12 Benefits of Boiled Tofu for Diet and Body

Tofu is a soy-based food. Similar to tempeh, this food is very well known in various circles of society. However, tofu is not authentic Indonesian food. The word “tofu” is an absorption word from the Hokkien language which means “fermented soybean”. The world community is more familiar with tofu as “tofu”.

From the external appearance, tofu in Indonesia can be divided into yellow tofu and white tofu. Some regions also have variations of tofu and its preparations typical of the region itself. For example, Sumedang tofu, Kediri yellow tofu, and Semarang meatball tofu.

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Nutritional Content

In 100 grams of tofu contained 70 kcal of energy. Tofu has a high protein content so it can be an alternative source of protein for people who live in rural or mountainous areas. The protein content of tofu can reduce the production of bad cholesterol, LDL, and reduce the risk of having a heart attack. Tofu also contains important minerals such as calcium, iron and sodium.

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Benefits of Boiled Tofu

Tofu can be processed directly by boiling or frying. Processing by boiling is considered the best processing method because it does not damage the nutritional content. In addition, the frying process can increase the saturated fat content, in contrast to boiling using water. The following are the benefits that can be obtained from consuming boiled tofu.

1. For Diet – for people who want to diet, tofu can be the right choice. In addition to the cheap price, tofu is also easy to get food. In addition, the protein content of tofu can reduce cholesterol and fat in the body.

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2. Prevent Diabetes – Tofu is believed to prevent diabetes. This is because the carbohydrate content is only 1.5%. Tofu is also believed to control insulin levels in the body.

3. Prevents Cancer – Tofu is a soy-based food ingredient. Soybeans are known to contain flavonoids which function to prevent abnormal cell growth.

4. Improves Heart Health – Although there are no studies showing that tofu can improve heart health, the content of tofu is believed to reduce bad cholesterol, which is responsible for many heart diseases.

5. Lowering the Risk of Hypertension – Hypertension has many causes. One of them is constriction of blood vessels. Bad cholesterol levels are the cause of this narrowing. Dietary cholesterol and consumption of tofu can reduce the risk of developing hypertension.

In addition, other benefits of boiled tofu are:

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6. The calcium content in tofu plays a role in maintaining heart function

7. Serves to detoxify toxins in the body

8. good for people with anemia, because tofu has iron content

9. As a good source of protein and vegetable fat for vegetarians who avoid meat and processed meat.

10. Increase the production of mammary glands for breastfeeding mothers

11. Good food for seniors and babies who are just learning to eat because of its soft texture and easy to chew.

12. Good consumed by people with respiratory diseases such as asthma and coughs.

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Thus the description of the benefits of boiled tofu for diet and health. Fried tofu also has almost the same benefits. Benefits of fried tofu can be read in the previous article.