9 Benefits of Decoction of Lime Leaves To Cure Diseases

Lime leaves have a very distinctive smell which is often used as a natural additive or preservative for several types of Asian food. Lime leaves have a light green color that can be found easily, especially in Indonesia. The content in lime leaves is also not inferior to the fruit such as vitamin C, essential oils, rosmarinik, apigenin, luteolin, flavonoids, kaempferol, quercetin and many other active compounds. Lime leaves are usually added to dishes to add a distinctive aroma. In addition, it turns out that there are also benefits of lime leaf decoction which is very important for maintaining health as well as overcoming several types of diseases, such as our review below. benefits of lime for weight loss.

  1. Reduce Stress

Lime leaves contain a source of antioxidants, namely essential oils that can reduce your stress level. This lime leaf boiled water can stimulate the brain to produce hormones so that a person’s condition can be better to reduce stress as well as a lot benefits of lime for hair health. Besides being able to consume boiled water from lime leaves, these leaves can also be mixed in foods such as soups and chili sauce.

  1. Has Antibiotic Function
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The function of antibiotics is useful to prevent disease from entering the body. When sick and immune system is declining, so you should not rush to take antibiotics that can be bought at drugstores because they may contain a lot of contra indications. It would be better if you consume boiled water of lime leaves which can protect the body from bacteria or viruses.

  1. Cure the Flu

If you have severe influenza, then this lime leaf can also be consumed to defeat the virus that causes the flu. This leaf can attack influenza by producing white blood plasma as a natural immune system so that not only flu can be cured but also good for use as a medicine cough solution.

  1. Revitalize the Body

Lime leaves also have great content that is different from ordinary leaves. This leaf is useful for preventing various viruses from entering the body that cause disease or destroy healthy cells in the body. Drinking lime leaf boiled water is very important to revitalize the body’s cells while producing healthier cells to increase the body’s metabolism.

  1. Anti Bacteria
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Anti-bacterial is one of the important functions of lime leaves which can speed up the healing process bacterial disease. This leaf boiled water can be consumed or eaten directly with lime leaves which can provide anti-bacterial benefits to increase your body’s immune system.

  1. Anti Inflammation

Sore throat or fever are some of the other types of diseases that can be treated with lime leaf boiled water. These leaves can be used for reduce pain and cure inflammation that works effectively in the body. You can also add honey and drink while warm regularly 1 to 2 times a day while you are sick.

  1. Fight Cancer

Cancer is a frightening disease that is the number one deadly disease in the world. This lime leaf can be used as a cancer solution especially to prevent cancer. This herbal boiled water will help the body to be healthier and prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body so it is good to be consumed every day.

  1. Cure Canker sores
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One of the highest nutrients present in lime leaves is the benefits of vitamin C which is very powerful used to cure canker sores. Thrush itself can occur because the body lacks vitamin C and water, so boiled water from lime leaves that is still warm can be used to cure canker sores while increasing the intake of vitamin V into the body.

  1. For Infused Water

There is no healthy and refreshing drink other than sufficient water needs in the body. If you are used to making infused water by mixing a few pieces of fresh fruit into the water, then you can also try benefits of lime leaves which is mixed with pineapple, apple, cucumber or berry to be consumed every morning.

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