17 Benefits of Shallots for Babies and Toddlers

Shallots, who is not familiar with this type of onion, shallots are certainly a famous onion because these onions are very often used as a kitchen spice, besides garlic which is also rich in benefits, red onions also have very good benefits. abundant, not only beneficial for adults, but red onions are also beneficial for baby’s health. Onion which is often used as a spice in the kitchen is nothing but also has effective benefits when used as medicine and a source of health. Therefore, let’s look at what are the benefits of red onions, especially the benefits of onions for babies. But before knowing the benefits of red onions for babies, also know the content that is in red onions.

Contents of Shallots

  • Calcium
  • Sulfur
  • Vitamin A
  • Sativin
  • Iron
  • Phosphor
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C
  • Protein

Benefits of Shallots for Babies

1. Cure the Flu

Babies are susceptible to disease, because the body’s immune system has not been able to work optimally. Therefore, babies need good immunity as well as herbal medicines that must be included in baby care. This is so that the baby is not susceptible to disease. Likewise with flu, onions which contain many benefits also have benefits for maintaining immunity so that they are not susceptible to disease. In addition to using red onions to treat the flu, you can also use ginger benefits, cardamom benefits and benefits of enervon C

2. Overcoming Cough Disease

Not only overcoming the flu, but he is also able to overcome coughs, coughs sometimes occur due to viruses or bacteria that attack the esophagus. Therefore, you can mix shallots as follows so that they can be used for herbal medicine for babies. The method is very easy, just prepare 1 to 2 cloves of red onion then slice it roughly, then mash the onion. Once it is enough, the shallots can be rubbed on the backs of babies and toddlers, the feet and hands of babies and toddlers. Before you spread it, you can mine the telon oil so that it smells good and warms into one. Until it can make the baby become more relaxed.

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3. Overcoming Fever in Babies

Shallots are also efficacious for overcoming fever and reducing fever in children, red onions contain various ingredients that can be used to eradicate the bacteria that cause fever so that the fever goes away.

4. Overcome Bloated Stomach

Babies often feel bloated, especially for those who enjoy drinking breast milk, so when the baby is bloated or too full because of consuming too much breast milk, then you can rub onions on his stomach.

5. Overcoming Colds in Babies

One of the symptoms of colds in babies is usually a fairly bloated stomach, this can happen when the baby’s stomach is empty and often exposed to wind, so the baby feels bloated. Therefore, when the baby catches a cold, you can apply the onion to the baby’s back and stomach to massage a little and slowly so the baby’s cold will disappear.

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6. For Toddler Scrapings

Although not suitable for babies, this benefit is suitable for those who are toddlers, when they are sick and don’t like medicine, you can use shallots as medicine so that they recover from their illness soon, the method is scraping the child, and this scraping can use onions. red as a substitute for oil, besides the delicious smell the content is also very good for scrapings.

7. Overcoming Boils

Boils in babies will certainly be troublesome for babies, because babies’ hands that can’t control their movements, they tend to hold what feels itchy. Because of that boils in babies should be treated immediately. You can treat it in a very easy way, namely by applying shallots to the affected boil.

8. Streamlining Urine

There are times when babies find it difficult to pass urine, whether it’s because of disease or other things, therefore you make red onions to launch urine in babies. Because urine must be removed immediately.

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9. As A Massage Oil For Babies

In addition to using telon oil. This red onion is also good to use as a mixture of telon oil to massage the baby. The order of babies using telon oil with a mixture of shallots will provide more potent properties.

10. Avoiding Babies from Mosquito Bites

Babies are often very exposed to mosquito bites, of course this is because the baby’s skin is still soft and people say because the baby’s blood is still fresh, so it is very good if mosquitoes consume this baby’s blood. But make no mistake, mothers, because it turns out that for adults this mosquito has benefits, benefits of being bitten by mosquitoes Among them is that it can lift a little dirty blood that adults have. But for babies who are prone to being bitten by mosquitoes and will cause disease, mothers can use the benefits of mosquito nets to keep the baby from being bitten by mosquitoes.

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Apart from the benefits described above, it turns out that these shallot spices contain many other benefits.

Other Benefits of Shallots

11. Helps Overcome Wounds in Babies

12. As Aromatherapy

13. Caring for Baby’s Skin

14. Prevent from Eye Disease

15. As Protection from Various Diseases

16. Gives Strength to the bones

17. Good For Teeth Growth

Those are the benefits of Shallots for babies and toddlers that you can know and even need to know, because then when you know what benefits are good for baby’s health, you know and anticipate bad things will happen, so that if the baby has an attack of disease such as wounds, fever, colds, flu, coughs and others. You can immediately take treatment with this onion, because we know that red onions are very easy to find on the market and are always in the kitchens of mothers. This certainly makes it easier if you want to use onion as a child’s herbal medicine.

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