5 Benefits of Purple Cayenne Pepper

Purple chili or also known as Japanese chili. Purple chili is not widely known or grown in Indonesia. This purple chili is shaped like cayenne pepper in general, but what distinguishes it is its purple color. If in general chili has green, yellow, and red colors, this chili has a purple color. For lovers of hydroponic plants and plant cultivation, you may be familiar with this purple chili. However, the general consumer is still rarely aware of it.

Purple chilies have the same function as other chilies, namely they can be used as vegetables, spices, and other food seasonings. The purple color of this chili is due to the high anthocyanin content which functions as an antioxidant. This content and also other content in purple chili has good benefits for health, including:

1. Prevent atherosclerosis

Purple chilies contain capsaicin substances which function to reduce fat levels in the blood thereby reducing the blockage of fat that accumulates in the blood vessels. Accumulation of fat in blood vessels or atherosclerosis has the potential to block blood flow in your body which will cause a stroke. Consumption of this purple chili on a regular basis, can reduce the risk of stroke due to atherosclerosis.

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2. Heal wounds

Purple chili also contains vitamin C and beta-carotene which is not inferior to other types of chili and also fruits such as oranges, papaya, watermelon, mango, and others. Vitamin C also functions in cell regeneration for wound healing. In addition, you can also process this purple chili for healing open wounds. The trick is to dry the purple chilies, then mash until soft into powder. Sprinkle the purple chili powder on the open wound. Although this chili tastes spicy when eaten, it will not give you a stinging sensation, it will reduce the pain in your wound and reduce bleeding. Wounds heal faster and dry.

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3. Increase appetite

The spicy taste that chili has as a sensation in the mouth when consuming it, makes some people addicted. The spicy sensation is what can increase a person’s appetite so that food intake becomes more because of the feeling of pleasure that is felt. Because the delicious taste makes people who eat it want more and more. So it’s not uncommon if chili is used as a food companion.

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4. Ward off free radicals in the body

The capsaicin content in purple peppers acts as an antioxidant. Antioxidants in the body function to absorb free radical particles that come from inhaled air, food junk food eaten, and other dirty particles that enter the body. These antioxidants function to cleanse your body of dirt particles that enter so as to keep your body healthy.

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5. Improve immunity

Consumption of this purple chili can also affect your body’s immune system with its vitamin C content and antioxidants. In addition, its anti-bacterial content is also able to maintain immunity from exposure to disease-causing pathogens. Increased immunity or immunity makes your body more immune to disease or infection.

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The benefits of purple chili are very many for the body. Consumption of purple chilies in the form of complementary foods, food seasonings, or chili powder can help improve body health in various ways. The benefits of purple chili can be given from the inside by consuming it or from the outside by applying it directly. The various benefits of this purple chili can be used as an alternative food for a healthy lifestyle, alternative treatment for several diseases or both of these benefits, namely as healthy food ingredients that have an effect on body health.

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