8 Benefits of Curly Chili for the Body

Talking about spices, the name chili is certainly familiar. Chili has a spicy taste that is suitable to be used to give a touch of distinctive taste to food. The presence of chili for some people is a complementary seasoning that must be in every dish. But not only that, chili benefits contained in it can also be healthy digestion, but in a reasonable consumption.

Chili is a member of the genus capsicum which have opposing camps, namely those who like it and some who don’t like it. Chili can increase appetite and make food delicious, but on the other hand, chili makes food taste spicy and hot.

One type of chili that is widely used, especially for Asian people, is curly chili. The spicy taste produced by curly chilies can give a sense of satisfaction for those who are spicy fans. Chili curls have a fiery red color with a wavy texture and long thin shape.

  1. Good for maintaining endurance

Did you know that curly chili has many functions, one of which is to maintain endurance? Chili contains vitamin C which is known to be great at protecting body cells from the threat of free radicals. Benefits of Vitamin C which can make the body healthier, especially to strengthen immunity in extreme weather.

  1. Good for eye health

It is inevitable that eye health will decline over time. Curly chili can help you maintain eye health through its vitamin A content. You can also find this one vitamin in other menus such as fruits and vegetables. Because the benefits of vitamin a which is good for the body makes chili often used as a food ingredient other than as a spice to add spicy taste to food.

  1. Triggers sex drive
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For those of you who are married, the greatness of curly chili or red chili can help improve the nervous system and trigger sexual arousal. According to Christine Pirello in the Huffingtonpost, red chilies are good for sex because of the endorphins they produce.

  1. Stimulates appetite

Capsaicin in chili it also plays a role in helping stimulate appetite. Capsaicin in chili is able to stimulate the production of the hormone erdorphin in the body which is able to evoke a feeling of happiness and pleasure. As well as dragon fruit benefitsThe content in chili can increase appetite because of the spicy taste that is felt when consuming chili.

  1. Dilute mucus

For those of you who are in the middle of the flu and the nose is not relieved due to congestion, then the presence of chili can help you get rid of the blockage in the nose. Not only curly chilies, but any type of chili, ranging from cayenne pepper, red chili and others, can help you expel mucus by thinning it.

Chili contains a substance called capsaicin which is efficacious in thinning mucus. This also applies to those who suffer from sinusitis as well as coughing up phlegm. greatness capsaicin not only plays a role in relieving the respiratory tract, but can also be used in:

  • Prevents coronary heart disease because it can prevent the formation of fatty crusts in blood vessels
  • Overcoming the problem of impotence
  • Prevent stroke
  • Prevent blood clots
  1. Get rid of the cold
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Another advantage that you can get in consuming chili is that it can eliminate the cold. The spicy taste caused by chili can trigger a hot feeling that can make the body feel hot after consuming it. In addition, chili that is applied directly to the limbs can ward off the cold.

To avoid the spicy taste because of this chili, you can also drink warm water. Besides benefits of warm water can eliminate the cold feeling in the body can also eliminate spicy thirst.

  1. Provides additional calcium and phosphorus

Chili contains calcium and phosphorus which play a role in maintaining the health and strength of your body’s bones. Don’t forget to also eat tilapia, because benefits of tilapia also contains a lot of phosphorus which is good for the body, especially if these two ingredients are combined.

  1. Relieve headaches

The next benefit of chili is to relieve headaches and joint pain. Substance capsaicin in chili can block signals from pain from the nervous system to the brain. To relieve headaches can also use bay leaf benefits which is useful for reducing the feeling of migrant being felt.

The existence of chili since the time of the ancestors has been widely used as a complementary food as well as medicine. In addition, they also use chili as a tool for drawing and writing. Not many people know the benefits of chili itself because many think that this one ingredient is only useful in adding to the spicy taste. The existence of chili which has many benefits is certainly good for you to start adding additional chili ingredients to your daily menu.

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Not only the chili is useful, but the leaves of the chili plant also have benefits. Crushed or ground chili leaves can be used to treat ulcers as well as stomach aches.

Dangers in Consuming Chili

When you want to eat chili, it’s good if you know very well how your condition is. If your body is not strong with the resulting spicy taste, of course you have to reduce the amount of your chili consumption. Excessive consumption of chili can make you suffer from digestive disorders ranging from stomach pain to diarrhea.

Chili has a substance called capsaicin which is a substance that makes chili peppers have a spicy taste. This one substance is a harsh chemical substance that can even be used as a pepper spray that can make the eyes blind.

To neutralize the chili taste which is quite spicy, you can consume it mixed in cooking so that the spicy taste will not be too spicy. Use the appropriate dose to avoid negative effects.

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