The Benefits of Tempoyak as a Food Material and a Promising Business Opportunity

Who does not know the durian fruit? Fruit with sharp prickly skin but has a soft flesh or filling and extraordinary delicious. So delicious and popular this fruit is dubbed as king of fruit or the king of all fruit. Durian is a tropical plant so it is very easy to find in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. In Indonesia, this fruit is mostly produced in Sumatra.

When it’s in season durian fruit is very easy to find in fruit markets or sold on the roadside. Besides being delicious, this fruit contains various nutrients so it has a lot of fruit durian fruit benefits for health. Not only the fruit, other parts of the durian plant can also be used for various purposes such as: durian seeds benefits, durian skin benefitsas well as durian leaf benefits.


Besides being enjoyed directly, durian fruit can also be processed into tempoyak which is very popular and popular among the people, especially in Sumatra such as Palembang, West Sumatra, Jambi, Bengkulu, and Lampung as well as the Kalimantan area. Tempoyak is a fermented food from durian fruit so it tastes sour and slightly sweet and has a sharp aroma. Not only domestically, in neighboring Malaysia, tempoyak is also a very popular idol food.

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These ingredients can be easily found in traditional markets or you can make your own at home. Although the fermented durian tempoyak contains various nutrients that are good for the body, including carbohydrates, protein benefitsfat, the benefits of vitamin Cas well as some minerals such as phosphorus benefits, iron benefitsand calcium so that the benefits of tempoyak are also good for health.

By processing durian into tempoyak, you can maximize the use of durian fruit because at the peak of the season durian fruit is very much produced so that sometimes it is not eaten right away and has the potential to rot and eventually be wasted. By processing it into tempoyak, you can maximize the benefits of durian fruit as well as an additional long-lasting food ingredient. Yes, tempoyak can last long enough up to about 1 year, especially if stored in the refrigerator.

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To make tempoyak is not difficult. It is enough to set aside the ripe durian fruit from the seeds, then add salt and you can also add cayenne pepper so that the fermentation process is faster. After that, put it in a container, close it tightly, and let it rest for about 3-5 days. And tempoyak is ready to be consumed or processed with other food ingredients. There are those who eat tempoyak directly with warm rice. But if you can’t stand the acidity, the tempoyak can also be processed first, such as being used as chili sauce or cooking spices such as curry, spicy acid, peppers, and so on.

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In addition to being used as a delicious and nutritious food, the other benefits of tempoyak are as typical souvenirs of an area. Tempoyak is often used as a souvenir for people who have finished visiting the areas in Sumatra that are known to produce tempoyak. This can be a promising business opportunity where tempoyak can be packed well and made into a special souvenir product of the region so that it can improve the community’s economy.

We can see that the benefits of tempoyak are very good for making delicious and appetizing food ingredients and opening up promising business opportunities for the community’s economy. With a modern production process and good packaging, tempoyak can be packaged into food products that sell well in the market so that the food of this area can be preserved and has a higher selling value.