14 Benefits of Bangle for Body Health

Bangle or commonly known as Zingiber cassumunar or Zingiber montanum is a medicinal plant that is often mistaken for ginger. Physically, ginger and bangle are very similar, from the shape of the rhizome, flowers, to the leaves. Though both are completely different plants in terms of taste and efficacy. Because it is similar, bangle is less popular than ginger and it is not surprising that many of you have never heard of bangle and are very unfamiliar with the name bangle. In Thailand, bangle is known as LEAP and is often used as a massage medicine and also a food ingredient. Besides that, LEAP also often used for aromatherapy which is effective in fighting inflammation. While in Cambodia, bangle is often known as Ponlei.

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Difference between Bangle and Ginger

The basic differences between bangle and ginger, namely:

  • The taste of ginger rhizome has a distinctive delicious taste, while bangle rhizome generally does not have a good taste, is slightly spicy, and very bitter.
  • Although the shape is similar, ginger and bangle also have physical differences, where the bangle rhizome is larger than the ginger rhizome with a larger rhizome flesh.
  • Bangle rhizome skin is also darker and slightly wrinkled compared to ginger.

Characteristics of Bangle Crops

The following are the characteristics of the bangle plant, among others:

  • Bangle has a maximum height of 1.5 meters
  • Bangle has a pseudo-stem with alternating elongated leaves, dark green in color with pinnate veins
  • The bangle flower is shaped like a pineapple with a bright red color. When young, bangle flowers have green shoots.

Distribution and Growing Area of ​​Bangle Plants

Z. montanum can grow optimally in cool areas. Bangle is best if grown in a humid place. Bangle requires a covered place with about 50% sunlight intensity to grow optimally. Bangles grow in dense clusters and are often found around bamboo clumps. You have to be careful if you want to take a bangle because there is a myth that snakes are attracted to bangle flowers.

Z. montanum considered to be native to Southeast Asia and has been distributed throughout Asia for use as a food ingredient and often used as medicine. More specifically, Z. montanum thought to have originated in Vietnam. Z. montanum introduced to England by Roxbourgh in 1810, but there is another opinion that Z. montanum It was introduced in England in 1672 by Pechey.

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Bangle Plant Contents

According to research, bangle rhizomes contain terpinene, phenylbutanoids, sabinene, trans, butadiene, and trans-4. The newest elements found were the antioxidants cassumunarin A, cassumunarin B, and cassumunarin C. In addition to the rhizome, research has also been carried out on bangle leaves and is considered to contain sabinene, pinene, caryophyllene, triquinacene, and ocinene.

Bangle is considered to have health benefits and has been used for hundreds of years by the people of Southeast Asia. The benefits of the bangle include:

1. Fever medicine

The content that produces a spicy taste in the bangle rhizome is believed to warm the body and overcome fever. The trick is to boil 20 grams of grated bangle rhizome and have been washed with 1 cup of water, add the juice of 1 lime and 1 tablespoon of honey and drink 2 times a day.

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2. Stomach pain medicine

A mixture of bangle rhizome, ginger rhizome, and turmeric is believed to reduce stomach pain caused by stomach acid. The content of the three findings is believed to stabilize gastric acid production.

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3. Headache

For handling headache using a bangle, the method is slightly different, the bangle is made into a cream by smoothing the bangle and mixing it with a little water to form a cream and massaged on the part of the head that hurts. This method does not provide certain benefits for the body, but the warm feeling produced by the bangle will relax the muscles and reduce headaches.

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4. Jaundice medicine

Jaundice treatment using bangle is almost the same as treating fever, namely by boiling 20 grams of grated and washed bangle rhizome with 1 cup of water, adding the juice of 1 lime and 1 tablespoon of honey and drinking 2 times a day.

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5. Rheumatism medicine

Bangle is believed to increase the efficacy of Chinese wine in treating rheumatism and other diseases related to joints. The trick is to smooth the bangle rhizome as much as 15 grams and mix it with Chinese wine to form a cream and massage it into the affected joints.

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6. Deworming medicine

Bangle is believed to treat intestinal worms, by pounding 30 grams of bangle, 2 finger meeting keeling, 7 coriander, and 5 betel leaves. Add enough hot water then filtered and drunk.

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7. Launch CHAPTER

Handling constipation can be done using a bangle, by drinking 20 grams of boiled grated bangle that has been washed and boiled with 2 cups of water to leave 1 cup. Drink 2 times a day.

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8. Antioxidant

The content of cassumunarin A, cassumunarin B, and cassumunarin C in bangle is believed to be an antioxidant for the body.

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9. Increase appetite

Bangle is believed to have the same effect as curcumin or ginger, namely to increase appetite. Likewise with bangle leaves, it is believed to have properties similar to the rhizome, namely to increase appetite. The trick is to use it by squeezing 1 leaf of bangle until the juice comes out, then boil the juice after mixing it with 1 cup of clean water and drink 1 time a day.

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10. Begah

When you eat too much, flatulence is common. To overcome this, you can use bangle leaves in the same way as using bangle leaves to increase appetite.

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11. Cough medicine with phlegm

The content of bangle is believed to be able to cure coughs with phlegm and soothe the throat by providing a warm effect on the throat. The trick is to mix the juice of 2 limes in a glass of water, then the water is used to boil 5 grams of bangle until leaving half a glass and the concoction is drunk 2-3 times a day.

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12. Facilitate digestion

Bangle rhizome is believed to have benefits for digestion. For maximum effect, regularly consume bangle at least once every 3 days. The trick is to drink a decoction of 10 grams of grated bangle with 2 cups of water to leave 1 cup of water.

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13. Lose weight

Bangle decoction with lime is believed to neutralize fat and can lose weight. But of course for optimal results, the diet must be accompanied by adequate exercise and intake of nutritious and low-fat foods.

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14. Cold medicine

Bangle is believed to be a substitute for wind or onion oil in scraping activities. The heat of the bangle can open the pores of the back and make the wind that is in the body out through the pores. The trick is to mix vegetable oil with bangle that has been mashed so that it forms a cream and is used as scraping oil. For maximum results, first rub the grated bangle to the back with medium force to create a heat effect.

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