19 Benefits of Antanan Leaves for Health

Antanan leaf is an herb native to Asia and the Australian region. Antanan leaves have a Latin name, namely Centella Asiatica. In the world, this leaf is known as gotu kola, while in Indonesia, this leaf is known by various names such as semanggen, and gotu kola. In Indonesia, many antanan leaves are used as vegetables. In addition, traditionally antanan leaves have also been used for a long time to cure various complaints and diseases.

Antanan Leaf Research

benefits of antanan leavesIn the United States and Europe, this leaf has only recently attracted the attention of health practitioners. So recently, many studies have been conducted to find out how far this antanan leaf can help in healing health complaints or even certain diseases. In fact, in areas such as Indonesia, India and China, this one leaf has been widely cultivated and has been widely used as herbal medicine that can cure various diseases. You are curious what are the diseases and other benefits of antanan leaves?

Here are some health benefits that can be obtained from antanan leaves:

1. Prevents Brain Damage

According to a journal published in December 2012 under the title ‘Neurological Sciences’, Centella Asiatica has properties that can prevent damage to the brain caused by exposure to chemicals. Brain damage that can be prevented with the benefits of antanan leaves which is brain damage caused by cell damage.

2. Helps Improve Memory

The results of various studies have found that the benefits of antanan leaf contain natural supplements to prevent cognitive dysfunction and other forms of nerve damage. Antanan leaves are also enriched with ingredients that can improve memory. It is also found on:

3. Prevents Cancer

Cancer is a very deadly disease. Even today, there is no cure for this disease. According to various studies, it was found that the content in antanan leaves can be useful for preventing skin cancer caused by ultraviolet light. The way antanan leaves work in cancer prevention is to reduce the levels of toxins caused by ultraviolet light by renewing cells, where cancer cells are starting to grow.

4. Maintain Liver Health

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In the benefits of antanan leaves, there is an extract called asiaticoside. Asiaticoside is very useful to fight liver damage caused by chemicals that enter the body. Asiaticoside also has another function, namely to reduce damage to cells and help restore liver function.

5. Prevent Stress

For those who often suffer from stress, can consume antanan leaves to reduce and even cure the symptoms of stress that are often experienced. A study proves that in antanan leaves there are ingredients that can reduce stressors and relax the state of mind as a result of stress. In addition, researchers also suspect that this leaf can also be a drug to cure chronic stress.

It is also found on:

6. Useful for Treating Wounds

A study conducted three years ago showed that the content in antanan leaves can be used to treat wounds on the skin. As previously explained, antanan leaves have a substance called asiaticoside. The usefulness of this substance itself can help the process of forming new cells so that wounds can heal quickly.

7. Prevents Premature Aging

You want to stay young? If you want to stay young longer, consumption of antanan leaves is one of the things that is recommended to maintain youthful skin. The content in this leaf can help maintain cells, repair damaged cells and even prevent cell damage. The skin will also stay healthy.

8. Prevent Epilepsy

Apart from being good for skin health, antanan leaves are also good for the health of the nerves in the body. In fact, a recent study found that the substances contained in antanan leaves can help prevent neurological disorders such as epilepsy.

9. Prevents Urinary Tract Infections

Antanan leaves also contain ingredients that are very useful for preventing infections in the inside of the body such as the bladder. Substances contained in antanan leaves will prevent the entry of germs or bacteria or viruses that can cause urinary tract disorders.

10. Ward off Free Radicals

Free radicals that enter the body can be very harmful to health. If left unchecked, these free radicals can form cancer cells or other dangerous diseases. Several studies have shown that the benefits of antanan leaves, known as gotu kola in India, also have fungi to prevent the entry of free radicals into the body. In addition, if there are free radicals that enter the body, the content in antanan leaves will help remove free radicals that cause the disease.

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11. Launch the Circulatory System

Antanan leaves can also function as a supplement to improve blood circulation in the body. This will also affect the overall health condition. So, if you regularly consume antanan leaves, your body will feel healthier.

12. As Mood Booster

Several studies have shown that antanan leaves that are consumed regularly by elderly people can help restore health mood and reduce stress. In addition, mood boosters can also be obtained from:

13. Improve Cognitive Function

Apart from being mood booster in elderly people. Other research shows that antanan leaves can help improve cognitive function in those who are not young anymore.

14.Boost Immune System

By consuming antanan leaves, it can also boost the immune system. The immune system is very important, with a stable immune system, the body will be protected from attacks by various viruses or germs that cause disease.

15. Eliminate Stretch Mark

Stretch marks usually appear when a woman is pregnant and after giving birth. dash or stretch mark it is certainly very disturbing. To get rid of it, use the benefits of antanan leaves that have been used as cream ingredients, to help fade it stretch mark as on aloe vera benefits.

16. Medicine for Bladder Pain

Many doctors use the content in antanan leaves as a medicine to treat bladder pain. Anti-inflammatory in antanan leaves can help relieve inflammation that occurs in the bladder.

17. Reduces Fatigue

Dense activity, often makes the body sometimes feel very tired and tired. Not infrequently this situation also causes us to be stressed or depressed. Several studies have found that consuming antanan leaves can help restore a tired and exhausted body state.

Benefits like this can also be obtained from:

18. Cure Disorders of Blood Vessels

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In America, antanan leaves are widely used as medicine to cure health problems that occur in the blood vessels. Disorders of blood vessels or what is called varicose vein It can cause symptoms such as swelling, itching or pain in the legs. By consuming antanan leaves for at least four weeks can help cure disorders of the blood vessels.

19. Improve Concentration

Antanan leaves are very useful for the health of the nervous system in the body. Antanan leaves also have very powerful benefits and properties to increase the concentration power of our brain.

Side Effects of Antanan Leaves

The use of antanan leaves on the outside of the body is basically safe for both pregnant women and anyone. The things that must be considered regarding the use of antanan leaves are as follows:

  • The use of antanan leaves, taken orally, may increase health risks, especially for women who are pregnant.
  • For women who are breastfeeding, it is also best not to consume this antanan leaf, although its effects have not been widely studied, but many experts assume that antanan leaf can cause adverse effects for women who are in a breastfeeding program or for the baby.
  • Research conducted on animals for the test of antanan leaves found that the animals that were given antanan leaves had difficulty getting pregnant.
  • Avoid using antanan leaves for both prevention and treatment of any disease if you have a health condition such as diabetes.
  • Stop consuming antanan leaves if at least two weeks before you undergo surgery.
  • Excessive consumption of antanan leaves can cause nausea, vomiting and excessive sleepiness for some people.

Serving Suggestion of Antanan Leaves

In America or the other western world, the benefits of coconut milk are commonly used as ingredients for salads. Antanan leaves can also be used as a very refreshing tea drink. In Indonesia, usually antanan leaves can be used by squeezing them first. Then, the juice of antanan leaves can be drunk directly or can be added with honey, milk or added with a little salt to add flavor.


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