11 Benefits of Date Seeds for the Health of the Human Body

Dates are one type of fruit that can survive in hot and sandy temperatures, such as in some Middle Eastern countries there. You will often find it during the Ramadan season. Because dates are one of the favorite foods of the Prophet when breaking the fast. This fruit is also quite widely discussed in the Koran regarding the economic value that almost all parts of the body can be used. As in date palm juice, benefits of date juice This can be a source of nutrition and vitamins for pregnant women. The content in the juice of dates can prevent various diseases in the body.

Quite a lot of people really like this type of fruit. Unfortunately, there are very few date palm farmers in Indonesia. Because the calculation of soil, temperature, and air humidity in Indonesia is very different from Saudi Arabia. Many doubted whether their cultivation would be a success, or a complete failure. Land benefits itself is very good for gardening, especially for growing fruit, the type of date palm that must be planted at temperatures like in Arabia.

If you start to hesitate to start a business as a date palm farmer, you can try processing the seeds only. There must be a question in your mind, how can you process date seeds? Yep that’s right. It is the date seeds that you usually throw away that will bring other benefits to you. Curious?

  1. Coffee Bean Substitute

As is known, coffee has various benefits for the body. Benefits of coffee which can increase stamina and freshness of the mouth is much liked by many people. Each type of coffee certainly has its own advantages, as in civet coffee benefitsand bitter coffee benefits.

To make coffee grounds, you don’t need coffee beans. Using date ore which is usually thrown away can also be used. Don’t worry, the taste is almost similar to real coffee. You are curious to make it, see the following steps:

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Processing Techniques of Dates Seeds As Coffee Powder

Before we move away from the benefits of date palm seeds, let’s first study the processing techniques. It’s quite easy, as long as you are patient and patient, here are the steps:


The date palm washing technique is quite easy, namely by using a toothbrush. Scrub until completely clean. Then rinse only with water. Do not use soap, antiseptic, or the like. This is very dangerous if it is consumed by your body.


The next step is drying the date palm seeds earlier. Try to place it in a place away from dust and disturbances of small small animals such as ants or other insects. You can put it in a winnow made of rattan.


After drying, you can do the next step which is fried. Date seeds that you have dried earlier may be exposed to bacteria or other germs. Another function of this frying pan is also as a tool to kill bacteria earlier. Leave it on the stove without oil. Wait for it to burn and give off a delicious aroma.


After frying, the date seeds were mashed or in a blender so that the texture was softer. Then you can pack it in a clean jar. Coffee from date palm ore is ready for you to consume.

Dates that have turned into coffee grounds contain sugar. The presence of this content will help restore your energy. suitable for drinking in the afternoon after coming home from work, right?

2. Tenderize the Meat

Cooking meat that becomes the biggest obstacle when processing is tenderizing the meat. Don’t worry, because using these soft date seeds can help soften your tough meat. You can mix it with cooking spices while it is being cooked. This will not interfere with the actual taste of the dish.

3. Used as a scrub

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Dates that have been softened earlier can also be used as a scrub. Wear it several times to get smooth and beautiful skin. Don’t forget to mix it with olive oil and honey first. Other types of scrubs that are good for the skin are found in:

4. Helps Overcome Baldness

Do you feel less confident because your hair problems are getting worse and worse? Try using this mashed date ore concoction. Simply by mixing it with olive oil, will help solve the problem of baldness that is troubling you. Other ingredients that can overcome hair loss that can cause baldness are in:

5. Strengthens Bones and Teeth

Dates contain calcium which helps you to maintain and strengthen bones and teeth. This can be done to prevent osteoporosis from a young age. By maintaining bone strength and keeping in time, it will reduce your risk of developing osteoporosis. In addition to date seeds can use benefits of langsat fruit also nourishes and strengthens your bones and teeth.

6. Promote Digestion

Dates can help you to smooth digestion. The high fiber content is the same as when you eat oatmeal. The method is quite easy, that is, just soak the dates in boiled water for one night. The next day, drink the water from the immersion. This is one of the easy ways to deal with constipation.

The benefits of other herbs that are good for smooth digestion that are good for health are found in:

7. Care for the Eyes

Another content that is quite influential for health is vitamin A. This substance is very good for maintaining and caring for your eyes to stay healthy. Suitable for those of you who often experience symptoms of tired eyes and shadows that suddenly blur. In addition, there are many other fruits that are believed to be healthy for the eyes so that vision remains perfect and eyes healthy. As in dragon fruit benefits, pumpkin benefitsand carrot benefits.

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8. Suitable for Sufferers Anemia

Dates have a lot of nutrients, one of which is iron. This content will be very helpful in producing red blood cells or erythrocytes. That is why people with anemia are advised to eat this fruit. Not only that, benefits of date juice It is also good for curing anemia. Therefore, dates are very good for health.

9. Reduces the Risk of Coronary Heart

Coronary heart is one of the biggest problems today that targets many people. Diseases that attack the cardiovascular system are very susceptible to fatal events. It is also very easy to climb and reach a fatal culmination point. That’s why you are very much advised to maintain heart health from the start. One of them is by consuming dates which contain potassium. This substance is very good at controlling the heart rate to keep it in a normal rhythm.

10. Helps Accelerate Blood Clotting

Blood clots are needed when any part of your body is injured. The better your blood clotting system, the better the wound healing process. When a wound occurs, fibrinogen will release a fibrin mesh that helps to close the wound. Then the blood clotting system will clot the blood so it doesn’t come out more. Because it is exposed to air and oxygen, it makes the frozen blood become scabs.

11. Increase Responsiveness

Dates will help you to respond to everything faster. This is because there is a potassium content that helps nourish the nervous system. Nervous conditions that are getting better also make you respond faster. But also don’t forget to consume good food and drinks to support health in the body, as in healthy drink benefits or manfaat infused water with various types as desired.

Those are some of the benefits of eating dates. Eat the fruit and recycle the seeds. ️

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