The Benefits of Domestic Chicken Eggs for Health

Eggs are foods that are rich in nutrients and are very well known in the community. Eggs are very easy to obtain at affordable prices, so many people use eggs as an alternative food to replace chicken, fish or meat. Eggs are usually consumed from poultry such as chickens, ducks, ducks, and others. the most popular are chicken eggs. Chicken eggs themselves are usually divided into two, namely village chicken eggs and domestic chicken eggs.

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The difference between village chicken eggs and domestic chicken eggs is the type of chicken. Village chicken eggs come from native chickens that are raised naturally and are not fed with special feeds, while domestic chicken eggs come from types of chickens that have undergone special genetic engineering so that the chickens grow quickly and lay eggs quickly. Many people claim that native chicken eggs are healthier than domestic chicken eggs.

The benefits of domestic chicken eggs

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Although many people think that native chicken eggs are healthier and tastier, domestic chicken eggs cannot be underestimated. The following are the benefits of domestic chicken eggs that you need to know.

  1. diet food

Domestic chicken eggs have high protein content and low calories, so they are very good for those of you who are trying to lose weight. Domestic chicken eggs are enough to just boil and eat with green vegetables will make your stomach full longer and not hungry easily. The recommended portion is the egg white because it is lower in calories and cholesterol free. In addition, the egg whites of domestic chickens are also free of saturated fat content so that even when you are on a diet, you still get a healthy body.

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  1. A source of nutrients for the body

In at least one domestic chicken egg contains various types of nutrients such as vitamins, iron, zinc, phosphorus, omega 3 fatty acids and DHA. Because the nutritional content in eggs is quite complete, it is very suitable to be used as a source of nutrition for the body. This egg can also be used as a substitute for meat, chicken, fish and milk. The egg yolks of free-range chickens contain iron and vitamin D which will make bones and teeth healthy. in addition there is also a choline content where choline is able to prevent the risk of birth defects.

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  1. Healthy heart

Many people are reluctant to eat eggs because they think they contain a lot of cholesterol when in fact only the yolk contains cholesterol. However, egg yolks are still safe to consume in certain quantities so that they do not interfere with health. Egg yolks contain lutein which is very good for heart health. In the yolk section of domestic chicken eggs, many are now designed to contain omega 3 acids which are very good for body health. To avoid an egg overdose, you should eat both parts of the egg, namely the white and the yolk so that it is neutral in the body.

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Those are the three benefits of domestic chicken eggs that you can get benefits for the body. It is very important for you to store and process eggs in the right way so that the nutritional content in eggs is maintained. Bacteria can be present on egg shells, so it is best to wash the eggs thoroughly before storing and cooking them. Try not to cook the eggs undercooked because bacteria may enter the eggs.

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