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Evening Primrose Oil is a type of oil produced from the Evening Primrose plant. This plant is included in the wild plants that are found in East America and also North America. This plant has been known as a medicinal plant since the time of their ancestors. The use of plants is still traditional by attaching flowers and leaves to the injured body part. In addition, the natives also use this plant for consumption as vegetable benefits which has no side effects.

Facts About the Benefits of Evening Primrose

The development of science began to investigate that the evening primrose plant does have enormous benefits. After the various types of benefits are recognized, now this plant is widely produced into oil that is useful for overcoming pain. Some of the diseases that this oil can cure are diseases related to hormonal changes such as when women are facing menstruation, such as betel leaf benefits for women in Indonesia.

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Here are some facts about the content of evening primrose oil.

  • Evening primrose plants are very high in essential fatty acids. One of the most common types of oil found is gamma linoleic acid. Almost all of these plants contain about 65% linoleic acid.
  • The content of gamma linoleic acid turns out to be useful for changing hormones that affect the level of sensation when women are menstruating.
  • The benefits of evening primrose oil are also very effective for treating various types of inflammatory diseases or immune disorders.

The benefits of the oil produced by the evening primrose plant have been proven for a long time. Even in ancient times the ancestors used this plant to treat pain due to scratches or discomfort.

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The following are some of the benefits of evening primrose oil:

1. Treating Eczema

Eczema is a type of itchy skin disease that can cause a severe rash, severe itching to infection. Eczema is a disease caused by fungal and bacterial infections that enter the lower layers of the skin. If not treated it can become an infection. Evening primrose oil has the potential to reduce excessive itching and prevent infection.

2. Breast Pain

Women who are menstruating usually feel breast pain caused by changes in reproductive hormones. North Americans use the oil from the benefits of evening primrose to help treat breast pain. Evening primrose oil provides a soothing and refreshing effect that reduces pain.

3. Reduce PMS Pain

PMS or premenstrual syndrome is pain in women caused by menstruation. Pain usually appears in the back, waist, headaches to stomach pain. The GLA content in evening primrose oil can balance the hormonal problems that cause menstrual pain.

Other herbal plants that can overcome this problem are:

4. Cure Joint Pain

Joint pain or rheumatism is usually experienced by the elderly. This disease can be caused due to problems with bones such as bone density and mass. The benefits of evening primrose oil, have been included in a trial to overcome the pain. In these trials it was proven that evening primrose oil can reduce pain in the morning and joint pain that often occurs.

5. Lowering the Potential for Heart Disease and Stroke

Heart disease and stroke are mostly caused by problems with blood vessels and high blood pressure. In addition, high cholesterol can also be a cause of very high. To reduce all the potential for this disease, you can consume the benefits of evening primrose oil regularly.

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6. Reduces Fatigue

Feelings of fatigue can arise due to work pressure or physical fatigue that occurs in a row. To reduce excessive fatigue, you can use evening primrose oil. This oil can make the body muscles become better. In addition, the oil that gives this distinctive aroma is able to give a calm feeling so that the feeling also becomes better.

These benefits are also found in:

7. Manage Weight

Having an ideal body weight will make the body healthier. But when we don’t follow a good diet, it can cause weight problems. Evening primrose oil has excellent benefits for helping to regulate weight, overcome excess cholesterol and reduce the potential for high blood pressure. This oil can be used as a medicine or an aid for therapy.

8. Prevents Acne

Acne that appears in teenagers usually occurs because of reproductive hormone problems. Hormonal disturbances can cause acne before and after menstruation. Although puberty-related acne can also occur in teenage boys. Evening oil is effective to help treat acne from inside and outside the body. The ability of evening primrose oil is able to make the body form a hormonal balance so as to prevent the appearance of acne.

Evening primrose oil will overcome the problem of clogging the skin pores so that the buildup of bacteria die slowly. This oil also helps fight inflammation and remove acne scars.

9. Reduce Headaches

Headaches caused by feelings of stress, fatigue and flu disorders. This problem can also be cured with the benefits of evening primrose oil. The oil contains a compound called phenylalanine, which can relieve stress and relax the nerves in the head. The right dose will reduce the headache effectively.

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Benefits like this are also obtained from:

10. Reduces Nerve Damage in Diabetes

The content of gamma linoleic acid in evening primrose oil can actually be useful for preventing nerve damage that usually occurs in diabetics. This nerve damage can cause limbs to be amputated. Even some sufferers can feel tingling and mild numbness. This problem can be overcome with active therapy using evening primrose oil.

11. Reduces Nerve Damage

One of the most uncomfortable distractions for parents is a nervous breakdown. This could be due to decreased bone density. To overcome this, you can use therapy with the benefits of evening primrose oil which contains essential acids. This essential acid can overcome the problem of inflammation and pain due to nerve disorders.

It is also found on:

Evening Primrose Side Effects

Evening primrose oil can be used by men and women, both children and seniors. So far, no side effects have been found. Use with the right dose, which is about 6 grams per use, it does not cause problems or side effects.
Excessive use can cause certain symptoms such as feeling uncomfortable, diarrhea, nausea, skin redness and irritation.

Conditions Forbidden to Use Evening Primrose Oil

Although the benefits of evening primrose oil can be used by everyone, but basically there are some cases that are strictly prohibited. Some people who are prohibited from using evening primrose oil are:

  • Pregnant women
  • Baby
  • Epilepsy sufferers
  • Breastfeeding mothers
  • People who take anti-blood clotting drugs

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