Benefits of Riding a Horse – Physical, Mental and Emotional

For ordinary people, maybe people who ride horses are only seen sitting on horses. So maybe what you can see is that the horse is working hard while the rider is just relaxing on top. But those who have never ridden a horse will know that this is wrong. There is much more to a horseman than it seems to just sit around. The benefits of riding a horse itself are quite a lot, ranging from physical, mental, and emotional benefits.

Even though in Indonesia, equestrian sport is less popular than other sports, but we can still enjoy it if there are several places available. In full, here are some of the benefits of riding a horse:

1. Physical benefits

Riding or horseback riding can develop balance and improve motor function. Other benefits include strengthening muscles, accelerating, preventing muscle cramps, increasing joint mobility, improving the working system of the heart, increasing blood circulation, stimulating the integration of body sensors and improving visual perception.

Riding a horse will stimulate the internal organs as well as when we walk. It will also help maintain liver function and digestion. When riding we will burn calories which is about 5 calories per minute. Increasing the speed and duration of riding will increase the intensity of the exercise so you can burn more calories.

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Horseback riding is a fun hobby and sport for both children and adults. Children can learn to be responsible for caring for animals. When caring for a horse, cleaning equestrian equipment, carrying a saddle, bathing the horse, feeding or cleaning the stable are physical activities that are exhausting enough. This cannot be separated from equestrian sport because horses and their riders need to have a strong bond, especially those who make horse riding a sport.

Equestrians also do other exercises besides horse riding, such as weight lifting, yoga and pilates. The training will support their equestrian activities. So for people who are serious about equestrian sports, they tend to do other types of sports that can improve their body’s ability to ride. Horse riding is done outdoors. This is good to do to give the body fresh air because riding is usually done in a place far from air pollution. The eyes will also be treated to a beautiful view when we ride in nature.

2. Mental Benefits

When we are going to ride a horse for the first time, we usually feel it is a challenge. We learn from the beginning how we should sit, behave, hold the rope, and so on. It will make us focus on the activity and it is very good for making us forget about various problems. When we have started to be able to ride a horse well then we will learn again how to show more abilities. Many horse riders, both beginners and experts, say that there are always new lessons they can learn from this sport.

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Not only in terms of controlling a horse and riding it, this sport also makes us have new friends, namely the horse itself. Horses are animals that can make friends with humans. For those who have their own horse, the relationship between them usually becomes closer. Mentally, horse riders will tend to be as easy to control themselves as they can control the horse they are riding. They also tend to be diligent in taking care of the horse and themselves. The constant learning carried out by horsemen will keep their brains working and it can be an opportunity for success in life.

3. Emotional Benefits

Riding in the wild will make you feel calmer. Not only enjoying the natural surroundings, horse riders also don’t feel alone because there are horses that accompany them. Although sometimes in the beginning, horseback riding can be frustrating and challenging but usually after that the riders will feel comfortable when they ride the horse.

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Horseback riding can also be done together with other horse riders. We can socialize with them and share experiences about equestrian sports. That’s what people tend to do because humans are happy with other people who have the same pleasure as them. So the sport of horseback riding can make us have new friends, or new communities.

Horse riding can also be done alone for people who like tranquility. This depends on one’s personality and cannot be forced all the time together with other equestrian communities. Many horse owners feel that their horses have feelings and understand how their owners feel, more than human friends. In times of stress, a horse can be a silent friend, a friend who will not judge the problems we face.

Those are some of the benefits of riding a horse that can be obtained. This sport is not only beneficial for physical health, but also mental and emotional health. For those who are serious about equestrian sports, they can get additional benefits such as achievements and jobs.

Some of the other benefits of exercise:

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