7 Benefits of Ambon Onion for Herbal Medicine and Cuisine

Benefits of Ambon OnionOnions, which are one of the many types of onions, have many compounds that are needed to maintain a healthy body and fight various diseases. Some of these ingredients include flavonoids, steroid glycosides, alkaloids, phenolics and tannins. Alkaloids are organic materials that contain nitrogen as part of the heterocyclic. All of these phytochemical compounds will be very beneficial for the body and have been used for a long time by people scattered throughout Indonesia.

How to Process Ambon Onions

To process the ambon onion, it can be washed and cut the roots and leaves and then sliced ​​thin. Add water using a ratio of 1: 2 or 1 kg of ambon onions with 2 liters of water. Blender then strain with a clean calico cloth. Cook the filtered juice until it boils while continuing to stir. Add 1 kilogram of granulated sugar to 1 kilogram of onion and stir constantly until it crystallizes or forms fine grains and refrigerate. If the granules are too large, you can blend until smooth.

  1. Prevent Infection

Besides Amoxicillin benefits for the body which can overcome the infection, you can also use ambon onions which are much healthier and natural to treat the infection. This Ambon onion is very good for consumption to prevent infections that occur inside and outside the body such as falling wounds and so on. Consuming ambon used as a drink or a mixture of dishes will reduce the risk of infection inside and outside your body.

  1. Prevent Bacteria and Microbes
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Because there are so many antioxidant compounds in this onion, such as onion benefitsSo, consuming it regularly will prevent or prevent the body from being attacked by various bacteria, viruses and microbes that cause many diseases in the body.

  1. Prevent Inflammation

Not only the benefits of instruction leaves which is very good used to prevent and cure inflammation, but this type of onion is also equally effective in curing various types of inflammation. Onions are also good for consumption to prevent inflammation in the body, especially those that often occur in the throat, intestines and stomach.

  1. Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction

Benefits of Javanese Ginseng and also this ambon is equally efficacious to overcome erectile dysfunction in men. Erectile dysfunction can occur because the blood vessels in the male penis are smaller than blood vessels in other parts of the body. Erectile dysfunction can be a sign of narrowing of the arteries caused by a buildup of fat containing cholesterol called atherosclerosis. Consuming this ambon can be used as a powerful herbal solution to overcome erectile dysfunction naturally without causing side effects.

  1. Treating Hypertension
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High blood pressure or hypertension can occur due to blood pressure that is too high in the blood which can be treated with the benefits of beluntas leaves for hypertension. This can happen because cholesterol builds up on the walls of blood vessels. If it is not controlled properly and not treated immediately, it can cause many complications in several other organs of the body. Consume this onion regularly to get rid of the buildup of fat on the walls of these blood vessels.

  1. Overcoming Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus can also occur because cholesterol levels are too high in the body. People with diabetes generally have high triglyceride levels, increase bad cholesterol levels and decrease good cholesterol levels. This all results in narrowing of the arteries while preventing blood from delivering oxygen and essential nutrients throughout the body. Consuming ambon is also a powerful solution in overcoming diabetes mellitus if consumed regularly every day.

  1. Prevent Stroke
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The benefits of ambon onions like okra fruit benefits it is very effective to overcome various dangerous diseases including stroke. Stroke can occur when the blood supply to the brain is blocked. This happens because the blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients to the brain are blocked and eventually burst. If the brain does not get enough nutrients and oxygen, the brain’s nerves will die and cause paralysis in the limbs and sensory function in the body.

That was our discussion about the benefits of ambon onion which can be used as an alternative treatment to cure various diseases from minor illnesses to chronic diseases and can lead to death. Hopefully this review from us can be useful and add to your reference regarding various Indonesian herbal medicines.

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