9 Benefits of Durian Seeds for Delicious and Health Snacks

Benefits of Durian SeedsIn addition to the durian flesh which is very popular because of its distinctive taste and fragrant smell, it turns out that the seeds of this durian fruit also have many benefits for the body and health. Durian seeds contain carbohydrates, protein, fat, minerals, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 , vitamin C, fiber, potassium, calcium and phosphorus. With so much content in these seeds, the benefits of durian seeds can also be obtained when consumed and are quite safe if not too excessive.

  1. Wheat Flour Substitute

Because durian seeds contain the benefits of carbohydrates which is quite high, then the seeds of this fruit can be reprocessed for durian seed flour which can later be used to replace wheat flour as an ingredient for making cakes.

  1. Tablet Mixed Ingredients

Durian seeds can also be used for tablet mixtures. These durian seeds will later be extracted so that they can turn into very fine flour and then just mixed to make tablets. Before it will be extracted, the durian seeds will be washed thoroughly and then dried in the sun until completely dry and then reprocessed into starch and ready to be processed.

  1. Ingredients for Chips
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Another use of durian seeds is to become a delicious snack, namely chips. The starch content in durian seeds is quite high, making this fruit seed very suitable to be processed into savory chips and can get delicious fruit the benefits of vitamin C which is in these durian seeds.

  1. Energy sources

The high carbohydrate content in durian seeds is also very effective for increasing the stamina of a weak and tired body as a result energy sources. To consume this durian seed can be boiled or processed into a snack.

  1. Contains High Protein

Durian seeds also contain high enough protein levels so that they are useful for binding excess fat in the body, increasing muscle strength and being a source of energy for the body as well as breaking down muscles for those of you who like to exercise.

  1. Maintain Bone Health
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Benefits of phosphorus and also potassium in durian seeds can be used and consumed to maintain bone health. In addition, durian seeds are also good for consumption by children in their growing period because it increases the process of bone growth and prevents bone diseases which are quite dangerous. Temporary the benefits of calcium for the heart can also be obtained by consuming this durian seed.

  1. Sources of Antioxidants

Durian seeds are also good for consumption because they contain enough vitamin C which can boost the immune system. With sufficient levels of vitamin C, various diseases caused by viruses or bacteria can be avoided. Antioxidant benefits This is of course very much needed by the body to fight various disease-causing germs in the body.

  1. Fighting Free Radicals
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Various free radicals from air pollution, chemical substances and so on that enter the body will have a negative impact on body health. Some of the content and mineral compounds and vitamins in durian seeds play an important role in counteracting these free radicals while repairing cells and body tissues damaged by these free radicals.

  1. Facilitate Digestion

Besides Yakult benefits for diarrheaDurian seeds, which also contain high enough fiber, are very good for consumption to reduce constipation, diarrhea and various diseases or other digestive problems, namely by consuming durian seeds in moderation and not excessively.

Thus the reviews that we can give about the benefits of durian seeds for health, substitute meals and snacks so that they are quite safe for consumption. The thing to remember is not to consume durian seeds too much because anything that is consumed too much will have a bad impact on the body.