13 Benefits of Watermelon Seeds for Health

Watermelon is known to have many health benefits. The content of water and vitamins are needed by the body. However, it turns out that it is not only watermelon that has many benefits, but the seeds that we often throw away when enjoying watermelons have lots of nutrients that are useful for the body. Generally, watermelon seeds will just be thrown away, although some people have taken the initiative to process them into kuaci by mixing them with salt. Wash watermelon seeds with this salt mixture which is actually not good if consumed in excess. In contrast to watermelon seeds which are processed into kuaci snacks without the addition of salt, this will optimize the efficacy of the compound content in watermelon seeds. Here are some of the benefits of watermelon seeds for health: (Also Read: Benefits of White Cauliflower , Benefits of Kiwano Fruit)

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1. As a source of antioxidants

Watermelon seeds have a fairly high lycopene content. According to research, lycopene is one of the antioxidants that is good for the body. (Also read: The benefits of fumayyin seeds, The benefits of wedang oranges, Benefits of red jelly, Benefits of dried African leaves, Benefits of lemon tea, Benefits of lecithin).

2. Improve memory

Especially for the elderly, watermelon seeds contain various amino acids that can increase the sharpness of a person’s memory. (Also read: Benefits of brain gym for the elderly, Benefits of exercise for the elderly, Benefits of KMS for the elderly , Benefits of IPI vitamins,Benefits of fish eggs).

3. Helps the intestines to stay healthy

Watermelon seed extract is a good source of B vitamins such as thiamin, niacin, minerals and folate that can help ease the work of the intestines and speed up digestion. (Also read: Benefits of vitamin B5 for health, Benefits of vitamin B17, Benefits of vitamin B1, Benefits of vitamin B6, Benefits of vitamin B12, Benefits of riboflavin).

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4. Low cholesterol diet menu alternatives

Watermelon seeds that are processed without salt can help control cholesterol in the body. Especially for those of you who are on a diet, consuming watermelon seeds will meet your protein needs. (Also read: Benefits of soy milk for diet, Benefits of boiled cassava, Benefits of black grapes for diet, Benefits of watermelon for diet).

5. Control blood pressure

Consuming watermelon seed extract can help maintain blood pressure stability. This is because there is a substance citrulline that can dilate blood vessels and the mineral content of Mg is quite high.

6. Maintain heart health

The content of various minerals in watermelon seeds, one of which is Mg, is known to help maintain heart health. (Also read: Benefits of breadfruit leaves for the heart, Benefits of garlic for the heart, Benefits of peanuts for the heart, Benefits of pineapple for coronary heart

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7. Helps the formation of connective tissue and collagen.

The content of essential maino acids such as lysine, arginine, glutamic acid and tryptophan can help in the process of calcium absorption and the formation of connective tissue.

9. Maintain skin softness
10. Can help shed urine
11. Soothes bladder inflammation
12. Prevents acne
13. Prevents signs of aging

Some of the benefits of watermelon seed extract should make us better understand the importance of consuming watermelon seeds rather than just throwing them away.

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