9 Benefits of Eating Apples Every Day For Health and Beauty

Apple like the benefits of indian apples become one of the popular types of fruit consumed and become a fruit that is delicious, sweet and rich in water. The nutrients contained in the flesh and skin of this apple are a source of anthocyanins and tannins. Not only that, but apples also contain several vitamins and minerals such as free of fat, cholesterol and sodium, high in antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C, B vitamins, vitamin K, copper, potassium, magnesium and manganese. Apples also contain flavonoids and phytonutrients such as quercetin, epicatechin, phloridzin and other polyphenolic compounds. Then, what are the benefits of eating apples every day?, here’s a review for you.

  1. Maintain Digestive Health

Apples have a high fiber content which is very good for improving digestive health. Consuming apples every day on a regular basis will ensure smooth bowel movements and prevent constipation, diarrhea solution, overcome irritable bowel syndrome and other stomach disorders. The fiber in apples will also stimulate the release of gastric and digestive juices so that nutrient absorption can be more efficient, overcome excess cholesterol from the veins and arteries so that heart health can also be maintained properly.

  1. Prevent cancer
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Apple also showed improvement in cancer solution particularly breast and colon cancer. In addition, in different studies it has also been proven that consuming apples can reduce the risk of lung cancer while preventing the development of cancer cells. High content of phytonutrients such as quercetin and kaempferol which are the main nutrients for the prevention of various cancer cells.

  1. Provides Probiotic Effect

Apples contain pectin, a type of fiber that acts as a probiotic. In particular, the content can improve the function of live bacteria in the large intestine which also stimulates metabolism in the digestive tract and increases good bacteria in the intestine. This prebiotic effect can also improve body health by maximizing nutrient uptake while eliminating bacteria and toxins remove toxins in the body.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Stroke

In studies it has also been proven that eating apples regularly every day can reduce the risk of thrombotic stroke in both men and women at all ages, especially in adults and older.

  1. Overcoming Anemia

Consuming apples is also very good for sufferers anemia because it has a high iron content. By increasing the red blood cells in the body, apples not only serve to prevent anemia but also ensure good oxygenation of essential organ systems and improve blood circulation and organ systems.

  1. Boost Immunity
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The content of vitamin C, antioxidant compounds and also protein in apples has a role to play overcoming tired, improve immunity and increase muscle tone. In addition, apples will also provide detoxification benefits for the body and improve overall body health.

  1. Control Diabetes

Controlling blood sugar is very important for sufferers diabetes. The content of polyphenols in apples is also directly related to the reduction of carbohydrate absorption in the body. In turn, apples will also reduce fluctuations in blood sugar levels that occur in the bloodstream which is an important factor for keeping diabetes under control. Polyphenols in apples will also reduce the absorption of glucose in the digestive tract and also stimulate the release of insulin from the pancreas.

  1. Caring for Dental Health

Eating apples is very important for cleaning teeth and gums. When you eat an apple, the fiber contained in it can clean your teeth, while the antibacterial properties in apples will prevent viruses and bacteria from causing the body to become infected and stimulate the secretion of saliva, an alkaline compound to prevent bacteria from multiplying in the mouth.

  1. Prevent Heart Disease
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Apples are very helpful for lowering the risk of heart stroke and various diseases heart another. The antioxidant properties in apples will reduce fat oxidation called lipid peroxidation. In addition, apples can also neutralize various types of fat in the blood vessels that can pose a danger to the body. Meanwhile, the flavonoid quercetin can reduce inflammation of blood vessels and the polyphenol epicatechin which is useful for lowering blood pressure.

In addition to some of the benefits of eating apples every day as we have stated above, there are many more benefits that you can get by consuming this delicious fruit every day, such as preventing Alzheimer’s disease, lowering blood sugar levels. high cholesterolmaintain brain health, treat asthma, maintain bone health, improve eye health and many other benefits that you can get.

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