10 Benefits of Squeezed Oranges for Body Health

There is no doubt that citrus fruits are widely known among the public because of the vitamin C content contained in them. Citrus fruits are usually eaten directly, because they only need to be peeled and the fruit can be eaten directly, it does not require a knife like when eating melons or watermelons. However, to get more freshness, some people do not consume citrus fruit directly, but mix it with water and add ice in it.

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Benefits of Squeezed Oranges

It’s no wonder there is a lot of orange juice because it tastes fresher and more thirst quenching than eating it directly. But apparently, consuming oranges with nutritional juice made from oranges will decrease. If you want an orange drink, it is better to squeeze the oranges, not in juice, so that the nutrients are maintained. Here are the advantages of consuming squeezed oranges:

  1. Nutrition of Squeezed Oranges is More Awake

Making an orange drink by squeezing the orange is better than crushing the orange with a blender or juicer. Some juicer equipment can oxidize citrus fruits so that they can reduce the nutrition of citrus fruits. Squeezing oranges is much better because citrus squeezing equipment can protect the nutritional content in the fruit. If you want to consume oranges as a drink, it is better to make it by squeezing it, not by using a juicer.

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  1. Make the Body Relax

Squeezing the fruit will be able to improve health and maintain body balance. Making squeezed lime combined with several types of vegetables that can be squeezed such as cucumber, tomato, parsley and also some other green vegetables can relax the body and mind as well as before. Nutrients in vegetables have very high mineral content such as magnesium. The minerals in these vegetables can relax the body and mind. By making some mixed vegetables and squeezed fruit, including using lime, you can maintain health because the nutrients in the body are fulfilled with the mineral and vitamin content that is maintained.

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  1. Increase the Desire to Consume Fruit

Consuming squeezed fruit, such as squeezed oranges, can increase the desire to consume fresh oranges. This applies to several other types of fruit. Squeezed oranges do not reduce the nutrients in citrus fruits, but only take the juice contained in citrus fruits. Squeezed oranges also do not change the taste of oranges, unlike orange juice which slightly changes the taste of oranges due to the high friction between the citrus fruit and the juicer. This fresh orange juice can make some people get used to the taste of fresh oranges. So that in some time, there will be a desire to consume fresh fruit that is kept fresh and the nutrients in it.

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  1. Fiber Content In Oranges

When processing oranges with juice, the nutrients from citrus fruits will be reduced by up to five times compared to fresh oranges. It is different with squeezed oranges, squeezed oranges do not remove the nutrients in citrus fruits. The juice obtained from the juice of citrus fruits is also maintained in the content of the citrus fruit. Thus, the fiber content of citrus fruits will be maintained. Consuming squeezed oranges with fiber that is still awake can help stimulate the digestive system. Stimulation that occurs in the digestive system is what can maintain fruit intake for the body.

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Even though you suffer from ulcer disease and are afraid because the squeezed orange has a slightly sour taste, you can try using lime to squeeze it. Lime does have a very sour taste, but actually, squeezed lime is alkaline and does not cause ulcers to recur. Besides being alkaline and not harmful to ulcer disease, squeezed orange can also eliminate toxins in the digestive system, so it can reduce the risk of infection in the digestive system and avoid other diseases.

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  1. Strengthen Immune System

Squeezed oranges such as limes have a very large vitamin C content. Squeezed lime will help relieve stress because it can relax the mind. This squeezed orange is good to consume when you are having a tired day and have an uneasy mind.

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  1. As a Source of Potassium

Squeezed lime can meet the needs of substances needed by the body. The potassium content in squeezed oranges is higher than that of apples and grapes. The very high potassium content in squeezed oranges can keep the heart, brain and nerves healthy so that they are well maintained.

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  1. Reducing Dark Spots on the Skin

The antioxidants in the benefits of squeezed oranges will be maintained. The antioxidants in squeezed lime will help the detoxification process in the body. This can serve to provide skin care to keep it bright and remove black spots.

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  1. Overcoming Inflammation Problems
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The acidity in the body can cause several problems such as inflammation that is often experienced. High acidity levels in the body can be overcome by consuming squeezed oranges. Squeezed oranges, especially limes, which are alkaline can reduce the acid content in the body. That way, the acid-base in the body can be reduced so that it can reduce the incidence of disease, one of which is inflammation.

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  1. Increase Daily Energy

Besides being able to relieve depression or stress experienced, squeezed lime can also help provide additional daily energy. When it has entered the digestive tract, lime can help provide energy in the body.

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  1. Maintain Immune System

The content of vitamin C in oranges will not be lost when squeezing oranges. In orange juice, vitamins and all the nutrients of citrus fruits will be maintained. This is what makes orange juice can still meet the daily nutrients in the body. In addition, orange juice can also keep the immune system from being easily attacked by viruses and so on. With a high immune system, the body will be more awake and will not be susceptible to diseases such as flu and so on.

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Oranges are known as fruits that are rich in vitamin C and nutrients that are really needed by the body. Don’t let the nutrients contained in citrus fruits be reduced because of the wrong way of consuming them. Keep the nutrition of the fruit when consuming it so that the benefits of the fruit consumed can be useful for the health of our bodies.

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