7 Benefits of Arabian Onions for Diseases and Herbs

15f0a84a manfaat bawang arabBesides there are many onion benefits, arabic onion which is also often referred to as sabrang onion is one of the herbal plants originating from Kalimantan. While the naming of sabrang itself is taken from people outside the Kalimantan area because they have to cross or sabrang to go to Kalimantan. The hallmark of this arabic onion plant is that it grows in sulfur-rich areas between 600 to 2000 meters above sea level.

The shape of this arabic onion is red with a slightly elongated shape and white flowers. There are many benefits of this arabic onion for health, but arabic onions can not be consumed when it is still raw or unripe. Here is a full review for you.

  1. Overcoming Tonsils

Inflammation of the tonsils can occur in children as well as adults. This inflammation occurs in the tonsils or tonsils caused by a virus. Patients with tonsillitis will feel pain in the head, sore throat, fever, ear pain and also a cough which is very disturbing for the patient. To treat tonsils naturally, it can be done by consuming this arabic onion regularly until the tonsillitis can be cured completely. red onion benefits to treat tonsils.

  1. Treating Stomach Pain
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Besides being able to use benefits of white turmeric to cure stomach pain, you can also consume arabic onions to treat this disease. Abdominal pain, which is often referred to as heartburn or entrapment, or also has the name gastro oesophageal reflux, which causes pain and tenderness in the stomach only. The heartburn that is felt is generally caused by the size of the stomach getting bigger from the inside, thereby reducing the space in the stomach. This stomach ache can be overcome easily just by consuming arabic onions regularly.

  1. Overcoming the Flu

Benefits of ginger when you have a cold can also be replaced by consuming arabic onions. The Dayak people also often use this arabic onion as an herbal remedy to cure flu. The anti-bacterial content in Arabic onions is very good for inhibiting and eradicating the bacteria that cause flu effectively and fairly quickly.

  1. Cure Hepatitis
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Benefits of hepatitis B vaccine It is very important and must be obtained since I was a baby. Various types of hepatitis or often also referred to as jaundice, can be overcome easily by consuming arabic onions regularly until healed. The arabic onion will work well by weakening the hepatitis virus.

  1. Boost Immune System

In this arabic onion also contains high enough vitamin C which if consumed regularly will increase the immune system and immune system naturally. If you don’t want to eat arabic onions directly, you can mix these arabic onions into cooking so that they taste better.

  1. Prevents Tumors and Cancer
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Two malignant diseases, namely tumors and cancer, can also be overcome by consuming arabic onions. Onions contain high antioxidants and also contain naphtoquinones which are natural compounds to prevent and inhibit tumor cells as well as cancer solution in the human body.

  1. Eliminate Bacteria in the Body

In Arabic onions also contain anti-bacterial which is very good consumed to kill various bacteria in the body which is the source of many kinds of diseases. The active anti-bacterial content in this type of onion will clean various bacteria in the body so that the body is more fit and healthy and avoids various disease-causing bacteria.

The benefits of this very special Arabic onion you can get in an easy way, namely by consuming it regularly directly or it can also be mixed with various kinds of your daily dishes.

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