8 Benefits of Guava Leaves for Hair Loss

Hair is a crown for women. Because the position of the hair as a crown is what makes women very serious in taking care of their hair. Strive to make hair strong and healthy. But when we pay attention, the problem that women often experience in the hair section is that they are prone to hair loss. (Also read: Benefits of Bengang Leaves, Benefits of Kingkilaban Leaves, Benefits of Alifuru Leaves)

Based on research, almost 8 people out of 10 people, especially women, have experienced hair loss problems. Factors that cause hair to fall out easily include the lack of cleanliness of the hair, or because the hair does not get optimal nutrition, or because our hair does not match the type or brand of the shampoo or conditioner that we use. (Also read: Fennel Leaf Benefits, Benefits of Red Castor Leaves, Benefits of Andewi Leaves)

To overcome this hair loss problem, there is no harm in using natural remedies. As we know natural or herbal remedies are believed to be good for the body and do not cause side effects as when using chemical drugs on the market. One that can be used as a solution for hair loss is to use guava leaves. Maybe some of us find it strange. But of course this is not a joke, because many beauty and health websites use this method to repair hair loss.

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Benefits of Guava Leaves for Hair Loss

1. Suitable Nutrition For Hair Loss

The vitamin B complex content of guava leaves can be used as hair growth consisting of Niassin, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Folic Acid, Pantothenic Acid and Pyridoxine. These vitamins have a significant impact on tackling hair loss problems. This is explained in Progressive Health. In addition, all types of foods fortified with B vitamins are believed to reduce damage to hair loss by increasing hair growth. (Also read: Benefits of Ciplukan leaves for Hypertension)

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2. Making It Pretty Easy

How to make a guava leaf concoction to overcome hair loss is quite easy or even very easy. The method of making it is as follows. The first is to prepare a handful of guava leaves, a liter of water, and a pot for boiling. Then boil the leaves together with water for about 20 minutes. Leave the cooking water to cool. Once cool, strain the cooking water. From here we can choose whether to use the leaves or the water. Depends on which one you prefer, because both are efficacious to overcome hair loss. (Also read: Benefits of Rubber Trees)

3. Practical in Use

Besides being easy in the manufacturing process, guava leaf ingredients are also easy to use or apply. The trick is to take guava leaves that have been boiled. Then massage into the head of the guava leaf. Try to spread guava leaves evenly on the scalp. Let stand for about 2 hours, then rinse with water. It’s also a good idea to apply this process regularly to get maximum results. (Also read: Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Skin)

However, we can also use boiled water as a toner, so just drop it evenly onto the scalp after we wash our hair first. Then massage on the head and let stand a few minutes. This potion will be more effective if used overnight when we sleep, we can use a shower cap while sleeping and let the potion work overnight. In the morning we just rinse it clean. (Also read: Benefits of Coriander)

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4. Effective Results

We can get the results from the use of guava leaves in a relatively short time, with regular use, within 1 to 2 months we can avoid the problem of falling signs. In addition, we can also prevent dandruff problems on the scalp, soften hair and also make hair shinier. (Also read: Benefits of Damar Tree)

5. Save Cost

Seeing how to make a guava leaf concoction, we can conclude that the costs needed are also relatively cheap. So that with a low cost we can get maximum results. This method is very suitable for young people who are in college, because most students want something cheap but useful and of high quality. (Also read: Benefits of Coconut Fruit)

6. No Side Effects

The natural ingredients used in the guava leaf concoction will not cause side effects for its users. Except for those who have allergies to guava leaves, it is better to use it after consulting a doctor who is an expert in the field. (Also read: Benefits of White Cempaka Flowers)

7. Safe To Use For Children

Because this herb includes natural ingredients or herbs, it can be ascertained that this herb is safe if used on children. Of course also must with parental supervision. (Also read: Benefits of Flamboyant Flowers)

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8. Melt Fat in the Body

Don’t throw away the remaining boiled water from guava leaves, because the boiled water from guava leaves also has efficacy. Besides being useful for dealing with hair loss, it turns out that guava leaf boiled water is also useful for melting fat in the body, fighting bad cholesterol and increasing the amount of good cholesterol. This is reinforced by the results of research on Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research. So using a guava leaf concoction will support the healthy diet you are doing. So the diet will not harm you because it uses natural ingredients. (Also read: Benefits of Avocado for Stomach Acid)

Wow extraordinary benefits of guava leaves for the health of our hair. Well, for those of you who also experience problems with hair in the form of hair loss, then there is no harm in trying this herbal concoction from guava leaves at home. Have fun trying! (Also read: Benefits of Inggu Leaves, Benefits of Bungur Leaves, Zodia Leaf Benefits)

That’s about the benefits of guava leaves for hair. Want to add another insight? don’t hesitate to read articles on this web, such as articles about Benefits of Young Noni Leaves, Benefits of Water Guava Leaves, Benefits of Cucumber Leaves, and so forth. Happy Reading!

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