11 Benefits of Exercise for the Body of Men and Women

Mensana in Corpore Sano is a popular proverb. This means that in a healthy body there is a strong soul. A healthy body is the dream of every human being. Old and young. Because if you are sick, all activities will be disrupted and life will not be easy to live. Then there are many ways to get used to a healthy life to achieve a healthy body. One of them is exercising.

Sport means doing light or heavy motion or activity with the aim of achieving a balance between body, mind and spirit. Physical and spiritual health will make life more beautiful.

Types of Sports by Media

  1. Exercise with certain tools, for example: fitness, cycling, yoga and so on
  2. Sports with certain activities can be with or without tools, for example Swimathletics, aerobics and so on.
  3. Sports that are done with other living things, for example, horse riding and so on

Types of Sports by Place

In addition, there are also sports that are distinguished from their place, for example,

  1. Outdoor sports. For example cycling, horse riding, mountain climbing, cross country and many more
  2. Indoor sports. For example yoga, chess, fitness, aerobics if done in the gym and many more

Then there are also sports that are carried out individually or in groups. Examples of individual sports as described above include:

Individual Sports

  • Swimming, fitness, aerobics and so on

Group Sports

Then examples of sports that are done in groups for example:

  • Basketball, volleyball, football and so on

Actually, there are many daily activities that can also be called exercise as long as they are carried out in a routine way such as going up and down stairs, washing, sweeping the yard and so on. The most important thing here is physical activity that makes the body move, sweat and feel healthier.

For those who feel there is no time, there are some easy exercise activities that can be done without taking up time, just 10 minutes a day. For example:

  • Sit up, Push up
  • Going nowhere
  • Skipping or skipping rope

Make sure this exercise or physical activity is done every day or if not in the morning it can be in the afternoon.

Benefits of Exercise for the Body

Then what are the benefits of exercise for the body? There are 5 main benefits sportthat is:

  1. By exercising regularly, the body becomes more relaxed and fresh, so that it automatically makes sleep better, avoids stress and the body feels fit
  2. exercising is proven to make body parts such as the heart healthy. Because the heart should pump blood flow into the body in a few seconds so it takes a healthy heart. Moreover, this disease is classified as a deadly disease in the world. So it’s good to maintain heart health from an early age. Likewise with the lungs and other body parts.
  3. exercising makes the skin feel fresh because it is used to moving other body parts. Proven exercise makes us stay young and in touch with beauty
  4. Exercise makes bones and muscles strong. Bones and muscles will lose elasticity and strength as the body grows and ages.
  5. Exercise makes brain circulation work well so concentration increases. It is also good for elderly parents. For example, train the brain by exercising chess and others.

In addition, for women, exercise is also highly recommended, why?

6 benefits of exercise for women

  1. Appearance is very important for women. They are very concerned about looking beautiful or fit. So too thin is not good, especially if you are too fat. The problem of obesity is usually the recommendation is diet and exercise. So exercise is recommended because it is useful for dealing with women’s weight problems, or if you want to maintain an ideal body.
  2. as described above, exercise is very good for healthy skin. Skin is certainly related to beauty. Healthy skin, looks youthful and always fresh is the desire of women. By exercising, healthy and beautiful skin is easier to obtain.
  3. Women often suffer from premenstrual syndrome before menstruation. These hormonal changes are quite disturbing emotions and mental stability of women. So by exercising there are hormones that are released so that you don’t get too sick to your stomach when menstruation strikes. Or avoid body aches and so on.
  4. exercise has also been shown to increase the energy of women in their activities. Exercise makes energy increase so that women are excited to go through their days.
  5. women are more susceptible to osteoporosis or bone fragility disease. Than the men. So by exercising regularly women can prevent this disease. especially if it is balanced with other energy intakes such as bone milk and other supplements.
  6. when a woman is pregnant, she is also recommended to exercise according to her trimester and gestational age. For example in the third trimester there is the influence of the hormone relaxin which causes back and hip pain. So he can exercise according to the doctor’s instructions too.

Then if you are not used to exercising, it’s a good idea to find a friend or choose a type of sport that is fun to participate in. For example cycling, aerobics with friends, even walking for 1 hour is already considered healthy for the heart and good for body health.

Sports tips

There are some tips that can be done to choose and do sports:

  1. adjust the type of sport you will follow or do with your habits and interests. Or you can also choose a sport that best suits your personality. For introverts, it is better to try exercising indoors, but for extroverts, sports that require cooperation such as football are quite interesting to do.
  2. make sure what the target you want to achieve when exercising and adjust it to the type of sport. For example, if you want to be more fit or maintain your ideal body weight, you can follow sports such as running or fitness and aerobics. If to avoid stress, exercise such as cycling or jogging can be tried.
  3. sports that you are familiar with from childhood can also be an option. For example, if you are used to swimming lessons from a young age, then it can become a regular exercise in adulthood too

If you have determined the type of exercise and know the benefits of exercise, you should make sure your schedule is exercising. If you are not sure about exercising, it’s good to know what dangers can be caused to the body if you don’t exercise or don’t exercise.

The Dangers of Not Exercising

That is:

  1. Your body is susceptible to various kinds of diseases, especially with the many seasonal diseases that hit during the rainy season such as flu, fever and so on
  2. Your body experiences a decrease in muscle mass due to lack of movement or physical activity
  3. The body is unable to maintain its ideal weight. Especially for those who have a tendency to be obese or overweight and so it is not good if they are not trained by exercising
  4. The body gets tired easily and the brain is less able to concentrate. This could be due to a lack of exercise.

Those are some of the dangers that can occur if you don’t exercise, so it’s a good idea to get used to exercising regularly from an early age.

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