Benefits of Eggs for Anemia Patients

Eggs are animal products, especially types of poultry, which have become very common for daily consumption. Eggs can be an alternative food to meat to meet the protein intake in the body. Besides being cheaper, eggs are also very easy to process. Plus eggs have sufficient nutritional content to be used as a main dish at breakfast.

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Egg Nutritional Content

Egg Calories Protein Fat Iron Vit. THE
(kkal) (g) (g) (mg) (IU)
Whole eggs 80 6 6 1,0 260
Egg yolk 65 3 6 0,9 310
Egg whites 15 3 a little a little
Fried egg 85 5 6 0,9 290
Boiled eggs 80 6 6 1,0 260

In addition to the content shown in the table, eggs also contain other ingredients such as:

  • vitamin D
  • vitamin E.
  • vitamin B6
  • vitamin B12
  • ribovlafin
  • folic acid
  • potassium
  • calcium
  • Phosphor
  • protein

Research reveals that the nutritional content in eggs can provide health benefits including healthy eyes, maintaining pregnancy, maintaining brain development, healthy skin, and what will be discussed in this article is the benefits of eggs for anemia.

Benefits of Eggs for Anemia

Anemia is a condition in which the body lacks red blood cells or hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is what binds and carries oxygen in the blood throughout the body. With a reduced amount of hemoglobin, the body will automatically be deprived of oxygen. Usually the symptoms of anemia are characterized by 5L, namely Tired, Tired, Lethargic, Weak, and Weak. Red blood cells are produced in the bone marrow.

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Health experts say that people with anemia need more iron intake to increase hemoglobin production. However, people with anemia are at risk of not being able to absorb iron perfectly. It is caused by inflammation or inflammation.

Proper nutritional intake can help people with anemia increase the amount of hemoglobin in the body while helping to reduce inflammation. One of the menus that can be used as an option is eggs. The iron content in eggs is not comparable to the iron content in red meat, but eggs are powerful enough to relieve inflammation. This is because eggs contain the benefits of vitamin A which works very well to relieve inflammation.

A health expert, Dr. Tati, said that eggs can be a highly recommended choice for those suffering from iron deficiency anemia with inflammation.

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In addition to animal products, iron can also be found in vegetables such as spinach. People already know spinach benefits for anemia, but in fact, besides being high in iron, spinach also contains phytic acid. Phytic acid is a substance that can inhibit the absorption of iron in the body. In addition to phytic acid, calcium can also inhibit the absorption of iron by the body. So instead of drinking the milk of anemic patients, it is also advisable to drink orange juice because one of the the benefits of vitamin C can help the body absorb iron.

Risks of Excessive Egg Consumption

Although eggs are very good for people with anemia, keep in mind that consuming eggs in excess can actually bring other health problems. The cholesterol content in egg yolks is not good if consumed in excess. Actually only consuming one egg every day on a regular basis is enough to get optimal results.

In addition, consuming raw eggs is also not recommended. Raw eggs may contain salmonella bacteria which can cause diarrhea. By heating the eggs can kill the bacteria so that the eggs are safer for consumption. You don’t need to worry because the vitamin A and iron content in eggs will not automatically disappear during the heating process.

The Right Way to Process Eggs for Anemia

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For people with anemia, there are better ways to process eggs to help increase the body’s production of red blood cells. The methods include:

  1. Prepare one egg yolk, it is recommended that the chicken egg yolk.
  2. Boil enough water to boil.
  3. After the water boils, boil the egg yolks with 60 grams of spring onions until cooked.
  4. Lift and drain.
  5. To get maximum results, consume regularly at least 2 days.

Chicken eggs are not hard to find. Because the price is also very affordable, you can immediately include eggs in your daily menu as a source of iron, vitamins, and protein. Although people with anemia can take chemical drugs such as supplements, health experts will also recommend getting iron from a more natural daily food intake.