27 Benefits of Sembung Leaves for Health

Sembung leaves are usually widely used to treat various diseases, including ulcer disease, itching and so on. Basically, sembung leaves have many benefits because there are many ingredients in the sembung leaves. As for some of the content of sembung leaves are as follows:

  • Glycoside Substance
  • Zat Tanin
  • Zat Limonene
  • Zat Cineole
  • Zat myristin
  • Zat Borneol
  • Flavonol compounds
  • Zat pirocatechin
  • Zat limonene
  • Palmitin acid
  • Anti-inflammatory substances
  • Zat sesquiterpen
  • Essential oil

Axis plants are usually located or grow in tropical or sub-tropical regions, but more often these axis plants grow in the fields of the Southeast Asian region. Usually the shape of this axis leaves is upright and the tree is quite high, it can reach 4 meters, besides that, the leaves of the axis of the leaves seem to have fine hair.

The axis leaves are usually slightly rough in shape, while the lower leaves are smooth so that they are very comfortable like a blanket when held. The underside of this leaf is stemmed.

This axis leaf has a lot of benefits, because the content that has been described above can bring many health benefits. As for some of the benefits of axis leaves for health are as follows:

1. Maintain heart health

The heart has a function to pump blood throughout the body, so heart health must be maintained. Moreover, the heart has a special muscle in charge of beating. Of course when the heart does not beat it will be dangerous for the owner. The heart not only circulates blood throughout the body, but also carries oxygen throughout the body

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For that, because heart health is very necessary, then use axis leaves to overcome heart health. Ways that can be used to maintain heart health are very young. It is enough to make a concoction of axis leaves and then consume it 2 to 3 times every day, of course this will help to give a healthy feeling to the heart.

2. Overcoming Gastritis

Almost everyone has ulcer disease, therefore it is necessary to know how to treat ulcers, both for children and adults. With this ulcer, it can make activities hampered

Basically ulcer disease can be caused by spicy food or too much activity, therefore sembung leaves which have warm properties are very effective when used to treat ulcer disease

3. As a diuretic

The sembung plant does have very strong diuretic properties, so this will help the body to detoxify the toxins in the body.

Toxins in the body are very important to be eradicated immediately, because the more toxins in the body, the more diseases will accumulate in the body.

4. Overcome Ambien

Ambien disease is usually caused by consuming spicy food in excess, by eating spicy food, eating spicy food can make blood vessels dilate. This is what makes the body feel hemorrhoids

In addition, sitting for too long can trigger ambient, in addition to carrying too heavy a load can also trigger ambient.

How to deal with ambient with leaf axis is very easy, therefore leaf axis is very effective if used to overcome ambient.

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5. Overcoming Cough Disease

Coughing is common, especially at the change of seasons. Therefore knowing how to deal with coughs, especially using axis leaves is very important.

As for the way to deal with cough disease using axis leaves is to make a concoction with the following composition: take 5 axis leaves that are quite old, but not too old, then take 2 glasses of water, boil 5 pieces of axis leaves that have been taken earlier with 2 cups water to a boil. Try to boil the axis leaves until the water becomes half.

After the concoction is finished, consume it regularly every day, consuming it regularly will certainly help to overcome the cough.

6. Overcoming Colds

Not only can it overcome coughs, but it turns out that with this axis leaf it can also overcome colds. The method used is quite the same between medicines for coughs and medicines for colds. Usually cough and cold occur together.

7. Overcoming Diarrhea

Axis leaves can be used to treat diarrhea, the anti-bacterial content in this Axis leaves will help the Axis leaves work to overcome the pain felt due to diarrhea.

8. Relieve pain during menstruation

Pain during menstruation is usually felt by almost every woman, therefore when you are a woman experiencing pain during menstruation, you don’t have to worry because this can be overcome with sembung leaves.

9. Anti-Inflammatory

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The anti-inflammatory content can certainly help to overcome all diseases that exist in the human body. Therefore, almost every herbal medicine or leaves that are usually used as medicine always have anti-inflammatory properties.

10. Increases appetite

A reduced appetite will cause various diseases, for that increasing a reduced appetite must be implemented immediately.

Those are some of the benefits that you can get from using sembung leaves, but you need to know the benefits of sembung leaves are not only that, there are still some benefits of sembung leaves that have not been described above, but will be mentioned below.

The following are other benefits of sembung leaves that you should also know. The benefits of sembung leaves can be used for health and beauty.

11. Overcoming colds

12. Relieves stomach pain

13. Maintain kidney health

14. Smooth the urinary tract

15. Overcoming rheumatism

16. Has a high antioxidant content

17. Prevent stroke

18. Prevent cardiovascular disease

19. Prevent cancer

20. Has anti-bacterial properties

21. Has anti-cancer properties

22. Overcoming itching on the skin

23. Lower cholesterol levels

24. Helps neutralize free radicals

25. Has anti-thrombotic properties

26. Promote blood circulation

27. Maintain the health of body cells

That’s 27 benefits of axis leaves that you can get. There are so many benefits of axis leaves, therefore the cultivation of axis leaves for cultivating herbal plants can also be done and will not be a loss. Because basically this leaf is rich in benefits.

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