14 Benefits of Pull-Ups for the Body


Who doesn’t know about pull-ups? Now everyone knows what pull-ups are and how to do pull-ups. Pull-ups are one of several muscle-building exercises so that the body can look athletic and have a strong body. Healthy because of this exercise. Usually, the muscles produced form muscles at the top, making the body look athletic.

In the pull-up exercise itself, it is usually done by hanging the body on the bar and then pulling the body up until the body can be parallel to the chin, or if it can be done with the body, it can exceed the bar where both hands rest on the bar so that the body can be pulled parallel to the bar. Chin or above the bar.

Benefits of Pull-Ups for the Body

Below are the benefits of doing a pull-up exercises to form an athletic body, including:

  1. Shape the body on the arms

By doing pull-up exercises correctly and according to the rules that have been set, you can shape the body part of the arms, why? Because this exercise can build muscles in the arms that make the body more athletic, in this section, the desired men describe that the man looks stronger and cool. Especially when accompanied by foods that have vitamins that are good for the health of the body, such as in benefits of vitamins A, Vitamin K benefits, Benefits of B vitamins, the benefits of vitamin C, Vitamin E benefits and benefits of vitamin D it is good for body health.

  1. Shaping the body of the shoulders

Usually in doing impact exercises that result in forming body parts that are not only in the form of the arms but also form other body parts such as the shoulders, so that the formation of the body on the shoulders can be done by routinely doing pull-up exercises that hang the body on the bars with hand on the crossbar.

  1. Shape the chest body

In addition to shaping the body, the shoulders, and arms, the impact of doing pull-up exercises is also felt by the formation of the chest, usually this chest is the main part that is most desired by men because the chest is the most visible changes. The chest itself looks a change from doing pulls every day, namely the chest becomes plane or often referred to as a sixpack chest, this chest, women also like it, who think that the man looks like an athlete who has a cool and eye-catching body.

  1. Shape the back of the body

It turns out that the benefits of pull ups for the body itself make the back also make changes, just like the chest, the back looks like a plane. This exercise also has a considerable impact on the process of forming the upper body which makes a person look cooler and more athletic.

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  1. Shaping the body part of the hand

Pull up exercises that are basically focused on the hand holding the crossbar to be able to raise and lower the body to the chin or to exceed the crossbar, therefore then with such an exercise can form the muscles in the hand to be formed. With exercises like this regularly and also do it correctly in accordance with the recommended procedure it will form muscles in our hands. as for building muscle, there are muscle -forming foods for the body to form muscle in our body.

In exercises like this or pull ups, they are included in forming exercises which are categorized as CKC exercises or with closed kinetic chain lengths which are similar to the movements in push ups, sit ups and squats which are also included in a fairly heavy exercise and must also be done. using the right technique so that later if you don’t use the wrong technique, it will result in muscle injury wherein the injury can delay the process of muscle formation and for recovery it takes a long time to return to its original position. Injury to the muscle can be done by kissing the knee to relieve muscle injury.

  1. to increase hand grip strength

In addition to building muscle in the upper body, it turns out that indirectly other benefits are obtained, such as at that point, namely pull ups can be used as an exercise to increase the strength of our hand grip. Where in this exercise use our hands and also our fingers by holding our body weight while hanging on the bar used for pull up exercises. If you do this pull exercise regularly, your fingers will automatically become stronger and can also be used in martial arts or even wrestling.

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  1. Heart health can be maintained

The effects resulting from pull exercises are not only seen from the muscles that become formed but the body also experiences good benefits for other body health, such as heart health where heart health is due to regular pull up exercises indirectly activating muscle movements others, such as the heart muscle. To maintain a healthy heart, it is also necessary to consume foods that contain folic acid, which is found in benefits of folic acid which has a role in heart health.

  1. Able to help in eliminatingfat in the body

This pull exercise not only builds muscle and also maintains our heart health, but actually for those who want to lose fat, they can, because when doing this pull exercise, the fat in the body is burned and through this burning energy is obtained to carry out activities. Therefore, eliminating the fat by burning in which the burning fat is used as energy.

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  1. Able to increase body balance

By doing pull ups on a regular basis and using the correct technique according to the procedure, it will add to the balance of our body, because when doing pull ups alone, the hands hang on the bars which in that position the body also hangs.

So, at that time we who are doing the pull must be able to balance our body with our hands. the hand that rests on the bar as our grip when doing the pull, and by doing pull ups on a regular basis that makes the balance, because a number of muscles in our body will come to work which will provide balance to our body.

  1. Able to help in adding to the core strength

In addition to increasing body balance, this pull up exercise is also able to increase core strength. where this is because when doing pull exercises, the body’s muscles work together to be able to help the body’s strength in a number of muscles that are well coordinated to be able to produce core strength in our bodies.

  1. Able to help in improving body shape

Who does not want to have an ideal body shape and posture as well as pleasing to the eye. This can be done by doing pull up exercises where the pull ups themselves are able to help in improving body shape and posture. Actually the body is not good because at that time our bodies experience changes in terms of muscles and others and the fat will be lost because the fat is burning.

The human spine also feels like it doesn’t stretch like that before doing pull up exercises, so when doing pull ups our body will experience a stretch. It can automatically improve our body shape and our body shape becomes more muscular, accompanied by fat that is lost due to burning.

  1. Able to help in improving posture

Just as our body shape can be improved, our posture can also be improved by doing pull up exercises regularly. Because when we do pull ups our bodies will experience stretching as well as when we improve our body shape.

At that time the spine after doing the pull up exercise by doing so the body hangs on the bar, with the support of the hands hanging on the bar the body will experience a spinal stretch. Where can automatically improve our body posture that the body looks even better.

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  1. Able to help in the process of body elevation

This happens because at the time after doing the pull up exercise, the spine stretches. At the time of doing the pull up exercise, which is to do it by hanging the body on the bar and then the body. Not only hanging the body, but the body is raised until the chin is parallel to the bar or above the bar.

Then the body is lowered until the hands become straight, then the spine will automatically experience a stretch in which the spine will increase our height. There are often spinal cord injuries that can be overcome by consuming chicken feet, where there are chicken claw benefits have benefits in overcoming spinal cord injuries.

  1. Can help in strengthening body muscles

The reason the body muscles become stronger is because when doing this pull up exercise a number of muscles are trained to be stronger, the muscles being trained are the rhomboid, biceps and triseo muscles in the human hand, the chest muscles that make the chest look six pack and also These plane or plane muscles are called the pectoralis, brachioraddialis muscles, latissimus dorsi muscles and also the trapezoid muscles.

Above are some of the benefits of pull ups for the body which are done by hanging the body, in order to get the benefits that are felt by the body, the correct technique is needed and if not done with the wrong technique, later if you experience fatigue it will not cause muscle injury. Do it in the right technique so that the body becomes more optimal in its changes and there is no muscle injury in your body.

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