22 Benefits of Moringa Root for Health

Have you ever heard of the Moringa plant? Moringa or merunggai (Moringa Oleifera) is a plant that often grows in the tropics to a height of 7-11 meters. Moringa leaves are widely used for vegetables and medicine. Often, the small egg-shaped leaves of Moringa are also used as an expression “the world is not as wide as Moringa leaves”. Wow wow..

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In addition to the leaves, the roots of Moringa leaves also have abilities that are no less powerful than Moringa leaves. Moringa roots are often used as traditional herbal ingredients that are believed to cure various diseases in various regions. Then how to use Moringa root as this medicine? Here is the review.

Method of use

Moringa root can be utilized in various ways, such as:

The spicy nature with the glucocyte content in Moringa roots makes Moringa roots have a taste that is almost like white radish so that Moringa roots can also be used as a sauce like white radish sauce.

For internal use, Moringa root can also be boiled to make herbal medicine and then drink the boiled water. In addition, you can also make it as a juice or make a fine powder by drying it for brewing.

For external use, Moringa root can be ground and then applied to the affected skin.

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Benefits of Moringa Root

After we discuss how to use Moringa root, it’s good for us to know what benefits we can get from using Moringa root. Here is the review.

  1. Helps relieve rheumatic symptoms

If you have rheumatic symptoms such as joint stiffness, etc., there is nothing wrong with using Moringa root. Moringa root is believed to relieve rheumatic symptoms that occur in the joints. This is because Moringa root has the ability to relieve joint pain.

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2. Help relieve cough symptoms

Although trivial, coughs often interfere with daily activities. Cough can occur due to the environment or an indication of disease in the body. For those of you who want to relieve cough but don’t want to take medicine, it’s better if you use Moringa root as an herbal ingredient to relieve cough. This is because Moringa root is believed to be effective in curing coughs.

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3. Help relieve flu symptoms

Besides being able to relieve cough symptoms, Moringa root is also believed to help cure annoying flu symptoms. That said, this method has long been used in parts of America there. In fact, this method is considered very effective for overcoming the flu compared to drugs available in the market.

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4. As an appetite enhancer

Because it tastes delicious when eaten, usually this fruit and Moringa are suitable champions to arouse the appetite. A person’s appetite can go down in some cases due to illness, fever or others. No need to worry, Moringa root can also be efficacious to increase a person’s appetite naturally. Compared to the consumption of appetite-enhancing drugs, this method is considered better by some.

5. Help heal boils

Boils are one of the skin diseases that are quite disturbing comfort and appearance. In India, the root of Moringa is considered as one of the remedies for boils that has been proven effective and has been applied for a long time even though the boils are stubborn. In addition, this Moringa root can reduce swelling due to boils.

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6. Help heal sore feet

Contractions that occur in human muscles after experiencing activities can cause a person to feel tired and sore, especially in the legs. If you happen to have Moringa root, it never hurts to take advantage of Moringa root which is believed to have proven to be very effective for relieving aches in the legs.

7. Helps prevent heart disease

The heart is one organ that is very important for the body for that we need to keep it healthy. In order to avoid heart disease that can lead to death, we can prevent it by using Moringa root. Moringa root is believed to have potent content to prevent heart disease and does not have any effect.

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8. Helps prevent skin irritation

Skin irritation can be caused by various things, such as incompatibility with the skin cleansing soap we use. When this happens, don’t let the irritation last too long until it gets worse. For those of you who are experiencing irritation, it never hurts to use an alternative way of using Moringa root to cure it. This is because the root of Moringa is believed to have a powerful power to overcome skin irritation.

9. As a malaria drug

Malaria is a deadly disease that comes from mosquito bites. To overcome this, we need to keep the environment clean so that it does not become a breeding ground for mosquitoes that cause malaria. However, if it is infected, there is nothing wrong with using Moringa root herbal medicine to help treat malaria. However, you can also consult your doctor before using this Moringa root as a malaria remedy.

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10. As a kidney drug

Another benefit of Moringa root is as a kidney drug. This is because Moringa root is believed to contain powerful compounds that can keep the kidneys in good shape and in good condition. In addition, Moringa root is also believed to help improve kidney performance.

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11. Helps stabilize the blood

Blood needs to be kept stable so as not to trigger the emergence of various diseases and avoid blood system disorders. One way that is believed to help stabilize the blood is by drinking a potion of Moringa root.

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In addition to some of the benefits above, Moringa root also has other benefits such as:

  1. Helps relieve epilepsy
  2. As an herb that is a powerful diuretic to shed urine
  3. It is anti-scorbute which can help relieve the symptoms of canker sores, chapped lips and sore throats
  4. Helps reduce fatigue, aches and pains in the back
  5. Helps to promote menstruation for women whose menstrual cycle is irregular
  6. Helps relieve spasms in the body
  7. Help relieve the symptoms of beriberi
  8. Help restore energy for mothers after giving birth
  9. Help lose weight and prevent obesity
  10. Helps smooth out the digestive tract
  11. As a medicine for gonorrhea

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