6 Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia Extract for Diet and Health

The extract from the Garcinia Combogia fruit is now a hot topic of discussion in many circles. This is not without its great benefits, especially in losing weight. The greatness of this extract of Garcinia Combogia, did not even escape the attention of World celebrities in Holywood. The benefits of Garcinia Cambogia Extract for diet are beyond doubt.

Garcinia Combogia has a pumpkin -like shape with a yellow, purple or reddish color. This one fruit can be found in Southeast Asia and India. Garcinia Combogia is also known as gelugur acid in Malay society. Many of them use this gelugur acid or Garcinia Combogia as a flavoring for cooking to treatment.

Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia ExtractGarcinia Combogia is still a relative with the mangosteen fruit which belongs to the Guttiferae family. The power of this fruit is known as a weight loss which has been proven through research by the American Dieting Journal. This research proves that Garcinia Combogia can help with significant weight loss, besides that, there are also other benefits in the form of reduced blood sugar and waist circumference. Research conducted by the American Dieting Journal was conducted for 2 weeks with patients who were named Garcinia Combogia. The study managed to show good results by reducing the patient’s body weight up to 3 kg.

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In addition, his waist circumference has decreased by 2.5-3 inches. This is done without any reduction in the number of calories consumed each day. Not only research conducted by the American Dieting Journal, but there are also other studies conducted on 89 women. These women have problems with obesity. However, after 3 months of being given Garcinia Combogia extract, their body weight was reduced by 1.3 kg.

The benefits of Garcinia Combogia or gelugur acid, in fact, are not just for dietary purposes alone, but there are several other benefits that you should know starting from:

1. As an appetite suppressant

Garcinia Cambogia contains hydroxycitric acid or hydroxy citric acid which works as an appetite suppressant. It has been proven that Garcinia Combogia can curb the desire to eat and break down fat. HCA is able to prevent the change of foods with sugar content and carbohydrates into fat.

2. Relieves gum pain

The benefits of gelugur acid or Garcinia Combogia can also be used to treat sore gums. How to use it is quite easy, namely by taking dry gelugur acid and then washing it until soft. Tuck in between the cheeks and gums. Wait for 15 minutes and then rinse your mouth with warm water.

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3. As an earache medicine

In ancient Malay society, Garcinia Combogia was also used to treat earaches. The method is quite easy by using the leaves and roots of Garcinia Combogia to taste. Boil in water and then drip Garcinia Combogia decoction that has been warmed or wait until it is cold on your ears.

4. As an antioxidant

Increasing the body’s endurance is necessary so that we do not get sick easily. In addition to containing antioxidants that are useful to fight free radicals, Garcinia Combogia can also be used as a solution for those of you who want to always look young.

Top 1 source of antioxidants:

5. As a rheumatic drug

How to use gelugur acid to treat rheumatism, can be done by using a pinch of fruit peel and then boiled. Drink the water while it’s still warm.

6. Deflate a bloated stomach

A bloated stomach does interfere with appearance. This makes the clothes you wear feel less comfortable so that self -confidence is reduced. How to use Garcinia Combogia in deflating bloated stomach can be done by taking one or two pieces of Garcinia Combogia that have been dried. then add in hot water. Wait for a few hours until the Garcinia Combogia expands and the water becomes warm. Drink regularly in the morning as well as at night.

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6. Relieves fever

Relieve fever using gelugur acid, can be done by consuming boiled water.

How Garcinia Combogia works as a diet drug

Garcinia Combogia is now available as a health supplement. This slimming supplement is quite different when compared to other slimming supplements. Garcinia Combogia works by increasing the body’s metabolism and is not a stimulant. Garcinia Combogia is a slimming drug that is quite safe for consumption because it does not cause high blood pressure or a faster heart rate.

Garcinia Combogia can inhibit fat storage enzymes in the body. That way, the body cannot store fat which is the cause of obesity. The food consumed will be directly used by the body to increase energy. The component of HCA (Hydroxyctric Acid) in Garcinia Combogia has a role in inhibiting fat-forming enzymes in the body, namely the ATP enzyme. With the HCA, it is not surprising that new fat that enters the body will continue to be burned by the body.

Important for other diets

It’s good if you are careful in buying this Garcinia Combogia slimming supplement because now there are many fake products circulating.

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