9 Benefits of Wijaya Kusuma Flowers for Health

Have you ever heard and know about the wijaya kususma flower? Surely in your mind where there might be a flower that has a name like the name of that person or company. But your assumption is not quite right, the wijaya kusuma flower does exist, but because of its existence, it is difficult and only popular among certain circles. Wiajaya Kusuma flower has a Latin name Epipyllum oxypetalum

This flower comes from tropical rain in the United States, precisely in Mexico. And finally spread to mainland Asia, including Indonesia, to be precise in Bali, the Thousand Islands, and Ambon. This flower has several characteristics, which are included in the type of flowering cactus, have small stems and groups. Usually in one plant consists of several small tree trunks. In addition, this flower has long leaves, and beautiful flowers grow between the leaves, and have a dominant color of white and sometimes there is a slight red mix. The wijaya kusuma flower is unique because the flowers only bloom at night, while in the morning they are in bud.

This flower is a requirement for myth, starting from its name which is associated with a king, because wijaya kusuma comes from two syllables, namely, wijaya means victory and kusuma means upright so that it is interpreted as an absolute victory possessed by a king. Besides that, when the flower blooms are uncertain, only at night and even then is uncertain, this is what makes people wonder. The most popular, most people think that this flower is a bearer of sustenance, when someone sees the wijaya kusuma flower blooming then he will get an unexpected sustenance.

Regardless of the mythical connection, we will focus on the benefits of wijaya kusuma flowers for our health. Before discussing the benefits for our lives, it’s a good step to know what are the contents of the wijaya kusuma flower, the contents include:

  • Glucose, which gives the wijaya kusuma flower its sweet taste
  • Citric acid, which gives the wijaya kusuma flower a sour taste
  • Has a PH-neutral
  • Contains mint, so it has a cool effect
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Those are some of the contents in the wijaya kusuma flower. The part of the wijaya flower that can be used is only the flower and leaves that can be used as medicine. There are several benefits of wijaya kususma flowers, including:

  1. Overcoming cough with phlegm (TB)

Tuberculosis is a dangerous disease, characterized by a persistent cough with phlegm, usually caused by bacteria and viruses stuck in the throat, if left unchecked it will become a big problem and even lead to death. If you or your relatives and relatives experience this disease, it is recommended to consume wijaya kususma flowers, the nutritional content in it is very effective in eliminating the virus that causes tuberculosis. The trick is to boil the wijaya kusuma flowers 3-5 flowers, then add water and mix with palm sugar benefits as much as 15 grams. Wait until it cools down, then drink the boiled water. Do this twice a day every day until healed.

  1. Treating shortness of breath (asthma)

When asthma occurs, most people still use over-the-counter medicines to treat it, even though these medicines have side effects. There is an alternative herbal treatment without side effects and proven effective, namely by consuming wijaya kusuma flowers. By consuming it, you will feel freshness, so your breathing will be helped and become normal again. The trick, it’s easy, just take and wash 3-5 wijaya kusuma flower buds, then cut into small pieces, put in water and mixed with benefits of rock sugar until all the surfaces of the wijaya kusuma flowers are covered, after that the team. Wait until it cools down then drink it twice a day to get maximum results.

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  1. Overcoming sore throat

For those of you who have problems with the throat, such as hoarseness or inflammation. Don’t worry, you can handle it in an easy and practical way. You can consume wijaya kusuma flowers, because this flower has a mint taste that makes your throat fresh and moist again. The trick is simply to boil 3-5 wijaya kusuma flower buds, wait until it cools down and drink it. Wait a while the content of the wijaya kususma flower will work to overcome your sore throat. (Also read: mint leaves benefits and mango leaves benefits)

  1. Treat stomach pain (gastritis)
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Our stomach is very sensitive to acid, if your stomach has problems, don’t eat acidic foods or drinks. For those of you who are already sick in the stomach, you can overcome it by consuming wijaya kusuma flowers, this flower is very effective and safe to relieve pain in your stomach, because this flower has a neutral PH so it will not disturb your stomach. It is enough to boil the wijaya kusuma flower as much as 3-5 buds, then drink it 3 times a day to get the results you want.

  1. Overcoming vomiting blood

Consuming wijaya kusuma flowers is very effective in treating vomiting blood. The good content in it is able to reduce the bleeding that occurs. By boiling the wijaya kusuma flowers as much as 3-5 buds, then drink it regularly, to get maximum results you can boil the flowers as well as the wijaya kusuma leaves.

  1. Treat uterine bleeding

For the problem of bleeding, the wijaya kusuma flower is the right choice, for those of you who are pregnant when you experience uterine bleeding, you can use the wijaya kusuma flower as a remedy. It is enough to boil the wijaya kusuma flowers as much as 2-3 buds, then drink regularly the contents of the stew were eaten so that the healing process and wound closure will be faster.

  1. Prevent stroke

The good content in the wijaya kusuma flower is very effective in preventing blood clots in the body, you need to know that if there is a blood clot, the risk of having a stroke is very high. For this reason, the consumption of wijaya kusuma flowers by making a concoction of boiled wijaya kusuma flowers every day.

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Good for strokes:

  1. Treat boils

It turns out that the wijaya kusuma flower is not only effective for treating diseases or injuries of internal organs. External diseases such as boils can be overcome by wijaya kusuma flowers. The car is by grinding or smoothing the wijaya kusuma flowers about 10-20 g, after being smooth, add a little water to form a porridge, then apply on the boil.

  1. Treating wounds

Not only for ulcers, the benefits of wijaya kusuma flowers are also very effective in treating wounds caused by falling, hit by a knife. The content in the wijaya kusuma flower can make the wound dry and clean it from bacteria very quickly.

Those are some of the benefits and efficacy of wijaya kusuma flowers. In addition to having an exotic beauty and keeping many questions about its bloom, this flower also has benefits for our health. no wonder many people want to plant and cultivate it. For those of you who want to plant it, there are some good suggestions for you to make a reference, including:

  1. Place the wijaya kusuma flower in a shady place, not exposed to intense sunlight.
  2. Plant it like planting the benefits of orchids, namely by giving the plant moss, a little sand and nail stalks in the pot.
  3. You can breed it by cutting branches by means of cuttings, try to choose a good branch, thick flesh. Then cut 15 cm then store in a shady and dry place.
  4. Use only a small pot, because usually this flower grows with roots jostling.
  5. Do extra care and maintenance to get good results, because this flower blooms depending on the care.

Those are some tips that you can use as a reference when you want to breed Wijaya Kusuma flowers. Hope it is useful.

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