12 Benefits of Mangosteen Skin for Face and Beauty

Mangosteen is a tropical fruit that has a characteristic sweet and sour taste. The mangosteen fruit is also known as the ‘queen of fruit’ alongside the durian fruit, the ‘king of fruit’. This is because usually after the durian season will appear the mangosteen season, besides that it also tastes good and the many health benefits provided by the mangosteen fruit make this tropical fruit the target of fruit lovers so it is not surprising that the title ‘queen of fruit’ deserves to be pinned on this fruit. .

Benefits of Mangosteen Skin for Face

Did you know that you can not only enjoy mangosteen fruit benefits where the mangosteen fruit contains a lot of content such as vitamin C, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and many more. But it turns out that not only the fruit has health benefits but also the skin of the mangosteen fruit and one of them is for the face.

  1. Helps Maintain Skin Health

One of the keys to facial beauty is the health of the facial skin. If the skin is healthy then beauty will always radiate. Treatment with mangosteen peel is one solution to maintain healthy skin.

  1. Rich in Vitamin C

Not only the fruit, it turns out that the mangosteen rind also contains a lot of the benefits of vitamin C. For skin health and facial beauty, vitamin C has an important role, namely optimizing the production of collagen and brightening the skin.

  1. Contains Antioxidants to Prevent Premature Aging
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Vitamin C is also a type of antioxidant and the skin of the mangosteen is one of them source of antioxidants the tallest. The function of antioxidants is to prevent premature aging and slow down the aging process so that the face looks younger for longer.

  1. Skin Tightening

One of the functions of collagen is to make the skin more elastic and look firmer. Content and antioxidant benefits and vitamin C in the skin of the mangosteen can stimulate the production of collagen in the body.

  1. Can be used as a natural mask

Even though there are many packaging masks and they are practical to use, but for mangosteen skin benefits for health Of course, using natural ingredients is much better because there are no side effects and no additional harmful chemicals.

  1. Optimizing Skin Cell Regeneration Process

One of the causes of a dull looking face is when dead skin cells accumulate while there is no regeneration of skin cells.

  1. Overcoming Various Allergy Problems

Allergies often attack the skin and parts of the face ranging from redness and itching. The natural solution is to use mangosteen peel because of its effective anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

  1. Natural Solutions to Overcome Acne
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Are you still dizzy with acne problems? Using a natural mask made from mangosteen peel can be a natural solution to overcome acne problems.

  1. Rich in Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal Content

Mangosteen peel contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that are effective in dealing with various problems on facial skin.

  1. Helps Remove Dark Spots

There are several factors that cause the appearance of black spots and one of them is self-aging. Mangosteen peel which is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C is an effective solution to get rid of black spots on the face.

  1. Smoothing Facial Skin

Having a radiant face is not enough if it is not smooth and soft. Mangosteen peel contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that can help overcome various facial skin problems.

  1. Helps Accelerate the Wound Healing Process

Acne that is open and takes a long time to heal can actually lead to further infection. Use mangosteen peel to help speed up the healing process.

Side Effects of Mangosteen Peel

Not only the benefits of mangosteen peel for the face, you also have to know some things that can be a side effect of using mangosteen peel, especially for skin nurses.

  • Although the mangosteen peel contains anti-allergic properties, those of you who are using the mangosteen peel for the first time should still be aware of any allergic reactions. Before applying it to the face, you should first apply it to other parts of the skin to see the reaction.
  • Currently, there are many beauty products that claim to be made from mangosteen peel extract. Well, make sure you read the product details very carefully and thoroughly because usually there will be additional chemicals that can actually be harmful to the health of your facial skin.
  • Before using the mangosteen peel for your face, make sure the mangosteen peel has been washed and also make sure the mangosteen peel is used only from the fruit that is still fresh and freshly peeled.
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Maintaining healthy skin and facial beauty is the responsibility of each person. Actually, traditional treatment from home is enough, there is no need to go to a beauty salon as long as it is done regularly and supported by a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy foods, exercising diligently and of course not smoking let alone consuming alcohol.

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