16 Benefits of Katuk Vegetables for All Diseases and Skin Beauty


Katuk or sauropus androgynus is a type of vegetable that grows a lot in Southeast Asia which has always been consumed by pregnant and lactating women so that milk production can increase. There are many important nutrients contained in katuk such as protein, fiber benefits crude oil, vitamin K, beta carotene, vitamin B, vitamin C, iron, calcium, phosphorus magnesium and also chlorophyll that gives dark color to katuk leaves. Not only is it useful for increasing breast milk, but the benefits of katuk vegetables are also very much like what we will provide this time.

  1. Prevent Osteoporosis

Water decoction of katuk leaves or consuming vegetable katu is very good for restoring bone strength for prevention of osteoporosis because it contains calcium benefits high in katuk leaves.

  1. Improve Sperm Quality

All married couples certainly really want to have children, especially those who have been married for several years. Consuming katuk vegetables is very good for couples who want to have children, especially for men. Katuk will improve sperm quality.

  1. Overcoming the Flu

Consuming katuk vegetables is also very good for curing the flu because the katuk leaves contain ephedrine which is useful for stopping the flu and also contains iron benefits tall. Not only consuming katuk leaves, but the boiled water of katuk leaves can also be consumed to cure the flu.

  1. Sources of Vitamin A

Vegetable katuk is also a high source of vitamin A which is very good for preventing eye diseases, helping cell growth, boosting the immune system, maintaining reproductive health as well as being a source of health. skin beauty solution.

  1. Overcoming Anemia

In vegetable katuk also contains very high iron so consuming katuk leaves at least 2 times a week is very good for overcoming anemia as a natural blood enhancer.

  1. Overcoming Hypertension

The high calcium content in katuk leaves is very good for people with hypertension or high blood pressure, so it is highly recommended to consume katuk vegetables regularly and also boiled water from katuk leaves.

  1. Prevent Breast Cancer

Katuk leaves contain kaempferol which is a natural flavonol whose structure is almost similar to estrogen. From a study conducted, it was found that kaempferol can bind to the estrogen receptor while increasing the agonist or antagonist effect of estrogen which is needed as a hormone. cancer solution breast.

  1. Cleaning Dirty Blood

Many herbal experts strongly recommend consuming katuk leaves regularly to clean dirty blood in the body because dirty blood can cause many diseases such as acne, boils, itching and various other types of skin diseases.

  1. Overcoming Constipation

Digestive problems, namely constipation, can also be overcome by consuming katuk vegetables regularly so that bowel movements can run more smoothly. At least, consuming 100 grams of katuk leaves is highly recommended to overcome the problem of constipation as well as overcome other stomach disorders such as have a cold.

  1. Cure Boils

Not only can it be consumed to get the many benefits of this plant. However, external diseases such as boils and ulcers can also be cured with katuk leaves. The trick is to smooth the katuk leaves until soft and then affixed to the boil so that it dries faster and heals.

  1. Stimulates Hormone Forming

Katuk leaves are very high in phytochemical compounds which have medicinal properties. In katuk leaves there are at least 7 active compounds that are very good for stimulating the formation of steroid hormones such as progesterone, estradiol, glucocorticoids, restoteron, prostacyclin, klipoxin, leukotrienes, thromboxane and so on. The abundance of these phytochemicals is effective for smoothing the skin, promoting hair growth and increasing the formation of female hormones.

  1. Sources of Antioxidants

Katuk vegetables are rich in chlorophyll which is useful as a source of antioxidants. The chlorophyll will remove toxins in the body as well as metabolic waste as well as parasites, germs and bacteria from the body.

  1. Boost Metabolism

Various body problems such as lack of sleep, overcoming tired and an unhealthy lifestyle will cause the body’s power to decrease which is usually seen from fever, canker sores and the flu. All of this not only interferes with daily activities but also lowers the body’s metabolism so that disease viruses can more easily enter the body. The content of vitamin C in vegetable katuk is very good for consumption so that the body’s metabolism can increase.

  1. Boost Energy

In katuk vegetables also contain proteins as well as fats that are useful as energy sources. Pregnant women or someone who often does strenuous activities every day is very easy to feel tired because their body weight is decreasing. For this reason, it is highly recommended to consume katuk vegetables as a natural energy source.

  1. Get rid of toxins in the body

Consuming katuk vegetables regularly every day is very good for health remove toxins in the body because the green substance in katuk leaves is effective in absorbing toxins in the liver. In addition, the antioxidant content in it is also good for warding off free radicals from food and pollution.

  1. Perfecting the Formation of the Placenta

Fetal development will certainly be more perfect if the mother consumes highly nutritious foods. The placenta is the connecting route between the starch products of food and the baby’s body. Consuming this katuk vegetable is very good for increasing the formation of the placenta so that fetal development can be perfect from the age of 1 month to 9 months.

The benefits of katuk vegetables for the body are indeed very many. But keep in mind that katuk leaves also contain papaverine, an alkaloid compound that is also present in opium or opium, so consuming too much can also cause side effects such as papaverin poisoning.

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