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One of the organs most susceptible to interference if not taken care of is the eye. You must have a friend who wears glasses? Now he has become one of the people affected by eye disease. The main problem when he is young is minus eyes. As for those who are adults, namely plus eyes, so to avoid this we can use the benefits of carrots for the eyes that can be consumed regularly.

In short, people who have minus eyes (myopia) are not able to see objects or objects at a distance. So it requires the help of concave lens glasses. Meanwhile, adults who have plus eyes (hypermetropia) use convex glasses. Because he can not see objects at close range.

carrots for eyesApart from these common problems, there is usually what is known as old eye or farsightedness. He is unable to see clearly objects both near and far. Because the power of the eye is no longer able to focus. There’s also something else about teenagers, namely blurry shadows. This is due to the condition of tired eyes, but they are still used for work.

Nutrients in Carrots

The content in carrots is no doubt. Many very useful nutrients in each fruit. Its versatility is suitable as a drink, snack food (some people like to eat raw carrots directly) and vegetables.

The nutritional content is rich in calories, carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamin A, vitamin B1 and vitamin C. In addition, there are also minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, beta carotene, and iron.

This food is also called a source of vitamin A. Because the amount of content is 12,000 SI.

Reducing the Risk of Night blindness

The most common benefits of carrots for the eyes are to treat night blindness. The disease that most often occurs in the elderly, namely experiencing night blindness. Because the light at that time reduced the sharpness of the eye to see outside. One solution is to use substances that contain lots of vitamin A for eye health. Do not forget also beta carotene which helps improve eyesight is getting weaker. All of these ingredients are in carrots.

Carrots have been known since time immemorial to be very effective in maintaining eye health. No wonder many parents trust this vegetable if they don’t want their children to get myopic.

Protecting Eyes From Various Diseases

One of the organs that is quite risky, so it needs to be maintained and cared for. You can start by eating carrots for eye health. This content is also able to prevent swelling of cells around the eye area. There are many eye diseases that can be prevented by consuming carrots regularly, here are some of them:

  • Cataract
  • Glaucoma
  • Short -sighted

Health benefits of carrots

  1. Prevent Cancer Risk. Another benefit you get is as an anti-cancer. The content of beta carotene and anti-oxidants is very suitable to inhibit the growth and development of cancer cells.
  2. Controlling Cholesterol. Saturated fat which is bad in nature does interfere with body functions. It is usually even capable of triggering other diseases such as heart and blood vessel constriction. For that cholesterol levels must be kept low. One of the substances that can control is the content of beta carotene in carrots.
  3. Passive smokers. Being a passive smoker is very difficult to avoid. Especially for those of you who live in a smoking environment. Even though you personally don’t stick matches into cigarettes, you can’t avoid the habit of becoming a victim of cigarette smoke. So to beat the pollutants in the body you need to consume beta carotene. These substances are in the content of carrots.
  4. Look Ageless. The benefit if you continue to eat carrots is that your skin looks youthful. Because the benefits are able to ward off free radicals. This will reduce the shortage process.
  5. Leather Food. Is your skin dry? Yep, dry skin is caused by lack of nutrition. The solution is to eat foods that contain potassium. These nutrients are good and suitable as food for your skin.
  6. Streamlining Digestion. Your habit of consuming less vegetables is difficult bowel movements (defecation). This is due to a lack of fiber in your body. So that food is difficult to process and the journey and absorption is long. For that consume carrots which are rich in fiber.
  7. Treating Acne. Teenagers are most prone to acne. many activities under the hot sun make excessive oil production. If the face is dirty, it can cause acne. one of them overcome by drinking carrot juice. Because the content is able to control oil production.
  8. Minimize Heart Risk. Are you afraid of heart disease? One way to overcome this is to always consume carrot juice. Better every day in the morning. Because it is rich in anti-oxidants. So it can repel free radicals. Another function is to help increase the rate of blood flow in the heart.
  9. Assist Healing. When you fall, there are cells in your body that are damaged. So it must be replaced with a new cell. For that you need a substance that is able to speed up the process of replacing new cells. So that the healing process is also faster. One of them by consuming carrots.
  10. Reduces Loss. Loss is one of the vital problems of women that can reduce the level of self-confidence. Many causes such as dandruff, wrong care, or rarely shampooing. Then you have to take care of your hair, both inside and out. If from the outside like often shampooing every two days and giving hair vitamins. While from the inside you can regularly drink carrot juice. The content of beta carotene and vitamin A can make hair growth healthy. In addition, the blood circulation that flows to the scalp area will be more normal with the help of these two substances.
  11. Increase Immunity Have you ever accidentally bit your lip or tongue? This is an indication that you are tired. The thing that affects fatigue the most is the immune system. A system that takes care of you when you are sick. So if you want to stay healthy, repair and boost your immune system. One way is to eat carrots. The content of substances that can improve the immune system is vitamin C and anti-oxidants. Its function is able to ward off free radicals from outside.
  12. Helping Growth. Although not too much effect, carrots also help in the growth process. One mineral that plays an important role is calcium. It is used for the formation of bones and teeth. Even if you have a high calcium condition in the body, it will reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

The benefits of carrots for the eyes are quite high, but for health it is also not less. These are some of the content and nutrients contained in carrots. Lots of benefits, lots of content. For those of you who don’t like it, let alone a woman, to try to start liking it. Because this substance is very vital for your body.

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