Cucumber Benefits for a Healthy Diet


Who doesn’t know cucumber or cucumber, this vegetable which is long and oval in shape and green skin is often found as decoration and fresh vegetables or when you drink cucumber juice. This delicious and fresh taste is indeed suitable as a salad so that the mouth feels fresher and more delicious. But not only does it taste good, it turns out that cucumber is also very good for health, one of which is to help lose weight.

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For those of you who are currently dreaming of having a slim, ideal and proportional body, maybe it’s time for you to try a diet using cucumber. To get cucumber is also very easy because in Indonesia cucumber is very widely grown and you can buy it either in supermarkets or in traditional markets though.

Cucumber benefits for diet

Cucumber is the secret of a healthy diet that gives a slim and ideal body. This is because cucumber is very low in calories so it does not make your fat accumulate in the body. Besides that, what are the ingredients in cucumbers that are good for a diet? Check out the following:

  1. Fiber

Cucumber contains a lot of fiber which is very good for digestive health. Fiber itself cannot be produced by the body the same as vitamins so that the fulfillment of its needs must be obtained from outside. Cucumber contains fiber which will make the food in the stomach thicken like jelly so that it goes more smoothly when it enters the intestine and it is easier for the nutrients to be absorbed by the intestine. This fiber will also make the body feel fuller longer so you don’t get hungry easily. Fiber also serves to eradicate various germs in the body such as toxins, free radicals and cholesterol. So a diet using the help of cucumber is very healthy and effective.

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  1. Air

The water content in cucumber is 95 percent. This amount is very large and very good for the body. The largest component in the body is also water, so the body’s need for water is absolute. A body that has a stable water content in the sense that it is not excessive and also does not lack will be a healthy body because there is no lack of body fluids. This water serves to cleanse the body and can also shed stubborn fat in the body. This is certainly very good for those of you who are undergoing a weight loss program, right?

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  1. Calories

Cucumber contains very few calories which means it is very good for those of you who are on a diet. People who eat low-calorie foods will reduce the production of fat and sugar in the body so that the body will be thinner and not easily fat. But you don’t have to worry about feeling hungry quickly because by eating cucumber your satiety will last longer. Cucumber will also naturally make your appetite decrease automatically, yes.

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By consuming cucumber when you are on this diet, you will avoid the so-called strict diet. Diet is sometimes misunderstood by not eating anything to lose weight fast. Though this is very contradictory and dangerous to health. Diets that torture the body and make the body uncomfortable is definitely not a good diet and you must stop it now before things happen that are not desirable.

How to eat cucumber the right way

You can consume cucumbers in various ways for the diet. Besides being able to be consumed in raw form, you can also try to process cucumbers into several variations of the menu, such as one of them with cucumber tea. Yes, as the name suggests, teh timun means tea made from cucumber, how do you make it? Check out the following:


To make cucumber tea, the ingredients you have to prepare are:

  • A quarter of a cucumber that has been sliced ​​into small pieces
  • Two lemons
  • Two limes
  • Mint leaves
  • Two green tea bags, preferably a dip
  • 1 liter plain soda
  • 1 liter warm water
  • Ice cubes as needed

How to make:

  • Put mint leaves and green tea bags in warm water and leave for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Then add the lime juice and lemon juice to the warm tea. You can also leave the oranges for decoration.
  • After the mixture settles, then put the cucumber into the warm water.
  • After a few minutes and it’s ready, you can serve it with plain soda. You can add ice to make it cold or you can keep it warm according to your individual tastes.
  • Beautify cucumber tea with lemon slices so that your eyes are more relaxed when you see the cucumber tea you want to consume.

To choose a good cucumber, you should choose one that is old, hard and both ends are round because that is where a lot of water is stored. Do not use cucumbers that are wrinkled or wilted or that are already yellowish in color. If you have bought a fresh and good cucumber, you can store it in the refrigerator and don’t forget to wash it first.

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In addition to regularly consuming cucumbers with various preparations, when you are on a diet you are also highly recommended to sort out the foods you will consume. Do not eat foods that contain a lot of fat and fried because it can make your diet fail. In addition, reduce the portion of carbohydrates and complete your daily nutrition to make it healthier for the body. drink plenty of water and also avoid bad habits such as smoking and drinking. Do regular exercise every day, it doesn’t need to be heavy enough with your respective abilities so that your diet program is successful. And try not to take slimming drugs because it can make your body addicted and the effect is bad for the body.

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Thus a review of the benefits of cucumber for the diet. Hopefully it can help those of you who are currently trying to lose weight. Thank you and hope it is useful..

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