11 Benefits of Eggshell – Health, Plants and Crafts

Chicken egg shell or what we usually call egg shell is one part that is not used. People will definitely throw away the skin and only use the chicken eggs, to make food ingredients or cooked with various types of preparations.

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Egg shell waste is found and thrown away because it is considered to have no benefits. When in fact, this egg shell has many benefits that can be applied to overcome some of the problems that occur around us. Some of the benefits that can be taken from egg shells are:

  1. Can Be Used To Get Rid Of Small Animals

When we have a problem in the house due to lots of insects or animals we usually spray it with insect repellent liquid, some kind of chalk or some other insect repellent. But if you don’t want to use insect repellent, maybe you can try eliminating insects or small animals at home with egg shells. By smoothing the eggshell into powder and then sprinkling it on the small animal or insect. This eggshell powder can kill various pests, insects and other small animals that sometimes make the occupants of the house disturbed.

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  1. Troubleshooting Drains

Clogged or clogged drains will certainly cause serious problems if not addressed immediately. The way to deal with clogged drains is usually to open the drain and then stick an object such as a long piece of wood or metal into the drain so that the dirt in it can be removed. However, in addition to this method, overcoming clogged drains can be done by using eggshell powder. The method is quite easy, namely by smoothing the eggshell so that it gets the powder, then pouring it into a clogged drain. The egg powder in these clogged drains needs to be allowed to work on its own overnight. The next day, the clogged drains were back to normal. For those who have never tried it, maybe next time they can practice it if they find the drains at home are clogged.

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  1. Sufficient Calcium Needs

Lack of calcium in the body can lead to brittle bones and unhealthy teeth. Maintaining healthy calcium is very important so that it remains easy to move even at an old age. However, if you have experienced problems with calcium, it needs to be addressed immediately so that it doesn’t get worse. One way to overcome the problem of calcium in the body is with egg shell powder. By consuming one tablespoon of eggshell powder dissolved in drinking water, you can nourish the calcium in the body about 900 mg. This additional calcium can be useful to overcome calcium deficiency in the body and maintain healthy bones and teeth. With adequate calcium intake, bone problems such as joint pain and various other bone problems can be overcome.

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  1. Beautify Facial Skin

No need for expensive treatments to make facial skin smooth and look beautiful. By using eggshell powder and making it as a mask can form a soft layer of facial skin. By using a mask from eggshell powder 3 times a week can help beautify facial skin. However, this method is not recommended for those who have acne-prone faces, because it can cause more severe acne problems.

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  1. As an itching medicine

Itching caused by allergies is very annoying and can occur when the cause of the allergy comes. The way to deal with this is usually by using ointment or oil to prevent itching in other parts of the body. In addition to using ointment, it may be necessary to try ways to deal with itching using egg shells. The method is quite easy, namely by soaking the eggshells that have been cleaned for several hours. The egg shell soaking water will be acidic and can be used to treat itching. By applying it to the itchy area or compressing it, the itching problem can be solved.

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  1. Overcoming External Wounds

If you have an accident where there is an injured part of your skin, you will usually wear a bandage so that the wound is not contaminated with germs and can heal easily. However, there are other ways besides using a bandage, namely with egg shells. With chicken egg shell powder added a little water, then paste on the injured part. Wait until the egg shell dries and peels off on its own.

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  1. Poultry Food Ingredients

Chicken egg shells that have been mashed into powder can also be one of the food ingredients for poultry. By mixing eggshell powder with poultry food ingredients such as chicken or duck, you can add nutrients to the poultry. In addition, it can reduce egg waste and reduce costs for poultry feed.

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  1. As Fertilizer

Plants certainly need fertilizer to stay fertile and free from plant pests. Crushed egg shells can also be used as a substitute for chemical fertilizers for plants. Egg shells contain rich minerals that can fertilize the soil.

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  1. Cleaning Various Cooking Tools

When you have difficulty in cleaning cooking utensils, it will certainly be very annoying. Sometimes anything is done to keep pans and other cooking utensils clean after use and free from stubborn stains and scale. One way that can be done to keep cooking utensils clean is by using egg shells. The method is quite easy, just by mixing laundry soap with eggshell powder and rubbing it on the stains that are difficult to remove. In this way, the pot that originally had stains that are difficult to remove can be cleaned again.

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  1. Be a Wall Decoration

Besides being used to overcome various kinds of problems in life and overcome some body problems, this chicken egg shell can also be used as a wall decoration. Chicken egg shells that are completely dry after drying in the sun can be transformed into some very interesting crafts. By painting it in various colors and arranged and combined it can be used as a very interesting wall painting.

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  1. Clothes Bleach

The problem of clothing stains, which is often difficult to overcome, can be overcome by using egg shells. The method is quite easy, namely by placing crushed eggshells on clothes that are stained with stubborn stains, and then waiting for it for 20 minutes. After that, wash the clothes. Clothes that are stained with stubborn stains can be cleaned again.

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Many natural ingredients that are sometimes considered useless have many benefits that are very useful in life and health. It only takes tenacity and the desire to process it so that the material is not wasted.