Benefits of Soursop Leaves for Benign and Malignant Tumors

Soursop leaf is one type of leaf that has long been known as a medicine for several diseases, such as cancer, gout, diabetes, hypertension and several other diseases. In addition to the fruit that is delicious to eat or make juice, the leaves can function to treat several types of diseases. Soursop leaves can be easily found in mountainous areas. Some people say that taking soursop leaves will not interfere with the growth of soursop trees, because in a few days new leaf shoots will appear and soursop leaves will produce again. Soursop leaves are also believed to be a drug to treat tumors. In addition to overcoming tumors, the benefits of soursop leaves for tumors can also be used to prevent the formation of tumors in the body.

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Content in Soursop Fruit

Soursop leaves contain antioxidants and compounds in it. Antioxidants and these compounds function as anti-tumor, anti-cancer and anti-bacterial. This tumor disease is actually a plant neoplasm that arises due to the body’s cells that regenerate unnaturally. If you have a tumor, you usually have a lump on the part of the body where the tumor is located. These lumps appear due to the growth of body cells before the cells to be replaced die. If an abnormal lump appears, you need to be careful because it could be a tumor. Whether it hurts or not, this lump must be treated, because if it is indeed a tumor, over time it can turn into cancer cells if the treatment is too late.

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How to consume soursop leaves as a tumor drug

Soursop leaf is not a type of vegetable that can be consumed by cooking it. It is necessary to do the following steps to treat tumors with soursop:

  1. Prepare about 10 to 14 soursop leaves that have been washed clean
  2. Boil the soursop leaves that have been provided into about 600 cc of water.
  3. Try to boil soursop leaves using earthenware or a pot made of soil, not plastic or aluminum.
  4. Boil until boiling and wait until the amount of water in the boiled container remains about 200 cc of hot water.
  5. Set aside the soursop leaves from the cooking water, wait until it can be consumed.
  6. In order to get optimal results, this soursop leaf decoction needs to be consumed regularly every day

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Consuming soursop leaf decoction to treat these tumors usually has some effects after drinking it. Some of the effects that arise are:

  1. The stomach will feel warmer
  2. The body will sweat in large quantities
  3. The body will feel fresh in a few days, after consuming soursop leaf decoction regularly.
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However, before suffering from cancer, it is better to do prevention so as not to get cancer. In addition to the leaves, soursop fruit can also be one of the fruits that can prevent the growth of cancer cells when taken regularly. If you are experiencing symptoms, you need to be treated immediately so that it doesn’t get worse.

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Symptoms of Tumor Disease

A decoction of soursop leaves needs to be drunk every day and take additional treatment if the following symptoms appear:

  1. Lumps appear in certain body parts and will get bigger from day to day, such as in patients with breast tumors and uterine tumors
  2. Body tissue will experience thickening
  3. Experiencing bleeding or usually the body will excrete liquids in large quantities
  4. For women, they will usually experience menstrual pain that is routine and for a long time
  5. Experiencing pain in the head and does not go away
  6. Weight loss is drastically abnormal

In addition to paying attention to the symptoms, it is necessary to pay attention to the cause of the tumor so that it can be avoided. So that tumor cells do not grow and develop in the body. Here are some things that can be the cause of the appearance of tumor cells in the body:

  1. Descendants
  2. Consumption of cigarettes, because they contain nicotine and addictive substances
  3. Dependence on alcoholic beverages
  4. Abnormally overweight or obese
  5. Unhealthy lifestyle
  6. Living in an environment that contains lots of chemicals
  7. Sensitive skin that can’t withstand the sun’s radiation
  8. Caused by radiation
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Things that can cause cancer should be avoided, and the symptoms should also be considered. If you experience some of these symptoms, treat it immediately. Like consuming soursop leaf stew on a regular basis. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to go to a medical doctor. Still, patients with tumors have to do medical treatment in addition to having to consume soursop leaf stew on a regular basis. Because soursop is not the main medicine because this medicine is a type of herbal medicine. To do all the checks for the development of cancer, it can be known whether it has decreased or not, you still have to communicate with the medical staff.

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