14 Benefits of Kaffir lime leaves for skin and internal diseases

Kaffir lime which in English is called kaffir lime is a small tree or shrub with a distinctive leaf shape, namely two leaves arranged vertically because of the curved edges, thick size and smooth surface texture. There are many parts that can be used from this plant such as the fruit and leaves. Kaffir lime leaves are like benefits of lime leaves It is often used as a condiment or flavoring of dishes and can even be dried and used when needed. Kaffir lime leaves which have a very distinctive smell contain several compounds such as essential oils, tannins, triterpenoid steroids and various other ingredients. The benefits of this kaffir lime leaf can not only be used to get rid of the fishy smell of fish or meat as well as flavoring problems, but it turns out that there are so many other benefits contained in this leaf and some of them we will review below to add to your insight.

  1. Maintain Body Stamina

Kaffir lime leaves can be consumed when the immune system decreases and causes symptoms such as weakness, fatigue and lethargy. This leaf can be used to increase immunity and stamina so that it can overcome various health declines that occur in the body.

  1. Maintaining Oral Health

The next use of kaffir lime leaves is to protect oral health in addition to the fruit which is also high in vitamin C and is very useful for overcoming various problems in the mouth. The part of the kaffir lime leaf can be rubbed directly on the gums to kill various harmful bacteria that cannot be removed when brushing your teeth. In addition, the oil extracted from these leaves can also be mixed with toothpaste or mouthwash with the function of whiten teeth while nourishing the mouth, gums and teeth.

  1. Overcome Inflammation
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Various types of inflammation such as arthritis, rheumatism, gout, edema and other types of inflammation can also be overcome only by using kaffir lime leaves. Crushed kaffir lime leaves can be used as a topical remedy for reduce pain due to inflammation because it has very high anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. Caring for Hair Health

Maybe there are still many who don’t know if kaffir lime leaves are mashed and mixed with kaffir lime juice has many uses for hair. This mixture can be applied directly to the scalp as well as hair to slow down male pattern baldness while strengthening hair follicles. In addition, kaffir lime leaves are also very good for moisturizing the scalp and also prevent dandruff and make the appearance of the hair look shinier.

  1. Reduce Stress

Kaffir lime leaves have source of antioxidants which is very high in the content of essential oils in it. That way, this fragrant leaf can be used to reduce stress levels while stimulating the brain to produce hormones that can improve mood. The best way to get these benefits is to mix kaffir lime leaves into foods such as soup, salads, chili sauce, soups and various other foods and can also be boiled and then drink the boiled water of the kaffir lime leaves.

  1. Influenza Natural Medicine

If you have influenza, this kaffir lime leaf can also be used because of its ability to ward off viruses. These leaves can be used as cough solution and cure influenza by attacking the virus by producing more white blood cells as the body’s natural immune system. You can mix this leaf into a drink or food to cure various respiratory disorders.

  1. Prevent Cancer Cells
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Not only can it be used to treat various minor ailments, but it turns out that this leaf can also be used as a medicine cancer solution which is the number one deadliest disease in the world. Consuming this kaffir lime leaf regularly every good will keep the body always in a healthy state while preventing the growth of cancer cells in your body.

  1. Anti Bacteria

Anti-bacterial is one of the important uses in this leaf so that it can be used to cure various diseases caused by bacteria. You only need to consume these leaves directly as mixed with food and drinks to get maximum anti-bacterial benefits.

  1. Revitalize the Body

Like benefits of grapefruit leaves, kaffir lime leaves also have many more powerful ingredients than other leaves. Consuming this leaf is very important to revitalize the body while increasing the body’s metabolism and producing healthy new cells to replace damaged cells.

  1. Helping the Detoxification Process

Kaffir lime leaves are very well known for their use to treat various oral problems such as being mixed as an ingredient in making toothpaste and chewing gum to kill harmful bacteria that cause oral disorders. In addition, kaffir lime leaves also provide detox benefits which is effective for curing various blood infections, eliminating pathogens in the blood and also preventing blood infections which will indirectly improve overall blood health.

  1. Overcoming Digestive Disorders

In kaffir lime leaves also contain anti-inflammatory properties which are very good for curing various diseases related to digestion such as: gastric solution, overcome constipation, stomach pain and other digestive problems. For this reason, consuming kaffir lime leaves is recommended to be done regularly so that various problems in the digestive tract can be prevented properly.

  1. Improve Skin Health
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The components in this leaf have many antioxidant benefits, so they have been used in various beauty products as a skin beauty solution. Consuming kaffir lime leaves regularly will help remove dead skin cells while restoring the skin’s natural glow and preventing acne breakouts.

  1. Cure Canker sores

Benefits of vitamin C high in kaffir lime leaves and also the fruit part is very effectively used to cure canker sores that are painful and annoying when talking and consuming food. Thrush itself can occur because the body lacks water and vitamin C. To get the maximum benefits from this kaffir lime leaf, you can consume warm water that has been mixed with kaffir lime leaves so that canker sores can be cured faster while increasing the overall immune system.

  1. Antibiotic Sources

Maybe many people don’t know that kaffir lime leaves have the benefits of antibiotics as a fortress of the body’s defense from all kinds of diseases such as those contained in benefits of lemon leaves. When you are experiencing a disease caused by decreased body immunity, then do not immediately consume antibiotic drugs, but it is better to consume this kaffir lime leaf boiled water every morning before activities which can provide the benefits of antibiotics equivalent to drugs but are more natural and safe for consumption.

The benefits of kaffir lime leaves are not only delicious to be mixed in dishes and spices but also have many other benefits for health and curing diseases. You can mix these leaves in cooking or sauces and can also be boiled to make a health drink.

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