15 Benefits of Koja Bay Leaves for Health

Koja bay leaf is the name for the leaves of a plant with a similar name. The leaves, also known as temuru leaves, are leaves that are used as food seasoning and are often added to dishes such as curry and curry, so they are often referred to as curry leaves. The shape of this leaf is not much different from ordinary bay leaves which are also used as a natural food seasoning, only the leaves are smaller in size and have a sharper aroma. One area that has a lot of leaves is the Aceh area. However, this leaf can also be found in traditional markets.

Apart from being a flavoring or seasoning for cooking, koja bay leaves can also be used as herbal medicine to treat various diseases. With various important nutrients in it such as folic acid, iron, vitamin A, antioxidants, vitamin C, kaempferol, carbazole alkaloids, saponins, tannins, and flavonoids, we will reap the many benefits of this koja bay leaf including:

1. Overcoming anemia

So far, we know that anemia or red blood cell deficiency is caused by a lack of iron intake. But besides that, lack of folic acid intake can also cause anemia. By consuming koja bay leaves, we will get two intakes of these nutrients at once, namely iron and folic acid, so they are very good for preventing and overcoming anemia. Only with 2 pieces of koja bay leaves a day can prevent us from anemia. (Also read: the benefits of eggs for anemiaguava benefits for anemia)

2. Good for eye health

Consumption of koja leaves is also very good for maintaining eye health and preventing them from various eye diseases such as night blindness. This benefit can be obtained because of the vitamin A content in koja bay leaves which has long been known as the eye vitamin. In addition to using these leaves, we can also get healthy eyes free from disease carrot benefits and benefits of tomatoes for eyes.

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3. Good for body cholesterol

Another benefit that we can also get from consuming koja bay leaves is that cholesterol levels are more controlled. This is supported by the antioxidant content in these leaves which can inhibit the activity of free radicals in the body, one of which is the liver. Free radicals can disrupt metabolism in the liver which can cause increased levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. (Also read: benefits of soursop leaves for cholesterol)

4. Good for liver health

Diligently consuming koja bay leaves can help protect the liver from damage. Especially if you are a person who likes to consume packaged drinks such as soft drinks and energy supplements which are not very good for the health of the liver. These benefits can be obtained because of the content of vitamin A, kaempferol, and vitamin C contained in koja bay leaves. (Also read: benefits of ginger)

5. Overcoming diarrhea

Apart from using guava leaves benefits and ORS benefits we can also use koja bay leaves to treat diarrhea. The method is very easy, namely by brewing 9 pieces of koja bay leaves that have been washed and cut into small pieces in 1 cup of boiling water. When a warm herb can be drunk directly to relieve diarrhea.

6. As an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

Besides black cumin benefits and kefir benefits we can also use koja bay leaves as body protection from bacterial attack and inflammation. This benefit can be obtained because of the content of carbazole alkaloids in bay leaves which act as antibacterial as well as anti-inflammatory.

7. Healthy hair

Koja bay leaves have broad benefits to the hair. By consuming bay leaf koja will help overcome various hair problems such as dandruff, gray hair, and thinning hair. In addition, the use of koja bay leaves is also useful for strengthening the hair shaft so that the hair is strong and does not fall out easily. (Also read: Yogurt benefits)

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8. Overcoming diabetes

Diabetes is a disease associated with increased blood sugar levels that exceed normal limits. By consuming koja bay leaves we can minimize the risk of diabetes because it is able to lower blood sugar levels and control so that blood sugar is always stable. (Also read: benefits of cherry leaves for diabetes)

9. Promote digestion

If we usually consume yakult benefits and the benefits of teladak to speed up digestion then now koja bay leaf can be an option. The content in koja bay leaves is beneficial to absorb fat well so that digestion becomes smoother which is also very good for the success of the diet program.

10. Minimize chemotherapy side effects

Although cancer is difficult to cure, there are treatment steps that can be taken to overcome it. One of them is chemotherapy. But unfortunately this treatment procedure causes side effects such as hair loss, dry skin, and loss of appetite. To minimize the effects of chemotherapy, we can take advantage of koja bay leaves so that the body is protected from these adverse effects. In addition, this plant can also prevent the production of free radicals which can further aggravate the condition of the body. (Also read: spirulina benefits)

11. Overcoming skin infections

With its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, bay leaf koja can help us deal with various skin infections due to bacterial and fungal attacks. For example, problems with nails and pimples that grow on the face. (Also read: super tetra benefits)

12. Obtaining offspring

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For those of you who are married but have not yet been blessed with children, koja bay leaves can be an option. The method is very easy, namely by regularly consuming fresh koja bay leaves every day by engulfing it so that its nutritional content is maintained. While the old koja bay leaves can be used as a mixture of curry curry. (Also read: bean sprouts benefits)

13. Good for pregnant women

Pregnant women, especially young pregnant women, are prone to nausea and no appetite. Even though at that time they need adequate nutritional intake for the development of the fetus. For this reason, pregnant women are advised to drink water steeped in dried koja bay leaves to reduce nausea and vomiting and restore appetite. (Also read: benefits of green beans)

14. First aid against snake bites

Koja bay leaves can also be used as a snakebite remedy. When you are bitten by a snake and have not received doctor’s treatment, you should drink a concoction of koja bay leaves mixed with salt and turmeric as a first step to treat snake bites. (Also read: the benefits of awar awar leaves)

15. Overcoming constipation

Constipation suffered is really excruciating because it is difficult to pass stool even though the stomach already feels full and uncomfortable. To overcome this we can take advantage of koja bay leaves. The trick is to drink water steeping bay leaves koja with hot water. Once warm, mix honey and then the concoction is ready to drink. (Also read: vegetarian benefits)

Koja bay leaves, which we have known so far only as a food flavoring, have so many benefits. To get the maximum benefits, it is better if the bay leaf koja is consumed directly, such as by engulfing it or by brewing it with hot water.

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