but can also be used for external use.

  1. Gives a Calming Effect

Ginger has a calming effect. If you are stressed or having trouble sleeping, try brewing grated ginger in hot water and inhaling the aroma. You can also add sugar or honey to drink so that it has a calming effect from within.

  1. As a Natural Air Freshener

Grated ginger mixed with various other herbal ingredients such as lemongrass, lemon leaves or pandan leaves can be a natural air freshener and can even help repel mosquitoes and flies.

  1. Used As Antiseptic

One of the active ingredients contained in ginger is an antiseptic. If there are parts of the skin that are sore and open, you can use grated ginger soaked in hot water and rubbed around the wound to clean and prevent infection.

  1. Prevents the Development of Fungus on the Skin

There are many fungal problems on the skin and ginger contains ingredients that can kill and inhibit the growth of fungi and treat various skin problems including enzema.

  1. Natural Deodorant
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Body odor is caused by several factors, namely sweat mixed with bacteria. Ginger contains natural anti-bacterial which can suppress the growth of bacteria so that when you sweat you will not smell bad.

  1. Reduces the Effects of Skin Burns

One of the bad effects of sunlight on the skin is that it can cause sunburn, although it is temporary but if not treated properly it can lead to infection and further skin problems. Grated ginger can help relieve pain and can prevent infection.

  1. Used As Antitussive

Cough or flu is not a dangerous condition but can be very disturbing. Grated ginger brewed with hot water can also function as an antitussive agent to relieve inflammation in the throat and relieve breathing.

  1. Contains Anti-Inflammatory to Overcome Swelling

Swollen feet caused by inflammation can also be overcome by using grated ginger used as a tape. Ginger contains substances that warm so that it can seep into the skin pores and reduce inflammation.

  1. Reducing Nausea in Pregnant Women

When pregnant, a pregnant woman’s sense of smell can be very sensitive and this is one of the factors that cause nausea. Grated ginger will give off a fresh and natural aroma that can help overcome nausea caused by other odors.

  1. Wedang Ginger Natural Ingredients

Wedang ginger has many health benefits and is one of the traditional ingredients passed down from generation to generation. Wedang ginger can be made by boiling ginger but for a more fragrant result, you should use grated ginger.

  1. Prevent Seasickness

The fresh aroma of ginger can also be used as a solution to prevent seasickness. If you often experience seasickness or motion sickness, try to always carry grated ginger with you and when you feel nauseous you can inhale the aroma and the effect can be very calming.

  1. Reducing Heat Fever
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Heat during a fever occurs when the body temperature rises because the body is fighting against a virus or bacteria that causes illness. The effect can make the sufferer very uncomfortable. Grated ginger that is used as a tapel can help reduce the fever and make the sufferer feel a little more comfortable coupled with the calming effect of ginger.

  1. Improve blood circulation

Traditional people often use grated ginger as one of the ingredients that are rubbed on the body when massaged. This is because the calming effect of ginger and its warming effect can not only make the body feel relaxed but also help improve blood circulation.

  1. Reducing Aches

If you feel sore from a lot of activity or after exercising, you can use grated ginger to reduce the aches. Although currently there are many products to overcome the problem of aches, but natural is always the best choice.

  1. As an Additive to Cooking Spices

Of course, everyone already knows the benefits of grated ginger on this one, which is that it can be used as an addition to cooking spices or to help get rid of the rancid smell of fish and chicken.

In general, there are many more benefits of grated ginger for health because basically if you consume ginger it provides a lot of benefits ranging from increasing stamina and energy to preventing chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Consuming ginger regularly is also good for controlling blood cholesterol and can prevent high blood pressure so that fatal problems such as heart attacks and strokes can be reduced.

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