11 Benefits of Cangkring Leaves for Health

Cangkring is a tree plant that is 10-20 meters high, has woody trunks, fallen leaves, gray in color, rough skin surface, has sparse branches, and also has sticky spines. This plant grows in several forests in Indonesia.

Contents of Cangkring Leaves

benefits of cup leavesCangkring leaf is a leaf that has a fairly complete content. Every 100 grams of wet Cangkring leaves contains 60 calories, 81.5 grams of water, 4.6 grams of protein, 0.8 grams of fat, 11.7 grams of total carbohydrates, 4.1 grams of fiber, 1.4 grams of ash, 57 mg calcium, 40 gm phosphorus, 1.8 mg Fe, 2300 mg equivalent to beta carotene, 0.24 mg thiamin, 0.17 mg riboflavin, 6.54 mg niacin, and 78 ascorbic acid.

Cangkring plants or Dadap leaves have several properties or benefits. In addition to the tree which is used for shade and as a living fence. It turns out that the leaves can be used as medicine for various diseases.

1. Fever

Fever is a disease that can come at any time. When someone has a fever, we usually panic ourselves. But now we can try this concoction of Cangkring leaves. Cangkring leaves can be used as medicine to treat fever. This benefit is obtained from dadap leaves that have been finely crushed on our limbs. This will reduce the effects of fever suffered by our bodies or our family members. Bangi, you are a mother who has just given birth and is still in a postpartum condition and is having a fever, then you can use Cangkring leaves to rub on your stomach. This is done as a treatment step.

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2. Worms

Worms are not a disease that only affects children. Adults can also get worms. People affected by this worm can be seen from the physical signs of the sufferer which are quite clear, including: pale face, distended stomach, very thin body, which triggers a fever. One of the things like this can be overcome with a concoction of Cangkring leaves. The trick is to smooth the Cangkring leaves and mix it with honey.

3. Dysentery

Dysentery is a disease that occurs in the intestines. Dysentery is an infection that occurs in the intestines which can then cause diarrhea accompanied by mucus and blood. Actually, this disease can be prevented by always maintaining cleanliness, diligently washing hands using soap or antiseptic, and also eating healthy foods. Treatment of dysentery using Cangkring leaves can be done by smoothing Cangkring leaves and mixing them with oil derived from castor or castor fruit.

4. Insomnia

Insomnia is a disease that causes sufferers to have difficulty sleeping, and do not feel sleepy at all. This insomnia will have a negative impact on human health. But did you know that this insomnia can be cured with a decoction of Cangkring leaves. Cangkring leaves that are used as insomnia medicine are young and fresh Cangkring leaves. These leaves can be used as vegetables or fresh vegetables when eating. Try and feel the benefits.

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5. Headache or Dizziness

Headaches or dizziness often attack humans. This causes our daily activities to be disrupted. To overcome this headache or dizziness problem, we can use a squeeze of Cangkring leaves which are efficacious as a natural medicine.

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6. Menstruation

A woman can experience menstruation or menstruation that is not smooth. This will cause a buildup of dirty blood around the uterus, so the effect can interfere with fertility. This irregular menstruation can be overcome by consuming Cangkring leaves. This is done by making Cangkring leaves and flowers as vegetables.

7. Relieve Rheumatism Symptoms

Gout or rheumatism is a disease that can easily hinder our daily activities. Symptoms of rheumatism can be overcome by using Cangkring leaves. The trick is to apply the benefits of Cangkring leaves that have been heated over low heat and paste them on the painful joints. Try it and feel the benefits.

8. Swelling

The part of the body that often experiences swelling is the wound or bruise that is suffered. This swelling will produce excruciating pain. To overcome this swelling can be done by pounding Cangkring leaves and apply on the swollen part. Do this method repeatedly until healed.

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9. Mules

Heartburn is also a disease that comes suddenly or suddenly without being preceded by certain symptoms. But don’t worry, this heartburn can be cured with a natural concoction of Cangkring leaves. The trick is to pound Cangkring leaves and mix it using a duck cocor, and stick it on the surface of the stomach.

10. Prevent Miscarriage

A mother who is pregnant can be at risk of miscarriage in her womb. This happens especially in mothers whose womb is weak. However, the risk of miscarriage can be overcome by using Cangkring leaves. The method is done by pounding Cangkring leaves and bore the collision on the abdomen thickly.

11. Launching breast milk

Cangkring or Dadap leaves are also efficacious to launch breast milk. For those of you who are breastfeeding mothers, be diligent in consuming these Cangkring leaves as vegetables or fresh vegetables to get smooth breast milk.

That’s the benefits or properties that can be obtained from Cangkring leaves. A lot isn’t it? In addition to the benefits for humans as above. Cangkring leaves can also be used as animal feed and also as compost. Hopefully after this we can make better use of Cangking leaves.

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