10 benefits of pine nuts for health

10 Benefits of Pine Nuts for Health

On this occasion, I have the opportunity to share quite important information regarding the Benefits of Pine Nuts. Before I explain the various kinds of pine nuts themselves, at a glance you need to know what are pine nuts.

pine nutsPine nuts here include the edible form of the seeds of the Punus tree. Pine nuts are a class of tree nuts culinaryly but not botanically. These nuts can be eaten, but for commercial cultivation is still limited due to the number of yields and the size of the nuts themselves.

For in Asia itself, what is cultivated is Korean pine (Pine Koraiensis) in Korean peninsula & Chigoza Pine (Pinus Gerardiana) In the Himalayas. Pine nuts are protected by a shell that is relatively thick depending on the species. Pine nuts have a relatively long shelf life, provided that they are stored in a dry and cool air. Pine nuts that have been peeled, of course, can be consumed directly.

Pine nuts nutrition is quite diverse, one of which is Stone Pine Nuts which have the highest protein content. And Pine Nuts here are a significant source of dietary fiber. For more details, I will describe in the Benefits of Pine Nuts.

1. Boost Energy

First, pine nuts are very useful for increasing energy in the body. This is because pine nuts contain energy that can help repair and build tissues in the body. Where there is a protein content that carries out the process of burning fuel slowly which affects energy storage in the body. In addition, the iron content in pine nuts also helps in transporting and storing energy in the body, while helping cells produce energy.

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2. Helps Suppress Appetite

In one study it was shown that the content of essential fatty acids in pine nuts (Pinolenic),can help in eliminating hunger. Where there is a study that has found the conclusion that consuming about half a teaspoon of pine oil before eating reduces the amount of food intake that the body needs by nine percent.

The above has also been proven in a paper that was submitted when American Chemica Society Nattiona Meeting and Exposition in 2006, Dr. JL which shows how women who are given tig grams Pinolenic acid before they have breakfast. In the end, it was proven that the supplement was able to control appetite in overweight women and caused a 37% reduction in food intake.

3. Helps Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

Pine nuts are very rich in vitamin E, which is able to maintain healthy cells and fight disease. Monounsaturated fat here can help lower bad cholesterol levels in reducing the risk of heart disease or stroke.

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4. Slows Aging

Pine nuts also contain essential vitamins and minerals including zinc, vitamin D, B2 and potassium, all of which are able to destroy excessive free radicals in the body. With this, pine nuts with antioxidants are able to prevent free radicals from damaging cells. With this content in pine nuts can keep you from the aging process.

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5. Improve vision

Besides being very well known for suppressing appetite, pine nuts also contain lutein, a yellow carotenoid that helps filter UV rays before macular damage, so this will delay age-related macular degeneration. In addition, there are quite a lot of beta-carotene substances that are able to protect eye health, where previously substances in the body would convert beta-carotene in pine nuts into Vitamin A which is able to protect the cornea of ​​the eye and nourish the eyes as well.

6. Boost the immune system

Pine nuts also contain vitamin C. The content of vitamin C can boost the immune system. This is because in vitamin C there are substances that can strengthen bones. And there is iron which is also useful for improving the circulatory system and nerve health in the body.

7. Prevents Cancer

Pine nuts have antioxidants that can help prevent various diseases such as cancer. By consuming pine nuts, at least the cells in the body can be prevented from free radical damage.

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8. Main Dietary Source

Pine nuts are a very effective diet food for maintaining a healthy body. It can help in the success of your diet. Because pine nuts can help in forming protein that makes the body full quickly.

9. Protects the skin

Pine nuts are very effective for maintaining healthy skin, this is due to the high content of vitamin E contained in them.

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10. Good for nerves

Another advantage of pine nuts is that they are very good for nerves, the antioxidant content in pine nuts is effective for helping the health of the nerves of the human body.

Pine nuts are one type of nuts that are very good for maintaining heart health, besides the most famous benefits of pine nuts are for diet. It will make your stomach full longer so it can help diet.

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