16 Benefits of Amethyst Fruit for Health

benefits of amethystAmethyst fruit is one type of fruit that can be said to be a dangerous fruit. But even though this fruit is said to be a dangerous fruit, it turns out that this fruit also has many benefits that are rarely known to humans. Amethyst fruit is indeed one of the fruits of various kinds of fruits that contain toxins. But even so, if used properly, this amethyst can actually be used as medicine, it can even be used to maintain the health and beauty of the whole body. Starting from the hair, face and entire body skin.

To take advantage of this amethyst, of course, you must know the right dose so as not to cause harm or poisoning to the amethyst fruit. The benefits of amethyst fruit are more often used to treat various diseases for health, while the benefits of amethyst are as follows:

Benefits of Amethyst Fruit

1. Get rid of dandruff in hair

Amethyst fruit is indeed a good fruit for treating hair, especially from dandruff. Dandruff is usually a hair problem that is quite difficult to overcome. Therefore, use a solution to overcome dandruff by using amethyst fruit. The method is very easy, you just need to take the oil extract in the amethyst fruit and then use it as hair oil so that dandruff disappears by itself. Of course this method must be done regularly in order to get maximum results.

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In addition to amethyst, to overcome stubborn dandruff you can use olive shampoo benefits for dandruff

2. Eczema skin disease

Another benefit is to overcome skin diseases, namely eczema. Usually the content in this amethyst has antioxidant benefits so it can help to reduce eczema and restore the skin to normal

3. Overcoming rheumatism

Benefits of soursop for gout and rheumatism is also good for overcoming rheumatism. But apart from that, you can also use amethyst to treat rheumatism. The method is also very easy, just puree the leaves and amethyst fruit together and add ginger and red onion. Then paste it on the rheumatism.

4. Overcoming boils

Boils are sometimes very annoying, for that if someone has ulcers, of course, it must be treated immediately so that it doesn’t make it an even bigger problem. Basically boils can cause a person to feel pain and even interfere with a person’s appearance. For this reason, use amethyst to treat boils so that the boils mature quickly and break so that they are easy to heal.

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5. Relieves Swelling

Swelling can occur due to several factors. For this reason, it needs to be relieved immediately so it doesn’t get worse. The way to relieve swelling using amethyst is to stick amethyst that has been roasted and given coconut oil.

6. Overcoming Stomach Pain

Stomach pain can be caused by several reasons, it could be diarrhea, difficulty defecating or so on. For difficult bowel movements, usually use vegetarian benefits to get over it quickly. As for the amethyst fruit, it is more overcoming the feeling of constipation in the stomach.

7. Relieves itching

Itching on the face or on the skin is very uncomfortable. Therefore, when the itching begins to feel, of course you need medicine immediately. One of the herbal medicines that can be used is this amethyst fruit.

8. Relieves ear inflammation

The anti-inflammatory properties of the amethyst fruit help the amethyst overcome various inflammatory diseases or other diseases. Because it has an anti-inflammatory function, this fruit is often used to treat diseases related to inflammation, both on the skin and body.

9. Overcome asthma

Overcoming asthma by utilizing amethyst is very appropriate. Even though there are Japanese ant benefits for asthma But if there are more amethysts around you, it’s better to use amethyst for alternative medicine. Because with amethyst will help to overcome asthma

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10. Treating gout in the elderly

People who are old very often experience gout. Even this kind of gout almost elderly people experience this kind of disease. But that doesn’t mean that gout is unavoidable for parents or insurmountable. There are many ways to deal with gout, especially this amethyst fruit.

11. Serves as an anti -inflammatory

The anti-inflammatory properties of amethyst fruit will help to provide many benefits, especially for health. There are several other benefits of amethyst besides those described above. The other benefits of amethyst are as follows:

12. Facilitate breathing

A good breath is a breath that is not too short. For this reason, with this amethyst fruit, if mixed properly and consumed every day, it can keep your breathing healthy.

Other Benefits of Amethyst Fruit

13. Make bones healthier

14. Digestion becomes smooth

15. Overcoming back pain

16. Overcoming shortness of breath

Those are the 16 benefits of amethyst that you need to know, so you don’t need to take a lot of drugs that are too dangerous because you can use and make herbal medicine from this amethyst.

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