8 Benefits of Dragon Fruit To Lower Bad Cholesterol

Cholesterol is often expressed as one of the evil enemies in the human body. Because its existence does not even cause humans to be healthy. There are more and more diseases alighting in them. For example, such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and so on. so many of them to avoid foods that can cause high cholesterol.

In fact, cholesterol is also needed by the body. Karen basically, not all cholesterol is bad. There is also a type of cholesterol that is good for the body. In fact, it is really needed by the body. In its distribution, there is also what is called bad cholesterol, and some is called good cholesterol. Namely those in the HDL group are good cholesterol. And those in the LDL group are the bad cholesterol group. This is what causes humans to be attacked by various diseases in their bodies.

What is being done for bad cholesterol?

Of course, one of the efforts you can do if you have a risk of cholesterol disease is to maintain your own health. For example, by not consuming foods that contain a lot of cholesterol. These foods are generally high in fat and coconut milk. In addition, try to eat healthy foods. Namely foods that contain only a few preservatives. In fact, if possible is a natural food. An example is fruit. One of the fruits that contain low cholesterol is dragon fruit.

Dragon Fruit for Cholesterol

Currently, quite a lot of farmers are starting to look at the development of dragon fruit as a fruit that is quite worthy of cultivation. Even though the way to cultivate it is quite easy, it is comparable to a fairly large result. If judged from the taste, this fruit is indeed delicious to eat directly or make juice. Not only in value from the taste, but the benefits for the health of the body are also quite capable. One of them is in the treatment of body cholesterol.

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Dragon fruit is one type of plant that easily lives in a tropical climate. For example like in Indonesia. If you really want to try, then it can be applied by planting it in the back yard of the house. You can also try planting on the side of the house that acts as an ornamental plant. Quite interesting isn’t it, if this plant is not only useful for health but also adds to the aesthetic value of your home.

  1. For heart health

This fruit is one of the fruits that has a fairly low fat content. So it is considered good enough to maintain your health. Its low cholesterol content makes dragon fruit one of the right foods for patients with heart disease.

Herbs for other heart health:

  1. For blood vessel health

Besides being useful for the heart, dragon fruit also provides benefits for blood vessels. Because this fruit is considered quite clean and free from the influence of saturated fat. So this fruit is safe and healthy for consumption by people with heart disease. Because at the net value, this fruit will also not have the potential to clog human blood vessels. It may even launch disturbing blood vessels.

  1. Binds body cholesterol

Why do many old and fat people like dragon fruit so much? In addition to the value of its delicious taste, this fruit is able to provide other benefits. One of them is the benefits of dragon fruit for lowering cholesterol, namely because it is able to bind bad cholesterol in the body. If the presence of this cholesterol persists in the body, it can interfere with the metabolic and circulatory systems. The long-term effect is to cause heart disease and stroke.

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This is because the bad cholesterol will leave plaque in the blood vessels. So that the blood that should be able to flow to the brain, is actually blocked. Then he will have a stroke. Meanwhile, if the plaque had actually blocked the blood vessels that flow to the heart, it will be affected by heart disease.

  1. Balancing blood sugar levels

For people with diabetes, be very careful with the food they want to consume. The reason is not all the food on the table can be consumed. Even rice and corn must be within a certain consumption limit. This is the dilemma of people with blood sugar or diabetes. But take it easy, because they are still allowed to consume dragon fruit. Because this fruit provides good enough properties for the body. One of them is being able to balance the sugar levels in the body.

Herbs to treat high blood sugar:

  1. Good for neutralizing poison

The benefits of dragon fruit are not only limited to that. But it is also able to help restore the normal state of sugar levels in the blood. Because if these sugar levels rise, the risk of developing cholesterol-related diseases also increases. Therefore, consuming dragon fruit is quite necessary. Because in addition to being able to restore the state of blood sugar levels within normal limits, it is also able to neutralize toxins. This is very important and useful for those who have serious cholesterol problems.

  1. Rich in fiber
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Dragon fruit is also a fruit that is good for digestion. Because this fruit has a high fiber content. Even in the amount of 100 grams of dragon fruit, it can contain as much as 0.7 grams of fiber to 0.9 grams of fiber. This will be very helpful in terms of losing your weight. of course it is very helpful to reduce levels of fat and bad cholesterol in the body.

  1. Able to bind bile acids

In addition, dragon fruit also provides other benefits and properties. Namely the content is able to bind bile acids in your body. This bile acid is a form of the end product of bad cholesterol or LDL. Later when this bile acid is successfully bound, it will be removed from the body with feces through your anus. so if the more you consume this fruit, the more bile acids can be bound by the body.

  1. Helps maintain body balance

The most important of the properties of this dragon fruit is being able to maintain a balance system in the body. These foods will improve the body’s system and metabolism if it doesn’t work well. It doesn’t fix everything. However, some body systems are damaged or do not work well because of bad cholesterol in the body.

Alternatives for other high cholesterol:

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