11 Benefits of Acerola Fruit for Health

Acerola fruit may be one of the fruits that are rarely heard in the ear, let alone to be found in person. This acerola fruit is one of the fruits that comes from the interior of the Amazon forest in South America. Acerola fruit is one fruit that is famous for its high vitamin C content. So that this fruit is also known as a fruit that contains more vitamin C3000 than citrus fruits.

Acerola Fruit Content

In addition, this fruit which has another name Cherry Barbados or Malphigia emarginata also contains other ingredients, such as vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, protein, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and so on. If you want to look at its history, this fruit is famous for being used as a health plant in medicinal herbs for hundreds of years in its place of origin, the interior of the Amazon jungle in South America. Even this fruit is also quite popular in Europe.

Then what about in Indonesia itself? In Indonesia, this fruit is not very popular because it is rarely known by people. But you can actually get this acerola fruit from various special fruit agents that do provide the fruit. There have been many various acerola fruit agents in Indonesia who offer this fruit through cyberspace (internet). From the many content it has, acerola fruit certainly has certain benefits when consumed. Here are the various benefits that can be obtained from consuming acerola fruit, including:

1. As a Source of Antioxidants

The first benefit of acerola fruit is as a source of antioxidants. This is due to the high content the benefits of vitamin C which he has. A study once showed that the content of ascorbic acid 2-phosphoric acid carried by vitamin C not only neutralizes free radicals, but can also repair DNA damage in the body. In addition, vitamin C can also help the body’s skin in the wound healing process.

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2. As a Source of Energy

Acerola fruit is useful as a source of energy. This is due to its carbohydrate and manganese content. The combination of these ingredients can help the body produce extra energy so that you will always look fresh and fit when you are on the move.

Other alternative energy sources:

3. Collagen Formation and Maintenance

Acerola fruit is used as the formation and maintenance of collagen in the body. This is due to the ascorbic acid content brought by vitamin C in the acerola fruit. This content is the main key for producing collagen in the body as a source of protein that can make skin healthy and firm, so it doesn’t sag or age quickly.

4. Maintain Skin Health

Acerola fruit is able to maintain healthy skin. As mentioned in point 3 that acerola fruit can make skin healthy and tight. But in more detail, the collagen that has been produced due to consuming acerola fruit can combine with elastin to maintain healthy skin. Which, the combination can produce suppleness, strength, and flexibility in the skin. In addition, the vitamin C content in acerola fruit can also brighten the skin by spreading the pigments more evenly.

5. Maintain Digestive Health

Acerola fruit is able to maintain digestive health. This is because of its fiber content. This content can help facilitate the digestive system and body metabolism so that if the digestive system is smooth, then in other words, digestive health is maintained. In addition, the fiber content is also known to prevent constipation due to poor digestion and body metabolism.

6. Maintain and Improve the Body’s Immune System

The sixth benefit of acerola fruit is to maintain and improve the body’s immune system. This is due to its high vitamin C content. Even the body’s immune system will be more awake and improved with the combination of vitamin C and other content possessed by the acerola fruit itself, such as vitamins A and B complex. In such a way that the body will be increasingly immune from various diseases, especially diseases that are easily contagious because they are caused by viruses or bacteria such as the flu.

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Other solutions to boost immunity:

7. Maintain Eye Health

Acerola fruit will also maintain eye health. This is because of its vitamin A content. As is known that vitamin A is good for its benefits in maintaining eye health.

8. Prevent Cancer

This is due to its anthocyanin content. This substance is a type of flavonoid molecule that medically can indeed help prevent and even cure cancer.

Other diseases that can be prevented or cured with this content are diabetes, fibrocystic disease, inflammation, bacterial infections, and neurological disorders. Especially for cases of inflammation, anthocyanins will usually combine with B vitamins which are also found in acerola fruit. Which, the B vitamins themselves can actually keep the body from inflammation inside and outside.

9. Prevents Neuromuscular Disease

Acerola fruit prevents neuromuscular disease. This is due to the iron content it has. This content can help the body in the formation of hemoglobin quickly so that it makes the body’s defenses even stronger, including in preventing neuromuscular disease. In addition, this iron content can also help accelerate metabolism and stabilize body temperature.

10. Maintain Bone Health

The next benefit of acerola fruit is to maintain bone health. This is due to its calcium content. As many people know that calcium does have an important role in maintaining bone health. In addition, calcium can also strengthen the tooth layer on a regular basis.

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11. Maintain Heart and Lung Health

Acerola fruit will provide heart and lung health. This is due to the vitamin B content it has, where the vitamin content in acerola fruit is almost close to complex with only minus vitamin B12 (the content of B vitamins in acerola fruit: B1, B2, B3, B6, B9). In addition, the heart and lungs will also be maintained healthy because of the high content of vitamin C which is owned by the acerola fruit itself.

It is known that consuming foods that have a high vitamin C content, including acerola fruit, can prevent cardiovascular disease. Even a study also proves that the content of vitamin C can maintain healthy hair so that it avoids damage, both internal and external damage.

Solutions for a healthy heart:

Research on Acerola Fruit

Thus the various benefits that can be obtained from acerola fruit. Various studies or studies have also proven that the benefits that have been mentioned are true, namely:

  1. A study in The Journal of Rural Science proves that acerola fruit does have the highest antioxidant content or capacity among 14 other types of fruit found in the interior of the Amazon forest, where the acerola fruit comes from. This study was conducted in 2006;
  2. Another study published in the Issue of Phytotherapy Research proved that acerola fruit extract can help to inhibit tumor cell growth with oral squamous cell carcinoma and human submandibular gland carcinoma cell lines. This study was published in the April 2004 issue;
  3. Another study published in 2000 in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that soy and alfalfa extracts increased their antioxidant capacity against LDL cholesterol when taken together or in combination with acerola fruit extract.

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