15 Benefits of Majapahit Fruit for Humans

maja fruit

Some of us know the maja fruit through history books that tell the story of the beginning of the Majapahit kingdom. It is said that the workers who tasted the maja fruit felt a bitter taste so intense that it was called majapahit. But actually this fruit tastes sweet and smells good. What is often mistaken for maja fruit is a fruit with a bitter taste. The fruit, which has the Latin name Aegle marmelos (L.) Correa, belongs to the citrus tribe. The skin is green and the contents are orange or yellow. Like some other citrus plants, the flesh of the maja fruit is sweet so it can be eaten immediately or processed into syrup, sherbet, nectar, or jam. Even the skin can be processed into marmalade which is a semi-solid processed food made from maja fruit juice and chopped maja fruit skin.

Maja is a hardy plant because it is able to adapt to extreme temperatures that are very hot (up to 49 degrees Celsius) or very cold (up to -7 degrees Celsius). It is also able to adapt to various types of land such as dry soil, slightly alkaline soil, or swamp soil.

In addition to its sweet taste, maja fruit also contains various important nutrients for the body including vitamin C, riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, carotene, fat, protein, carbohydrates, alkaloids, steroids, coumarins, natural oils, limonene, and marmelosin. This makes the maja fruit rich in various health benefits including:

1. Relieves diarrhea

Some people think of diarrhea as a minor problem. Whereas if not followed up immediately can result in death because it can cause the body to become dehydrated or lack fluids. For that, if you or a family member is affected by dehydration, one of them should be addressed immediately by eating maja fruit. Can be consumed directly or processed into juice first. (Also read: guava leaves benefitsORS benefits)

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2. Overcoming dysentery

Diarrhea accompanied by symptoms such as fever, stomach cramps, and nausea and vomiting is a sign of an intestinal infection or dysentery. This disease can be overcome by consuming maja fruit regularly. (Also read: benefits of crown of godthe benefits of mud)

3. As a natural antibiotic

If your body is sick because of a bacterial infection, your doctor will usually give you antibiotics. However, we are required to consume it carefully according to the instructions so that drug resistance does not occur. For that we can take advantage of natural antibiotics that are already available in nature which of course are free of side effects, one of which is maja plants. Roots, fruits, and leaves can be used as antibiotics. (Also read: benefits of bougainvillea flowersbenefits of green grass jelly)

4. Helping the wound healing process

With its antibiotic content, we can use maja plants, both roots, leaves, and fruit as medicine to prevent infection and heal wounds. The method is very easy, namely by crushing the parts of the maja plant until smooth and then smeared on the injured body part. Your wound will heal quickly and avoid infection. (Also read: the benefits of eggs for stitches)

5. Overcoming heart palpitations

Heart palpitations without any cause such as anxiety or nervousness is a health condition that must be watched out for. To calm him you can drink boiled water maja roots. And you should still consult a doctor for further examination. (Also read: 25 benefits of binahong leavesthe benefits of balanced fruit)

6. Overcoming itchy skin

Itching of the skin is a common symptom experienced by many people. To overcome this we can take advantage of maja plants either by consuming the fruit directly or used as external medicine. As an external medicine we can mix maja leaves with betel and whiting which are then crushed or crushed. This herb is then smeared and rubbed on the itchy skin. (Also read: herocin powder benefits)

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7. Prevent constipation

In addition to diarrhea, other digestive problems that can also be overcome with maja plants are constipation or difficulty defecating. Constipation can occur, one of which is due to not consuming fibrous foods so that the stool becomes hard and slow to move in the intestines. The way is quite easy, namely by diligently eating fibrous foods such as the benefits of maja fruit. (Also read: 14 health benefits of okra)

8. Reduce fever

Rising body temperature or fever can cause panic and worry, especially if it occurs in children. To overcome this, there are various medicinal plants around us, one of which is maja plants. We can take advantage of boiled maja roots to lower body temperature. This maja root decoction is drunk with fever sufferers so that their body temperature drops. (Also read: benefits of neuralgin medicine)

9. Makes skin soft

Consuming maja fruit is also good for skin beauty, including making the skin softer and more elastic. This is supported by the content of vitamin C in maja fruit which helps the formation of collagen in the body. As is known, collagen is very useful and plays an important role in maintaining skin elasticity. (Also read: benefits of baking soda)

10. Prevents skin damage

The content of vitamin C in maja fruit can also act as an excellent antioxidant to prevent skin damage. Especially with the increasingly fierce UV rays that illuminate the earth and various pollutants around us that can damage the skin. Diligently eating maja fruit can prevent various diseases that can damage the skin. (Also read: 25 benefits of citrus fruits for health and beauty)

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11. Makes skin brighter

Not only nourish and soften the skin, diligently eating maja fruit is also useful for making skin brighter. This is thanks to the vitamin C content in the benefits of maja fruit which is very good for brightening the skin. (Also read: benefits of water)

12. Helps regenerate skin cells

Skin cells have a life cycle. When he is dead, it is necessary to form new cells to replace the roles and tasks of dead cells, which is called cell regeneration. To help smooth the regeneration of skin cells, you can eat maja fruit regularly. (Also read: the benefits of vitamin e)

13. Lower blood sugar levels

Maja leaves are very good consumed by diabetics because it is useful for lowering blood sugar levels. How to consume it is very easy, namely by drinking boiled water of maja leaves regularly twice a day. With regular use your blood sugar will go down and maintain its balance. (Also read: dragon fruit benefits for diabetes)

14. As a natural fragrance

With its fragrant aroma, the skin of the maja fruit can also be used as a natural deodorizer. (Also read: benefits of rhubarb rootbenefits of vanilla leaves)

15. Snakebite medicine

Snake bites not only cause wounds to the skin but are also feared to carry poison. To deal with snake bites, we can use the roots, twigs, and leaves of the maja plant as an antidote. (Also read: the benefits of loose leaves)

Thus, among the benefits of maja plants that can be obtained either by consuming them directly or used as external medicine. Instead of using drugs that contain chemicals that have side effects, it is better to consume various medicinal plants around us. Of course with the levels and the correct processing method.

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