15 Unknown Benefits of Cassava Leaves

Benefits of Cassava LeavesCassava leaves or cassava leaves have long been consumed by Indonesian people as vegetables that can be processed by means of stir-fry, vegetable soup and also boiled for fresh vegetables and various other vegetables. Cassava leaves are quite unique leaves where consuming these leaves can increase one’s appetite. The rough texture of cassava leaves makes this plant very suitable to be processed into various types of dishes. There are many nutrients contained in this cassava leaf, not only cassava benefits or cassava only, namely protein, fiber, carbohydrates, antioxidants, calcium, phosphorus, iron and several types of vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B17. Not only the tubers have many benefits and can be consumed, but the benefits of cassava leaves are also quite a lot, starting as food, external medicine and even curing internal diseases, some of which are dangerous diseases.

  1. Treating Stroke

From a study that has been done by experts, it proves that cassava leaves are proven to be able to cure stroke. This is because the isoflavones in cassava leaves are really needed to treat stroke naturally.

  1. Increase Body Endurance

The high vitamin C content in cassava leaves can help increase immune system and overall health as well. The highest vitamin C content is indeed contained in cassava leaves and not the tubers, so for those of you who like to exercise, it is highly recommended to consume these leaves.

  1. Maintain Eye Health

Cassava leaves also contain high levels of vitamin A, so it is quite effective for consumption to maintain eye health. By consuming cassava leaves 3 times a week, your eye health will be well maintained.

  1. Prevent Osteoporosis

Cassava leaves can also be consumed to prevent osteoporosis because they contain sufficient calcium and phosphorus in it. Both of these substances have an important role in maintaining bone health and bone density.

  1. Healing Wounds
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Benefits of fiber and iron contained in cassava is also quite a lot where both of these are needed to accelerate the wound healing process and also minimize the appearance of scar tissue that usually occurs after the wound heals.

  1. Preventing Premature Aging

For some people, both men and women, aging is one of the important things and is avoided so that many people do plastic surgery or Botox injections just to get a youthful appearance as a result. skin beauty solution. However, these two methods are certainly very dangerous and as an alternative, you can consume cassava leaves as a substitute for non-chemical treatments to get a youthful appearance without side effects.

  1. Accelerate Hair Growth

If you have problems with your hair, such as taking a long time to grow your hair, you can use cassava leaves as an inexpensive natural solution. The leaves and tubers of this cassava are very good to be mashed until they become a paste which will be used on the hair. Apply this cassava leaf paste on the hair and then leave it for 1 hour then rinse and do it 2 times a week to accelerate the process of natural hair growth.

  1. Relieve Headaches

Headache It is a common disease that almost everyone in the world experiences and some of them cause unbearable pain. Instead of always taking medicine, you can consume the juice from 60 grams of cassava leaves which are boiled and drunk 2 times a day to get rid of headaches effectively and naturally.

  1. Cancer Cell Prevention
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The next extraordinary benefits contained in cassava leaves are as follows: cancer solution which is very dangerous and life threatening. The content of vitamin B17 in cassava leaves is very helpful in stimulating the content in red blood cells so that the growth of cancer cells can be prevented.

  1. Cure Fever

Cassava leaves are also very well used to cure fever. In order to get the best results, also use cassava leaves to make a stew. Boil 400 grams of cassava leaves along with 80 grams of stem leaves with 1 liter of water until only half is left.

  1. Treating Rheumatism

Rheumatic disease is one type of disease associated with joints and muscles. Arthritis, osteoporosis, lupus and spondylitis are some examples of diseases that are also related to joints and muscles. In cassava leaves contain magnesium benefits which is good for lowering blood pressure so that the possibility of rheumatism can also be lowered. Consuming cassava leaves is enough to meet 1/3 of the daily magnesium requirement. To make a natural herb to treat rheumatism with this plant, you only need to boil 150 grams of cassava leaves with some lemongrass, a pinch of salt and 15 grams of ginger. Boil all the ingredients with 1 liter of water until it reduces to about 400 cc and then drink this mixture every morning to prevent rheumatism.

  1. Overcoming Worms

The next benefit of cassava leaves is that it can reduce infections caused by nematodes in the digestive tract. To consume cassava leaves as a natural anthelmintic, you can do this by making a paste of cassava leaves and then drinking it until it runs out or you can also consume boiled cassava leaves regularly.

  1. Increase appetite
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Compared inversely with the benefits of cassava for diet, in cassava leaves are also efficacious for the restoration of appetite. If you don’t have an appetite after being sick or children who have eaten, you can consume this cassava leaf so that your appetite can return. You can boil cassava leaves with ginger to taste then drink every morning after waking up.

  1. Good for Pregnant Women

Women during pregnancy need the benefits of vitamin C and also high in folate. Both of these nutrients can be obtained from cassava leaves because every 1 cup of cassava leaves contains 15% of the daily folate requirement and 47% of the daily calcium requirement. You can mix this cassava leaves to cook fish or meat as a delicious menu during pregnancy which is very healthy.

  1. Overcoming Kwashiorkor Disease

Kwashiorkor is a disease that can occur when the body lacks protein. In cassava leaves contain lysine protein which is very powerful to fight the condition of protein deficiency for the prevention of the disease. To process this cassava leaf, make sure it is cooked until it is completely cooked to remove the toxins contained in it.

From our review above, it has been proven that the benefits of cassava leaves are not only limited to replacing vegetables, but also contain so many nutrients that are important for maintaining healthy eyes, hair, skin and also warding off various types of dangerous diseases. Therefore, do not hesitate to consume cassava leaves, especially because the price is very cheap and easy to get.

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