10 Benefits of God’s Crown Fruit for Health

The god’s crown plant was originally only used as a decoration or for street shade. This plant can thrive in various conditions of dense and loose soil. The crown of the god tree can grow to a height of 3 meters or more with thick green leaves. The fruit will stick to the stem in groups or alone. The fruit is green when it is unripe and turns reddish when it is ripe. Fruit that can be picked and has a very fragrant aroma.

the benefits of the crown of the godsThis plant originally grew in the Papua region and then began to develop to various regions in Indonesia, because it can grow quickly and easily. The crown of the gods became more famous after the fruit of this plant began to be developed as a medicinal ingredient. The traditional treatment with the crown of the gods was started by the Chinese who were very creative in finding new recipes for treating diseases. Now we can find the crown of the gods that have been processed into various forms of medicine.

The following are the benefits of the crown of the gods according to the content of chemical compounds:

1. Body Detoxification

Our bodies absorb various types of food and drink. We never realize that the consumption of various types of food and drink can also be toxic to the body, especially foods and beverages that use a lot of additives. Organs such as the kidneys and liver function to neutralize toxins, but all the toxins that accumulate in the body cannot get out. So the content of alkaloid compounds in the crown of the gods can help remove all toxins in the body.

2. Fights Bacterial and Viral Infections

Bacterial and viral infections can be a serious health problem. Bacteria and viruses can enter the human body through contaminated food and drink, air and various other sources. Several types of diseases that easily attack the body and are caused by bacteria and viruses such as typhus, cholera, tuberculosis and other types. The benefits of the crown of the gods can improve the body’s system to fight bacteria and viruses because it contains saponins.

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3. Maintain the Immune System

The immune system has a very important role, especially to defend the body from being exposed to various diseases. The immune system is played by antibodies that are in our own bodies. If the body is tired or weak then it is easy to get sick so you can consume the crown of the god fruit which contains saponin compounds. Even regular consumption can also improve overall body health.

4. Lowering the Risk of Diabetes

Diabetes is caused because the body cannot produce insulin as a hormone that regulates the supply of sugar levels in the blood into the body’s energy. Diabetes can also be caused by the body experiencing insulin resistance where insulin is produced in excess or in deficiency and the body does not have a good response to blood sugar levels. The saponins found in the benefits of the god’s crown fruit for diabetes can also help the body manage blood sugar levels.

5. Lowers the risk of blood clots

Saponins in the crown of the gods can also be used to reduce the risk of blood clots. The body will form a very strong response when there is a blood clotting problem. This also involves the health of the heart and several other organs such as the kidneys, nervous system, brain, bile and all parts of the body. Blood functions to circulate all nutrients and are absorbed by the body’s cells, so if there is a blood clotting problem, it can cause quite fatal health hazards.

6. Lowers the Risk of Allergies

Allergy is a body reaction that occurs because the body forms a strong system against foreign substances that enter or are inhaled into the body. There are various types of allergies such as allergies to dust, foreign substances, certain smells, certain foods and various other sources. Allergies can cause harm to the body, especially if it affects the internal organs. The polyphenol content in the crown of the god has the benefit of preventing allergies and reducing the potential risk of allergies. In general, the crown of the gods has antihistamine properties so it is good for preventing allergies.

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7. Preventing Blockage of Blood Vessels

Blood vessel blockage is usually a disease risk for people who have several health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and kidney failure. Blood vessels that work towards the heart and central nervous system may not work normally because there is a build-up of plaque or foreign substances in the body. This can lead to a higher risk of heart disease. The content of flavonoids in the crown of the gods can be used to prevent all diseases that cause blockage of blood vessels.

8. Lowers Cholesterol

Cholesterol in the body actually comes from various types of foods that contain fat. Saturated fat cannot be used by the body as a source of energy because our bodies need it in very small amounts. Various types of foods such as foods fried in palm oil, fat from meat and various other sources of fat have a lot of cholesterol. Cholesterol can cause several potential diseases such as heart disease and stroke. The benefits of the crown of the gods for health can reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body. The content of flavonoid compounds can effectively reduce cholesterol levels in the body.

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9. Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease

Heart disease is one of the most terrible diseases. There are several types of heart disease groups caused by congenital heart defects, smoking and alcohol consumption habits, bad lifestyle habits and consumption of fatty foods. All types of heart disease that are not caused by abnormalities can be alleviated by consuming the crown of the god fruit which contains flavonoids.

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10. Lowers Cancer Risk

Cancer can be one of the most terrible diseases. This disease is caused by the presence of free radicals that enter the body and attack healthy cells. As a result, these cells will continue to be damaged and cause cancer. The content of flavonoids in the crown of the gods can also be a source of excellent anti-oxidants for the body.

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Side Effects of Treatment with God’s Crown Fruit

Treatment with the crown of the gods is one of the traditional methods. Although this treatment is considered capable of protecting the body from various types of diseases, behind the benefits of the crown of the gods also has side effects that must be recognized.

Some of the side effects of treatment with the crown of the gods are:

  • Excessive consumption and inappropriate doses can cause headaches, drowsiness to severe headaches.
  • The fruit of the crown of the gods contains poison that can cause disease for the body, therefore the dose of use and how to consume it must be in accordance with the rules of experts in herbal treatments.
  • Excessive consumption of the crown of the gods can also cause a seizure reaction and lack of oxygen so that you can faint.

Treatment with the crown of the gods should be done with the supervision of a traditional care expert. This is done to avoid all the risks of some side effects of the crown of the gods. So, if you want to consume the crown of the gods then you should do it wisely and follow the rules of the experts.

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