Benefits of Lime for Ulcer and Stomach

Gastritis is a disease that we often encounter. Many people suffer from this disease, ranging from mild ulcers to acute ulcer disease. Ulcer disease is caused by damage to the stomach wall. In addition to the damage that occurs to the stomach wall, ulcer disease is also triggered by several habits that can aggravate stomach damage.

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Some Habits That Can Stimulate Stomach Disease

  1. Consumption of oily food
  2. Often late to eat so that eating patterns become irregular
  3. Consuming a lot of drinks that contain caffeine, such as coffee
  4. Stressed about work
  5. Too tired to do activities
  6. Lack of sleep hours
  7. Smoke

Avoid some of these things because they can trigger damage to the stomach wall and will also aggravate stomach damage if you continue to consume it. If you feel nauseous every morning, it can be a sign of an ulcer sufferer. Some people underestimate the symptoms of stomach ulcers such as nausea, vomiting, frequent stomach cramps, decreased appetite and feeling sore in the stomach. In fact, if left alone, ulcer symptoms can lead to acute ulcer disease or chronic gastritis.

Although there are several types of ulcer drugs sold in the market, some people do not feel any affect after consuming them because they have experienced acute ulcers. Some foods should also be avoided so as not to trigger stomach pain. In addition to ulcer drugs that are sold in the market, there are studies that say that to treat heart disease, heartburn sufferers can consume lime. Although the taste of lime is sour, the nature of lime is alkaline, so it can neutralize stomach acid in the stomach.

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How Lime Works to Overcome Stomach Disease

Some people think that lime can pose a danger if consumed by people who suffer from ulcers. The acid contained in limes is the reason why limes can trigger an increase in stomach acid production. In fact, although it has a sour taste, and some people who suffer from ulcer disease avoid consuming lime, when it enters the stomach it will become alkaline. Lime helps neutralize and balance the acid in the stomach.

Even in America, many medical experts who make lime as a complementary stomach treatment. Research in Brazil says that lime has a substance that stimulates the production of mucus on the surface of the stomach. This study proved that some experimental rats tested consuming lime, did not experience any damage to the stomach. From the results of the study, it was stated that the mucus produced from the stimulation caused by lime juice formed a protection for the stomach wall. So that it can avoid damage caused by friction in the stomach.

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Antioxidant substances contained in lime can also form a protection that serves to protect damaged body tissues. So that the benefits of lime for heartburn can also heal the damaged stomach wall. It’s just that, for patients with acute gastritis will experience a feeling that is wrapped around the stomach.

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How To Consume Lime To Overcome Gastritis

Lime can not be consumed like citrus fruit because the skin can not be peeled and the taste is too sour to be consumed directly. Here’s how to serve lime to treat an ulcer:

  1. Prepare a lime that is a bit old, because a young lime has a little liquid content and has a slightly bitter taste.
  2. Prepare a glass of warm water. Warm water can reduce the sour taste of limes compared to cold water.
  3. As usual, the lime is divided into 2 parts and squeezed into the warm water.
  4. Add honey or a little sugar to give it a slightly sweet taste, so it doesn’t taste too sour.
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This lime water can be drunk every morning after waking up. This lime drink can be consumed before eating anything. Overcoming ulcers with lime juice requires a period of time according to the ulcer disease suffered. If you have experienced a fairly severe stomach ulcer, the time it takes up to months. Unlike chemical drugs, ulcer recovery with lime still requires a process. In addition to consuming lime drinks, ulcer sufferers also need to maintain their diet and avoid several things that can trigger the recurrence of ulcer disease. In addition to overcoming ulcer disease, lime is also believed to be able to cure several diseases such as tonsillitis, overcoming menstrual pain, late menstruation, and experiencing stomach pain.

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Although lime can overcome ulcer disease, patients with acute gastritis still have to consult a doctor in order to get medical services that can cure it completely.

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