14 Benefits of Jengkol for Body Health (# Tested)

The benefits of jengkol are not widely known by the general public, it’s a shame, even though this vegetable is quite powerful for maintaining a healthy body. Jengkol is one of the favorite foods of the Indonesian people because of its soft texture when cooked properly and its very distinctive taste. Jengkol is often served as a side dish or main menu. Now that our society is getting more creative, jengkol can now be processed as a snack. Call it jengkol chips. The smell of jengkol is very sharp.

jengkolBut did you know that behind the sharp aroma of jengkol, Jengkol has many benefits for the health of the body.

The benefits of jengkol for health are no longer in doubt, but unfortunately not many people know. Here are some of the benefits of jengkol for health:

1. Formation of Body Tissue

The high protein content in jengkol can help the formation of tissues in the body. The protein content in jengkol was much higher than the protein content in green beans and donkey beans.

2. Prevents Anemia

Jengkol is also rich in iron where this iron plays a very important role in preventing and overcoming the lack of production of red blood cells in the body. You certainly know that when the body lacks iron, the production of red blood cells will decrease. As a result, the supply of oxygen and nutrients needed by all cells in the body will also decrease.

The effect of the lack of oxygen supply and nutrients to the cells will reduce the function / performance of cells. No wonder if someone has iron deficiency, he will look weak, tired easily, and not excited. Well, for you women, consuming jengkol while menstruating is highly recommended so that your body does not lack iron due to the large amount of menstrual blood that comes out of the body.

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Important for anemia:

3. Prevents Bone Porosity / Strengthens bones and teeth

In addition to iron and protein, other substances contained in jengkol are calcium and phosphorus. These two substances are substances that are needed by bones. Calcium and phosphorus can prevent bone loss (osteoporosis). So, often consuming jengkol with sufficient portions can make the bones in your body stronger.

Important for bones

4. Eradicate Free Radicals

Jengkol contains several types of vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and vitamin C. Vitamin A is useful for maintaining eye health and can improve visual acuity. Vitamin A and vitamin C also act as antioxidants. Antioxidant benefits known to be effective in counteracting free radicals that cause cancer.

Important for free radical scavenging:

5. Overcoming coronary heart disease

Jengkol is a food ingredient that is diuretic (urine disposal becomes smooth). Smooth urination is very good for people with heart disease.

6. Slimming the stomach

Make no mistake, jengkol can also help streamline a distended stomach. The high fiber content can launch bowel movements so that it indirectly makes the stomach slim. One of the causes of a distended stomach in a person is due to irregular and irregular bowel movements.

7. Prevent diabetes

Amazingly, jengkol can prevent diabetes. Why? In jengkol fruit there are substances that are not found in other food ingredients. The substance is called jengkolat acid. Jengkolat acid is in the form of crystals that are not soluble by water. Because of this diuretic nature, jengkol is not recommended for consumption by people with kidney disorders. It is feared that the kidneys will not be able to filter the jengkolic acid in the jengkol fruit. As a result of the kidneys not being able to filter jengkolat acid, it is difficult to stop urinating (anyang-anyangan).

Important for diabetes:

8. Overcoming the problem of constriction of blood vessels

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Patients with heart disease experience narrowing of blood vessels so that blood flows to the heart becomes not smooth. The mineral content in jengkol turns out to be able to dilate narrowed blood vessels and prevent blood vessels from narrowing again. So, so that the efficacy of jengkol becomes optimal, you should not overcook the jengkol.

9. Overcoming constipation in pregnant women

Pregnant women usually often experience constipation. The fiber content in jengkol can overcome the problem of constipation. In other words, the fiber in jengkol helps facilitate digestion and bowel movements. But still don’t consume too much jengkol. Consume jengkol according to the recommended amount.

10. Growth of bones and teeth in the fetus

Jengkol is also useful for the growth of bones and teeth in the fetus that is still in the womb. The growth of bones and teeth can run optimally thanks to the high calcium and phosphorus content in jengkol fruit.

11. Jengkol can stabilize important organs in the body

Important organs in the body will function properly and stable if the body’s needs are met for folic acid and vitamin B6. The situation is different if the body lacks folic acid and vitamin B6. No wonder pregnant women are also advised to consume foods rich in folic acid for the development of the fetus. One example of foods rich in folic acid is jengkol. But once you need to remember that only consume jengkol in moderation. Do not be too excessive because excessive consumption of jengkol will not have a good effect on the kidneys.

12. Prevent deformities in infants

The content of folic acid in jengkol can also prevent congenital defects in babies.

Good for babies:

13. Control blood sugar levels

Another benefit of jengkol fruit is that it can control blood sugar levels so it is very good for consumption by diabetics. Jengkol contains sugar which is ‘friendly’ to diabetics. The sugar in jengkol is the easiest sugar to break down so it is safe for diabetics.

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In contrast to sugar in other foodstuffs such as foods that contain carbohydrates. The sugar which is easily decomposed in jengkol will then be converted into energy by the body. As a result, the body’s stamina will increase. The perfect breakdown of sugar will not cause blood sugar to accumulate in the body.

Good for blood sugar:

14. Antioxidants are useful for maintaining heart health

As mentioned above, jengkol contains antioxidants which are very good for the health of the body. Likewise with heart health. Toxins or toxins in the body will be difficult to enter the body, especially the heart, thanks to the protection provided by these antioxidants. Everything that blocks blood flow in the blood vessels will also be lost by the substances contained in jengkol. Blood flow will become smoother and the heart will function properly and optimally.

Hopefully this information about the benefits of jengkol for health is useful for you readers. Make sure you maintain your body’s health by paying attention to your nutritional intake and exercising regularly. Be selective in consuming food. Although jengkol is identical as an ordinary food, it turns out to have extraordinary benefits for health. That is right?

Jengkol contraindications

But remember, for those of you who suffer from kidney disorders, you should not consume jengkol because it will worsen the condition of your kidneys. Consuming jengkol also needs to be limited, which is only 3 to 10 grams per day. This portion is the right dose for those of you who want to stay healthy despite consuming jengkol every day.

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