10 Benefits of Tongue Fish for Health

Tongue fish, slime fish or cynoglossus lingua including flatfish in the family cynoglossidae, very flat in shape and has both eyeballs only on the left side of the body similar to that of the other fish. Tongue fish is a type of fish that catches abundantly, is small in size and is usually processed into salted fish, while medium-sized fish are commonly found sold in the market as side dishes, and large tongue fish are usually exported to various countries such as China, Singapore and Japan because it is much sought after by wholesalers as a need for starred restaurants. The largest tongue fish reach a size of 66 cm, although most are only half the size or less. This fish is found in tropical and subtropical oceans, especially in shallow waters and estuaries, some are also found on the deep sea floor and even in rivers. Tongue fish is also commonly consumed by the people of Indonesia. This fish is brownish red on the side of the body that has eyes, has gill cover, lateral line scales, dorsal fin, belly and tail to the anal fin. No barbels, no pectoral fins, and finlets, keels, scutes, girdles, blade spines and guard spines.

Uses of Tongue Fish for Health

The content of tongue fish has a lot of nutrients. In 100 grams of fish tongue contains 100 kcal, 16 grams of protein, and 100 UI of vitamin A, vitamin B complex and various other nutrients. Tongue fish also contains omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D, vitamin B, vitamin B2 or riboflavin, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium and potassium. The characteristics of the tongue fish have a non-bilateral symmetrical body, meaning that if it is split crosswise, there will be a difference between the left and right sides. The benefits of tongue fish as sea ​​fish benefits for health, including:

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1. Contains Omega 3

Dull and dry hair and skin can be caused by a low-fat diet or a lack of essential nutrients that the body needs. Fish tongue contains omega 3 as healthy fats that are good for nutrition to keep skin healthy and hair shiny naturally. The benefits of omega 3 are also found in benefits of red tilapia, benefits of tilapia and the benefits of pickled fish.

2. Strengthen male fertility

Regular consumption of fish tongue by men will help make the body fresher and strengthen sperm quality. Especially if the consumption of tongue fish is also accompanied by the consumption of other healthy foods such as green vegetables, seeds and fruits.

3. As a source of B vitamins

Fish tongue contains B vitamins which are important to help maintain red blood cells, increase stamina, increase metabolism, strengthen immunity and also help in maintaining healthy skin.

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4. Reduce obesity

The benefits of tongue fish for obesity problems come from the content of omega 3 fatty acids in it which can stimulate the production of the hormone leptin. These hormones can help the body’s metabolism, are low in calories and also help regulate body weight and food intake.

5. Boost immunity

Humans have an immune system or immune system whose function is to keep humans from entering foreign objects that can threaten health. Eating fish tongue will provide benefits to strengthen the immune system with the nutrients and vitamins in it.

6. Lower triglyceride levels

Triglycerides are the main constituent of animal fats found in the bloodstream and indicate the amount of fat that will be processed by the body. The benefits of tongue fish consumed as much as two servings in one week can help balance triglyceride levels and reduce fat levels.

7. Lowering high blood pressure

High blood pressure will usually cause excessive dizziness. The omega 3 content provides the benefits of tongue fish to help lower high blood pressure while helping to keep blood pressure stable.

8. Improve the quality of the hormone insulin

The benefits of tongue fish are also recommended for consumption by diabetics because it contains abundant omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids can prevent obesity and help in weight management, also helps in increasing the insulin hormone response in the body.

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9. Contains vitamins A and C.

Tongue fish has benefits for eye health that come from the content of vitamin A and vitamin C in it. These two vitamins are also useful for maintaining the immune system which is the key to immunity and skin health.

10. Contains calcium and iron

The need for calcium in each person is not the same depending on the condition of each body. People under certain conditions require more calcium intake than others, such as during pregnancy, lactation and growth. Calcium deficiency, especially when experiencing these three conditions, can cause bones to be easily porous, brittle, imperfectly formed and often experience muscle spasms.

The benefits of tongue fish for health are very good as the benefits that will be obtained from various other types of fish. For example ornamental fish benefits, benefits of louhan fishand goldfish benefits. Fish tongue is usually easy to get because its small size makes it easier to consume and be processed into various delicious recipes. Before consuming fish, if possible you need to make sure that the fish is free from harmful chemicals.