9 Benefits of Henna Leaves for Women’s Hair

Being beautiful is every woman’s dream. Women always take care of all aspects of their bodies from head to toe. Maintaining beauty is a mandatory part for women. At least women will be more diligent in washing and bathing than men.

Women do have many body parts that must be diligently cared for. One of them is hair. There is a saying that hair is a woman’s crown. Like crowns for kings, hair is very precious to women. Read also: Benefits Of Henna Leaves For The Uterus.

Not infrequently, hair must always be neat and stylish in order to support the appearance of women. Women’s hair is also a source of pride. When the hair is arranged, the woman will feel beautiful. It has been proven that hair can increase a woman’s self-confidence. However, to have perfect hair is not easy. There are so many problems that make hair damaged and difficult to be beautiful. In fact, hair problems are felt by almost all women.

To overcome hair problems there are herbal remedies that are safe for hair. Why herbal solutions? If using synthetic chemicals there is a possibility that they are not suitable or even make hair problems worse. The solution is to use henna leaves. Read also: Syoss Shampoo Benefits.

Benefits Of Henna Leaves For Hair

What are the benefits of henna leaves for hair? Check out the discussion with the list below:

1. Overcoming Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem in women’s hair. Especially the women who have long hair. Seeing hair scattered on the floor must be normal. Now, by using henna leaves the problem of hair loss can be solved. Read also: Benefits of Guava Leaves for Hair Loss.

2. Split Hair Solution

Split ends sometimes appear along with hair loss. Split ends are a sign that the hair lacks nutrition. In addition, frequent use of a straightener and hairdyer adds to the severity of split ends. Henna leaves have properties to nourish hair with vitamin E.

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3. Make Hair Shiny

Dull hair definitely makes women unable to appear confident. Dull hair also makes women look not fresh. However, with henna leaves hair can be more shiny. The content of vitamin E can in fact restore the shine of dull hair.

4. Hair Coloring

Some women feel confident about changing their hair color. But there are also those who want to dye their hair but are worried about using synthetic dyes. Henna leaves are also known as nail henna leaves, because they can color nails and also henna ingredients. That is, henna leaves are also capable of coloring hair. The colors that can be produced with henna leaves are golden red and dark colors. Read also: Benefits of Hair Coloring.

5. Stimulates Hair Growth

Want to change your hairstyle by cutting your hair short, but afraid of growing old? That sometimes becomes a problem when you want to try a new hairstyle. Or face hair loss until the hair feels thin and even almost bald? The solution is with henna leaves. Henna leaves contain protein and vitamins to accelerate hair growth. Read also: Benefits of Stale Tea.

6. Nourishes Brittle Hair

Lack of nutrition in hair can cause hair to become dull and fall out. There is also loss from the roots and also because it is fragile. Henna leaves can help overcome the problem of hair loss because it is brittle. The trick, brittle hair will get nutrients so that it is stronger and thicker.

7. Slows Hair Aging

Many things can affect the condition of the hair. Such as weather, humidity, and also exposure to indoor air conditioning. Effects arising from these external influences hair will quickly age. Hair aging is characterized by the appearance of gray hair. With henna leaves, aging problems can be overcome.

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8. Overcoming the appearance of gray hair

Gray hair for women is sometimes a problem. Apparently, henna leaves can solve the problem of gray hair in 2 ways at once. First, it inhibits aging with antioxidants and refreshes hair. Second, it can be covered safely by being a hair dye. Read also: Benefits With Wulung.

9. Overcoming Dandruff

Dandruff comes from a dirty scalp. Henna leaves are also efficacious to overcome itchy hair due to dandruff. The scalp will be cleaner and feel fresh. Hair is healthier and stronger. Read also: Benefits of Okra Plants.

Those are 9 benefits that can be obtained from henna leaves. Having healthy hair is now safer. Knowing the various benefits of henna leaves for hair, of course you have to know how to use them. Processing henna leaves is not as difficult as one might think. Here are the steps to make some hair masks from henna leaves:

Henna leaf mask for hair loss:

  1. Take about 1 cup of henna leaves
  2. Clean the henna leaves with water
  3. Prepare the grinder
  4. Crush it to a powder form
  5. Take 2 eggs, can also be replaced with tamarind
  6. Prepare cup hot water, can also be replaced with plain tea
  7. Mix all ingredients by stirring until smooth
  8. Stir for about hour
  9. When ready, apply this mask to your hair
  10. Leave it for 2 to 3 hours until the mask dries
  11. Rinse hair with water
  12. Then the last step is to clean the hair with water and shampoo like normal shampoo

To use this hair mask should be done 2x a week. Do it until the loss is gone. Also choose a good henna leaf so that the mask is guaranteed good. Read also: Manfaat Sabun Amoorea.

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Make hair dye from henna leaves:

  1. Henna leaves 100-300 grams
  2. Clean the leaves with clean water, then dry
  3. Mash until smooth into powder
  4. Prepare enough lemon water, its use is to develop hair
  5. Prepare water to neutralize acidic water
  6. To get rid of the pungent smell of henna leaves, you can use tea, ginger, or cinnamon
  7. Add conditioner to soften hair
  8. Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl
  9. Slowly add the liquid ingredients, until the dough is soft and doesn’t stick
  10. After the dough is done, cover the bowl with plastic on top
  11. Let stand a few hours or overnight in a warm place (room temperature)
  12. Wait until the color of the dough turns brown
  13. To use this mixture, the method is the same as using ordinary hair dye.
  14. So that the color does not fade quickly, after using this dye, you should not wash it for 48 hours

That’s how to use henna leaves to color hair. Don’t forget to apply a moisturizer like Vaseline on your neck and hands so that the dye doesn’t get everywhere. You also have to be careful because if the dye gets on the clothes it will be difficult to remove. Read also: Benefits of Olive Shampoo.

Well, this henna leaf is very useful for hair. It’s time for you to switch from synthetic dyes to safer herbal dyes. Even for Muslims, coloring from henna leaves is very permissible. For that you don’t have to worry about its halalness.

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So, when will you start using henna leaves for hair care? Good luck.

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