Benefits of Mangosteen Root for Health

Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana L.) is a kind of evergreen tree in the tropics that produces mangosteen fruit that reaches 7-25 meters in length. Mangosteen fruit trees grow in warm and stable temperatures, which are between 22-32 degrees Celsius. Exposure to temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius for a long time can generally kill mangosteen plants. Mangosteen plants have species diversity caused by environmental factors and genetic factors due to natural mutations.

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Mangosteen can grow well in the lowlands to an altitude of 800 meters above sea level with evenly distributed rainfall throughout the year as much as 1500-2500 mm / year and 80% air humidity. The ideal type of soil for mangosteen is kenis latosol with good drainage at a soil pH of 5.0-7.0 with a tillage depth of 50-200 cm. Propagation of the mangosteen plant can be done through seeds, grafting or feeding. However, the recommended seeds are seeds that come from seeds.

People usually take advantage of the mangosteen by consuming the fruit. The fruit is round with a thick blackish skin that has a sweet and sour taste. But now people have used many other parts of the mangosteen such as mangosteen peel, mangosteen seeds and mangosteen leaves for traditional medicine. However, did you know? Actually, mangosteen root can also have benefits that are no less powerful, you know! It’s just that it’s not popular yet. For that, let’s discuss in this article.

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Mangosteen Root Function

As the main part of the mangosteen tree, the mangosteen root has the following functions.

  • Support the establishment of plants by holding and supporting the mango tree so that it is strong and sturdy
  • As a storage place for mangosteen tree food reserves that can be used when facing a drought
  • Suck and distribute water and nutrients in the soil as nutrients to all parts of the mangosteen plant to support the growth of the mangosteen plant
  • Mangosteen roots can also help the mangosteen plant move to find sources of water and nutrients in the soil
  • Binds oxygen in the pores of the soil which is useful in the respiration process of the mangosteen plant
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But did you know? In addition to having a main function in the mangosteen plant as mentioned above, the root of menggis also actually has benefits that are useful for the human body. Curious?

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Mangosteen Root Benefits

The benefits obtained from the mangosteen root for humans are as follows.

  • For those of you who have gout, rheumatism and gout, mangosteen root can help treat these diseases
  • Lowers cholesterol levels in the body
  • Consumption of mangosteen root extract can also help relax stiff muscles due to hard work or sprains
  • Relieves severe and mild pain, including pain caused by the menstrual process
  • Mangosteen root is also useful for increasing bone strength
  • Allergies and itching in the body can also be overcome by consuming mangosteen root extract
  • For someone who experiences symptoms of insomnia, consumption of mangosteen root extract can help to overcome it
  • In addition, if you are experiencing symptoms of stress, consumption of mangosteen root extract can also help you to relieve stress symptoms
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However, the use of mangosteen root for traditional medicine is quite difficult to do because it requires mangosteen root to be processed to extract the extract. In addition, this also threatens the growth of the mangosteen tree variety itself considering that the roots of the mangosteen tree have the main function for the mangosteen tree. We invite you to take this step or not. Thanks for reading and I hope it’s useful!

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